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    I thought you were already going to do that Minute…at least you said you were unchecking yourself ahiel before…sure seems like you are seeking all of this out, that which you find to be worthless…..guess it isnt…

    but whatever

    it isn’t grass is always greener…though not stagnating on ONE idea is a part of itIMO…to a lot of people…it is fun and interesting to talk through ways we might be able to improve the club in a safe environment that isnt full of people trying to attack or stop discussion just because they dont want to partake…

    not all the ideas are 100% possible, but they often have a grain of truth in them enough that it might make someone think of a possibility they hadnt thought of….or instead of wallowing in waiting for moves to happen, see if you can come up with something positive…or better than what actually happens (in our own opinions)

    I personally enjoy trying out different ideas and in different scenarios…sometimes instigated upon others thoughts, or sometimes other baseball resources, and most often on my own whims

    There is NOTHING funny about making fun of other people’s thoughts and interests…unless you just want to be a bully that is…but to me that is the funniest thing in the world…someone who only attacks what they dont understand, agree with or want to see…someone so weak willed and minded that their only way to deal with anyone else is so make fun, laugh, or run away from that which they don’t like…THAT to me is what is funny

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    ill stop for a while… (though i have been thinking about a deal with the A’s too)

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    after that deal…i’d also consider calling up KC to pry Merrifield from them…

    now this is more risky….BUT

    JMart + Gant + Woodford + Bader + Genesis + Montero
    Merrifield + Soler

    I threw it at the trade simulator and it says we are overpaying a bit, which is what i suspect it would take

    Merrifield slots into CF, Soler into RF, Peralta into LF

    Merrifield is at worst a good leadoff man, at best an MVP-lite guy…and cheap and controlled
    Soler is a masher, but cheap and is arb eligible in 2021

    I’d be fine with a lineup that looked like:

    Whit, Peralta, Goldy, Soler, Moose, DeJong, Yadi, Wong

    corrects for some guys who hit for high AVG at the top…some lefty power in Moose, and righty power in SOler who turned a corner it seems last year (plus i think he might like to face the Cubs every year and stick it to them for giving up on him)

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    A David Peralta + Robbie Ray trade might be an interesting route to explore

    both are only controllable through 2020 so they can’t ask CRAZY returns…also ARZ i think must be pretty pleased with what STL and their farm has given them so far Kelly, Weaver both solid and Gallen now (via Marlins)

    I would imagine they would be open to talking with us and probably have a good idea about what they like from our organization in prospects

    also it makes me wonder about moving Fowler in a deal like that(as i think ARZ might be a legitimate place Fowler would take a trade to being close to his home in LV especially since he already has a WS ring

    now i know Tomas seems a lost cause for most, but he hit .300 last year at AAA with 29 HRs, played 1b and LF. Now i can’t imagine he is great in the OF, and he is owed like 20m for the next year (and then he actually is arb eligible for one more year)…but perhaps we could swap him and Fowler

    Fowler is owed 33 million over the next 2yrs
    Tomas 20m for 2020

    Maybe we take on Tomas for 2020 and eat 6.5m per year of Fowler

    They are left paying what they had planned to pay for Tomas this year but spread out over 2 years while getting a player that they probably have more room for (better OF)

    We also ask for Ray and Peralta in the deal….but also add other pieces…perhaps ONeill + Poncedeleon + Capel

    We arent on the line for Ray Tomas or Peralta or Fowler after 2020 allowing us either to target whomever we like

    Then move JMart to an AL team after to free up a spot on the bench for Tomas (but if he could hack LF maybe he slots in there a bit ina pseudo JMart role)
    then look at a Moustakas 3yr deal
    Waino and Wieters back

    Jack, Hud, Mik, Ray, Waino…..Ponce
    CMart, Miller, BRebb, Gallegos, Helsley, Webb, Junior, Genesis
    Wong, Peralta, Goldy, Moose, DeJong, Yadi, Thomas, Bader
    Randy, Wieters, Carp, Munoz, Tomas

    As much as i am not a fan of Fowler and Carp’s money i am more bothered that is still TWO more years of it, which for me stagnates the teams flexibility to adjust based off of what happens each year

    Which is why i’d rather pay more in 2020 just to be free of most of the obligation in 2021

    yes, Tomas is no real answer and may be less valuable that JMart, but the change in ability seems marginal enough (especially considering that we should be able to get a solid return from a trade of him) to warrant the swapping, especially given the financial help for 2021

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    as for Shildt’s tirade…i could care less about what words people use…what i find problematic with it is that all the outward facing media stuff about Shildt is that he is super religious guy who takes his religion seriously and is such an honest and good guy. that he is some kind of saint…. yet behind closed doors (only reported by accident in hindsight by Randy) he is a foul mouth vindictive revenge fueled and inducing guy…

    and that he came out after it was shared and said he wished it wouldnt have been seen is further indication of the twofacedness of him

    and i personally dont care if a coach is foul mouth and revenge fueled…as long as the players are motivated and he isn’t attacking races or genders etc.

    But putting forth a false image to the public of who you are and how you work is pretty rotten and distrustful…

    They and he are trying to play the fans for fools….and they succeed most of the time it seems…. which is why i am distrustful of this leadership right now…they present one thing and do another…they say what we want to hear and then do something else…they say they will fix things, but their means for doing so are not active but passive

    I actually miss Matheny… at least he was terrible with the media and didnt respond right to the media…even if he wasnt great he was who he was….he made mistakes didnt act as if they werent him and moved on……and he is rewarded with being fired…and they bring in a company man who will look and do everything the leadership want him to do and he will thank them for it…

    want a super religious guy but not so much that he talks about it all the time so that the nonreligious folk wont turn away and so that you can still get the religious folk… sign up Shildt…is he ACTUALLY that guy…not really but he can be told and groomed to appear that way…. that is until Randy shows his true colors in that remarkable filming

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    ALready hearing sound bites from Moz about how they are anticipating Carp to turn it around and Lane thomas being an impact player

    sounds a lot like signals for no big moves and no real change happening

    (it’s not going to stop me from proposing them in other threads though)

    Depending on the offense to “fix itself” is exactly what we did last year and look at what happened to the offense….bad to very bad and was the reason we didnt move on in the playoffs

    not doing something active to fix the offense is a major mistake IMO

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    From what i have read, it sure seems like they arent going to do much this offseason. At least in terms of adding payroll. I wish that meant more trades, but i have a feeling we will be seeing these moves or storylines:

    -rotation will be good and needs no help with Waino coming back and CMart in the rotation
    -Moustakas added for either too much money or too many years…we will hear the nonstop drone of versatility and lefthanded power
    -Thomas or Randy will be the outfielders traded not Bader or ONeill
    -Fowler and Carp are going to rebound, and Goldy’s last season was an anomaly too
    -Yadi will get another year tacked onto his current deal
    -Carlson is the second coming of Pujols so we need no other offensive help any time soon
    -Wieters brought back for too much money or a 2 year deal
    -we will lose at least one player we dont want to rule 5 who will end up contributing

    NostraJagerdamus has spoken!
    (at least the pessimistic version of him)

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    Yea there misses and huge contracts given out.

    But when you see the impact of Chapman’s and iglesias’,puig, Yordan Alvarez,Contreras, cespedes, Leonys, Kendra morales, Jose Fernandez, hechaverria, Jose Iglesias, abreu, gurriel, Diaz, and probably Robert and gurriel and several others. You can deal with the possible problems and misses

    Yes there is a gamble.

    You may get a Castillo or Tomas (though both have contributed well at the mlb level and actually weren’t bad last year in the minors)

    And there are other misses too. Plenty.

    But not going the xtra mile on many of these players is obviously a miss when you look at impact of performance. Even at big contracts they tend to be massive bargains in the end.

    Every FA signing is a gamble no matter where you get them. But the sustained success of several of the players in the Cuban league and in the world is not a small thing. Gurriel elder is doing exactly what he did for all those years inCuba. At the time we needed a 1b man and a 3b. He would have been a pretty nice fit for the last couple years.

    Just because some of us consider the gamble on the international market to be worth it more than others doesn’t make it a bad decision

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    I’m all for the automated balls and strikes. And i have been for years.

    It doesn’t eliminate the need for the skilled umpires at all. You just have a chirp in the umpires ear for strike and long tone for a ball. They still make the call.

    Taking that out, they can focus on the real situations where the should be focusing on. Judgement calls. Interference, abiding by the timing rules at the plate and on the mound, and a lot more. Those things are things robots can’t fix for the most part and need the human judgement.

    Just because pitchers have learned how to take advantage of the LACK of oversight in their profession doesn’t mean it should stay that way. I am sure a lot of spitball and junk ball pitchers were pissed when they banned that, and had to either get better at hiding it or get better at pitching.

    If you are only good because you need the imperfection of the umpire to get the calls you want, then you arent playing baseball really, you are just trying to cheat at baseball.

    The technology is already there. period. The umpires know it, which is why they are evaluated on their performances BY THAT TECHNOLOGY. Pitchers and teams know it is good to go too, because they use it to determine how well they are pitching as well.

    They are SOOOO concerned about the technology being right EVERY SINGLE TIME yet their solution is to continue using a method (HUMANS) that are by their very nature not right 100% of the time.

    The technology is already accurate enough, they just need to implement it in a way that is unobtrusive to the game. If the earpiece fails or there is a problem, you just g o right back to the umpires calling every pitch. In fact they SHOULD be doing so still, they only need the chirp or long tone to confirm before making their call out loud.

    I don’t get why the pitchers are so upset to be honest, they will now get calls on things that guys cant hit. High curve balls, cross ups that stay over the plate but distract the umps with the catcher movement, even bottom of the zone pitches will get called if they hit the zone.

    Even the complaint about the height of the batters changing is not a big deal. They already change with every ump looking, so error is already in there. With the tech, at least the same algorithm will be applied to take that factor into account so the error will be consistent and something to be learned or gotten better with time.

    The tech is good enough, the accuracy is as good or better than humans. Move on.

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    How many people said CMart was going to be in the rotation this past year too?

    It’s been 2 years since we got good performance from Carlos as a starter

    he was a reliever this year put up .9 WAR, last year as hybrid 1.5, before that …2.9…and before that 5.3 and 3.8 before that…then lower after as he was barely used

    ROgers put up 2.5, 2.1, 1.2, and .9 in his only 4 years as a reliever… and until this year he was a setup man…this year as closer…his k/9 avg’s out to 9.8 (this year was 11.7)

    CAN…Cmart produce big time value…absolutely… and i want him as a starter….but he hasnt been a starter for about 2 years… and is a reliever getting 11million+

    If i could be assured CMart would be a starter going forward (even if that meant some up and downs that come with being a starter) then i’d be fine with it…and woudlnt want to trade hi mat all..

    but if he is just going to be an expensive closer and eventual setup man…i dont see why we should pay all that money for him if we have other areas that might be addressed by clearing payroll

    Carp and Fowler are 35million bench players at this point, and CMart an 11mil+ reliever

    Having said all that…if we could get MORE from the Twins than a guy like Rogers…then id be all for it…

    Kiriloff + Rogers + Astudillo would be might fine with me…even if i think we’d have to offer up more than CMart to get it done

    but let’s try it…

    Kiriloff + Rogers + Astudillo
    CMart + ONeill + Whitley + Leone + Baker

    Choo + Minor + Kiner-Falefa
    Carp +1/2 money + AdGarcia + Gant + JMart

    Fowler + 1/2 money + Randy

    Jack, Hud, Mik, Minor, Ray…Ponce/Gomber/Woodford
    Rogers, Miller, Gallegos, Helsley, Genesis, Brebbia, Junior, Webb….Hicks
    Kiriloff, Wong, Goldy, DeJong, Choo, Yadi, Carlson, Edman
    Kiner-Falefa, Astudillo, Munoz, Sosa, Lane, Bader

    i love that young OF, of Kiriloff and Carlson with Lane/Bader slotting in after Choo is out after 2020
    and possibly before Carlson is ready in 2020
    Carp at 1/2 piece + Choo salary is a lot for one starting position, but at least Choo was valuable…and only half of it is left after 2020…Tex basically gets 10million or so extra to play with or pocket for this year while also getting Carpenter…they basically spread the Choo money out over two years instead of paying it all right now…
    Minor and Ray are only 1yr solutions but either could be good guys for extensions…but two quality lefties is nice
    the bullpen is deep and powerful and even more able against lefties…with Hicks back it is dominant…and cheap outside of Miller
    i love the flex of the bench with two multiposition catchers both with unique characteristics (speed for Kiner and contact for Willians)

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    At the moment CMart is a closer getting paid over 10mil who has a history of injury woes…he MIGHT be a starter…but there is no guarantee on that…every time we try it with him he gets hurt…

    i dont say we throw him away, we just have to find a team that thinks they can take advantage of us…yet we still have to get something more dependable back

    I like the Twins because of all the arms they are losing and their low payroll…also, if we target Rogers as the central piece one could say that the Twins (while paying more) would at worst be exchanging a closer for another closer. while the Cardinals woudl at worst be doing the same (just paying less for it)…we’d be clearing money and getting more solid dependable backend lefty work in exchange for an upside Ace that doesnt seem to be able to work out for us…

    I want nothign more for us to get CMart back in the rotation and be the best #3-4 in a rotation, but i am a bit over upside…i want proven talent and proven reliability… with hitters and pitchers

    Rogers has shown he at worst is a dominant lefty pitcher at best a stand out lefty closer, that is what i want. CMart’s question marks occlude his performance potential..and i am done waiting around on it…i want to depend on something not HOPE for something

    I’d rather over pay for proven talent than hope for upside or rebound years

    I want high average over HR’s, but both is the dream…and i would take Adam Eaton over Tyler ONeill
    I want relief pitchers who do their jobs consistently (Rogers more than Miller…Miller WAS a beast…but was also damaged when we bought him and had a poor year)
    I want starters who compliment each other and make sense in our division…Minor or Duffy of Miley over Wheeler, Odorizzi…. OR i want a proven Ace without question marks…Cole or Stras over Ryu or Bumgarner

    I am babbling again…ugh

    gonna be a long offseason

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    Id love to take Marte and Moran….but i can’t see any way that Bader and Carpenter are appealing to the Pirates.

    Bader is cheaper, and better defensively but can’t hit and isnt a SB threat
    Carpenter may be better than last year, but that doesnt mean he will be good, and his defense always seems to be smoke and mirrors good

    Add in that they are intra-divisional..and despite a good deal maybe being able to be made, some wont even consider it a possibility

    To get that talk started I think you have to lead with Gorman…

    Gorman + Carp + ONeill + Gomber/Woodford + Seijas
    Marte + Moran

    Gorman is a future cornerstone type of player, that MIGHT get the Bucs to listen about moving a cornerstone guy like Mrte within the division…kind of a we will help you now you will help us later type of deal…
    Also that level of prospect would probably have them willing to take on at least half of Carp
    ONeill is a starter with power and cheap, Gomber/woodford is either a cheap lefty or solid righty for cheap…both probably could slot in next year into the rotation, Seijas (or another) is n upside lower level prospect to sweeten the deal

    To get around all the immediate negatives of trading an MVP type of Marte in the division i think you have to give up a TON…

    Having said that… id do that deal immediately, id even move better prospects if even consider removing Morna from the deal to make it easier…even though i like his steady hand and lefty pop…

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    I wonder if Archer doesn’t get his option picked up if he’d be a target. He is squarely in the 2nd or 3rd rung but has top rung upside.

    Ryu is also of interest as he tends to fly under the radar but has been very impressive when healthy (which is his big worry, BUT is the thing that will keep his price down)

    I like taking a shot on Cingrani to a minor league deal if our doctors say he is worth the time and look.

    I really am not happy with the unknown that is CMArt… it has to be really frustrating to have a guy who has top of the rotation ability and has shown that…be so enigmatic, so much so that you have to use him as a closer to just get value out of him…

    I think you have to act as if he is a bullpen arm, despite any hope that he could return to the rotation. If you are wanting a top of rotation guy, then CMart can’t be the plan…because he might well be a reliever and you cant depend on hopes…IF you say you need that top of rotation piece.

    But i am not sure they do, Jack and Hud both showed me they are good pitchers and Mikolas is solid if unspectacular

    Jack fills Ace role, Hudson and Mik are solid 3 pitchers and either can pitch at #2 level

    that leaves two spots… typical 4-5 type pitchers…..IMO usually those go to a veteran inning eater (im thinking like Suppan), and a kid or converted reliever slash long man to starter, spring training sensation (Gant, Thompson, POnce, Lyons, Wellemeyer)

    We kind of have that kid/swing role set… Ponce, Woodford, Gomber, Reyes

    the 4 spot…COULD be Waino if he wants to come back…and then we’d be pretty set…or it could go to another of the kids… OR CMart could fill that role…OR you go out and look for a FA vet or trade…

    Im thinking Wade Miley would make sense…unspectacular but a lefty with a good history… PLUS let’s say CMart is good to go for the rotation….well now you slot CMart into the 4 and now you put the veteran in the 5 role which if he fails leaves a spot for the kids

    If we go after a top rotation (or 2nd 3rd tier) I’d feel a lot better going up against big time lineups…BUT it would pretty much makes us either dependent on a kid…or CMart…unless we go out and get another Fa or trade…

    out pitching didnt hurt us this year… the offense did…

    I want a lefty in the rotation, but i don’t think i want that at the expense of moves or money that fixes the offense….CMart, Waino, Kids seem plenty of options for 2 spots…sure maybe you look at some low hanging fruit if it is easy…and sure you look at the trade market…but the offense is the concern …period

    for me: (right now)

    Minor + Choo…Carp deal (eating money) + prospects
    Gordon + Haniger…prospects
    Fowler (Eating money) somewhere close to LV for his family
    Cmart somewhere…let someone else figure him out…id prefer the AL…
    JMart in one of the above deals or elsewhere
    -keep Carlson and Gorman…maybe Herrera…everyone else on the table

    Haniger, Gordon, Choo
    Edman, DeJong, Wong, Goldy, Yadi

    Gordon and Choo are old but do their jobs well….and id take 1yr of Choo over 2 of Carp for the same price)…Gordon is expensive but fills a role we were terrible at filling
    Haniger is coming off injury but has shown 5 tool production
    Choo makes way for Carlson, and Gordon eventually clears space too for another OFer

    Minor is thee lefty ace for the rotation…

    also none of the acquisition are long term commitments really…Haniger is closest and works

    We may lose the pop of Ozuna…but we gain the contact skills which suit a more athletic and fast team

    im babbling…

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    I was interested in Owings 2-3yrs ago before he got injured and.

    Having said that, I would still be very much interested in him on a minor league deal. He could be a better version of Munoz if he still has his SS and CF chops.

    I also was wanting us to sign Dietrich and Jose Iglesias last offseason too, but CC if you are only wanting to find a guy to bash on me with please continue. Big lefty power of DD in the first half would have been mighty helpful and Iglesias would have been our best offensive player.

    I have never said all by ideas are 100% great moves and none of the players could be bad. I was also a big proponent of Khalil Greene before and when we went after and got him. And is and by that interest and reasoning still today. Same goes for Owings.

    As a trade target I am very high on Astudillo from Minny in the new 26man team structure as his catching and ability to play everywhere on the field combined with his superhuman level of contact makes him the perfect utility player and backup bench/3rd catcher and pinch hitter extraordinaire.

    Along the same lines as FA target is Blake Swihart, who may be had for a minor league deal and invite to ST. he can play outfield and can catch, and has even played 2b, 3b, 1b. he had a down year, but he is a switch hitter and is only 27. a switch hitting backup catcher with multiposition flex has value IMO. Adn at his age, he could still potentially have some upside.

    We will undoubtedly release or whatever Hudson, and be looking for a backup catcher for Yadi, and I am not convinced we need Knizner to be the guy up and sitting on the bench to do that. a trade or signing for a flex position backup catcher OR even as a 3rd catcher with Knizner up too would be smart IMO. If Swihart could be had on a minor league deal and invite to ST, we could also keep that 40man roster spot open until 60 day DL is an option.

    or as I said before…and STl… CMart to Minny for Rogers…then maybe ask for Astudillo as well, and see what else it might take (if anything) Rogers is a top closer and lefty setup man…and young and cheap…BUT Astudillo isnt super young anymore…however with Garver’s breakout year they dont really need another catcher….perhasp we can sneak him into a deal

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    STL…i get all your points, i dont agree with all of them, but it’s not like any of us have any real answers. i dont think they are foolish or not potentially correct. I just dont agree with them. But that’s no big deal.


    How about a shift in gears….how about a trade with Seattle? They are always dealing, and we have history with them

    I’d love to buy low on Haniger who only really lost this past year due to a scary unfortunate male body part injury. He still has upside and is about in his prime. Can play all 3 OF, good power, good speed, good contact, and him paired with one of our youngsters and then eventually Carlson could make for a solid upside outfield.

    And as I said “one” of our youngsters is how i get to us acquiring him. I think Dee Gordon could be had and would want to be moved by the M’s. He could step into our leadoff role right away, and provide good CF defense and still top 5 wheels in baseball for steals, while also providing us an offensive spark as he is still good with the bat. He has had some injuries, but we are looking for a deal here and he still provides a great option for a leadoff man

    Haniger + Gordon for…. Randy + Montero + Ponce + Urias

    Then trade with TEX for Minor….and to get him, take on Choo and swap with Carpenter and half the contract (evening them out, but costing TEX half the price for the next two years)

    Minor + Choo for… Carp (and half salary) + JMart + Gomber + Oneill + Oviedo + Capel

    Then look at ARZ and see about getting Ray….see fi we can get Fowler to go and include half the contract…

    Ray for…Fowler (and half his salary) + Rondon + AdGarcia

    Trade CMart to Minny….try to get Rogers….straight up

    release Leone and trade Gant for a low level prospect to save money

    so instead of going to FA with our eyes on the prizes, we use that money for upgrades through trades

    normal increase = -25m
    Carp and Fowler and JMart and CMArt = -32m
    Ray= +arb (last year 6m…let’s say +8m this year)
    Choo= +20m
    Minor= +9.5m
    Gordon= +14m
    Haniger= +arb1 (…tough call coming off injury…let’s say 4m)

    coming in or money leaving = 57m
    money added = 56.5m

    Gordon, Wong, Haniger, Goldy, DeJong, Choo, Yadi, Edman
    Jack, Hud, Mik, Minor, Ray
    Knizner, Thomas, Bader, Munoz, Ravelo, FA-catcher(Romine?)
    Rogers, Miller, Gallegos, Brebbia, Genesis, Helsley, Junior, Webb

    team upgrades the offense with some better contact guys, it gets a bit old with Choo in the OF, BUT he still hits and is only here for one more year…then Carlson can come in. Gordon is expensive but provides an area of need. Ray and Minor give us big time lefty help in the rotation. Rogers gives us a young closer as well as setup dominant lefty to go with the other lefties to deal with the NL Central big time lefties.

    Betting on Haniger is fine to me, as i like him, but the totality of the upgrade to the lineup of Choo, Haniger, Gordon is what makes me think that is what we are missing. Goldy and DEjong’s bat are plenty of power and the Choo and Haniger power is fine enough for second tier…Gordon is a premiere leadoff man and Wong and Edman supply upside offense…Yadi’s offense is not important as he ages and shouldnt be…

    this team gets on base by hitting the ball instead of Fowler and Carp who get on base by walking…we need hitters not walkers at this point

    I am sure my deals are light or awkward too..but i think there is something there with Seattle to help our offense…and I think Minor is gettable but we have to find a way to make them more apt to trade them…clearing Choo from TEX and Gordon from SEA i think would go a long way in making those deals happen…and while both have some concerns both could be very useful for a team trying to rebound offensively

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    Nice ideas STL, i like where you are going, im personally not too keen on offering Donaldson three years but i get it.

    I just am not sure the trade ideas are enough of value on our sides

    -I don’t think JMart Wong and Rondon are near enough for Boston, especially given Wong only has a year left too. JMart isa cnie cheap piece, but where would he play? IF they move Bettes i thought it was so they’d pay JD, who is a DH at this point. Wong + Woodford + Randy + Nunez …and that still feels light in comparison to other offers they might get
    -Cmart to Minny is interesting, but again i think it is too light for what you want back…Rogers is a beast and super cheap…I’m not sure we could ask much more from Minny than him alone given his value to a team with a low payroll…maybe Balosovic, but definitely not Gordon despite some of his lustre coming off…having said that… CMart for Rogers straight up…i’d do it (as long as it meant we would reinvest that money on FA)
    -Ray deal seems super light to me…no disrespect…Thomas is fine, and Munoz is a solid reserve but i can’t imagine that would get a talk started much at all for a frontline starter like Ray…Thomas + Munoz + Gomber + Oviedo….but that seems light too…not sure what they’d want, but they seem to like our young pitchers

    as for Donaldson 23million per year for 3yrs…why not spend another 8m and get Rendon for 8yrs? we’d get Donaldson’s 34-37yrs….or Rendon’s 30-38yrs….about 3-4yrs of prime of Rendon, vs maybe one good year and a last hurrah for Donaldson…. I think 8yrs 31m probably gets Rendon no?

    still i see the strategy…i think i personally would rather invest a big trade or two on guys we can control longer than Ray and Betts…1yr of Betts is fun and 2 of Ray is nice…but i feel a Rendon payday spending…and a trade for Merrifield and his low contract and control, as well as looking hard at some of the mid-end LHSPs on the market… (there are a few) or exploring a trade for a controllable SP… would go a bit farther…and as i said Rendon would free up Gorman to be a HUGE asset for a trade market making our trade targets much more wide

    as an aside…don’t let the door hit you minuteman, no one asked your opinion of what they should or can post and they never should…if you can’t handle reading other people’s thoughts and AT LEAST respect the people enough to NOT say anything if you are so disgusted then i think you should reconsider why you want to be a part of any community of differing opinions. Add to that, posting passive aggressively about it is so much more insulting to yourself than you probably think.

    in reply to: Trade Ideas/Acquisition Ideas/Non-Cards Rumors – 2019 #112015

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    yep that was basically my reasoning GScott

    I like Wong a lot, but his value is super high right now, but his contract is too, i love his defense and i love his offense uptick


    the upgrade of Rendon over Edman or Carp is much more massive
    the downgrade of Wong to Edman…especially if you factor in the return of probably a decent prospect

    If you ask most people who they would prefer:

    Edman + Rendon
    Wong + Edman

    it’s not much of conversation

    and while it is true that perhaps you could find the money elsewhere so you can have Wong AND Rendon, that would severely limit our ability to bring in another player with a contract via trade OR sign a free agent

    which is why in my proposal we also spend big prospect talent to acquire Merrifield, and Boyd…both cheap but still have to be accounted for, which should free up enough money to either bring back Waino again or go after a lower priced lefty SP

    my proposal is a HUGE endeavour and has almost no chance of happening…but the idea is solid i think
    do whatever you have to bring in Rendon and trade for MErrifield…then see if you can take advantage of the Tigers to get Boyd and a good young SP potentially by dangling Gorman as a future cornerstone of their organization whom we wouldnt need because of commitment to Rendon

    Carp + Fowler + Wong
    Rendon + Merrifield + Edman

    also…Boyd + Waino/Miley or Keuchel + Waino

    (as a caveat…Manning + Boyd deal even with what i put in there is still pretty light I think…if we take out Manning it gets lighter, but keeping Manning in makes it tough because of his value….the way i looked at it was …Manning for Gorman + POnce…big starter potential for big hitter potential and a young cheap ready to go rotational piece…then Boyd for Oneill + Hererra/Thorres…this may be too light…probably is…maybe make it Herrera and Thorres + ONeill…basically young still high upside mshing OFer (they need young hitters remember) + a future hitting catcher and another hitting outfielder…. basically this whole trade comes down to giving the Tigers young hitting who will be in line for when their young pitching matures and Cabrera retires…while also replacing Boyd with a pitcher who can pitch right now and who coudl probably pitch later too when the youngsters are ready…They get to sell high on Boyd who ended poorly after a great start…we are taking a chance there…and Manning a top flight prospect who we are exchanging fora top flight young hitter (which they have none of IMO)

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    ONeill + Gorman + Ponce + Herrera/Thorres to Detroit for Manning + Boyd
    JMart + Bader + Reyes + Montero to KC for Merrifield
    Carp + half money to LAA for prospect
    Fowler + half money to SF for prospect
    Wong to Boston for prospect

    sign Rendon
    sign Miley or best lefty SP for decent price
    inquire on Pomeranz

    Waino retires
    OZuna QO and gone
    Leone DFA
    Gant arb

    Jack, Mik, Hud, Boyd, Miley……Manning, Gomb, Woodford
    CMart, Miller, Gallegos, Helsley, Miller, Webb, Genesis, Gant….Hicks
    Whit, Edman, Rendon, Goldy, DeJong, Yadi, Thomas, Randy
    Knizner/cheap vet catcher,Munoz, AdGarcia/vet cheap OF, Ravelo/Evan, Sosa ….Carlson,Williams,Schrock

    i like that team..and while giving up big pieces of the future would be necessary as well as major financial backing…it would be a very good team that would get better defensively and still have great speed…while adding in very good players that do things this years team couldn’t do…high average and put the ball in play…two major contributors to the offense like Rendon and Whit while also shipping away the more streaky players (even at a loss) still brings us forward in a major way…bullpen is good already, bench is a bit weak, but would allow for Memphis to shuttle more players…the corner OFers are RAW but would get a chance to figure it out while not being depended on offensively…while the dearth of young OFers still coming could compensate if they fail

    the two big trades i propose are probably not right, but i think we have the internal parts to make them work without losing the base of the team i put together….not dealing Carlson and Knizner is about all i woudl not put on the table from the farm…Jack and Hudson too…Edman at this point is probably a no go if you move Wong and Carp…

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    2019 was a crazy ride of emotions…and play for that matter….the postseason was really not much different than the regular season

    an overall seasonal division winning team
    start hot…can beat anyone…anywhere
    go super cold and look like the worst team in baseball

    too bad we couldnt get one more round so that we could swing that pendulum back like the regular season


    They gave me headaches, but this was a good year and definitely will be a memorable year

    in reply to: Cardinal Payroll for 2020 and Beyond #111955

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    so to me it looks like they have around 20-25mil (depending on how much they may raise the budget) for arb and for acquisitions before trades


    I don’t think that puts us out of the conversation for a big time player, it just means that we’d have to move some contracts to potentially land one of the big fish like Rendon or Cole…and even more so for any of the other fish…and big trade targets are trades…so you coudl build in salary relief to that potential

    Carp, Fowler, CMart, Wong all carry pretty hefty price tags….JMart also could be moved too for some relief

    yes moving a player means having to fill it as well, but that is just a another problem looking for a solution

    If we could move chunks of Fowler and Carpenter (even eating some) we should be looking to do so. Wong’s price diminishes his return if we want the salary…CMart and JMArt should be easy to find someone willing to take that money and give us good value

    Even if we eat half of Carp and Fowler that would free up plenty of money…and both of them can be replaced internally (and already were in the postseason last game)

    Wong is tough as his defense is so good and offense beginning to be that it would be hard to replace his value at 2b internally or externally…though a case could be made for Edman at 2b…and going big for Rendon

    move Carp and Fowler for half their value (8.25 and 9.25m=17.5m) +17.5m
    move Wong +10
    move Jmart +2
    = 49m

    Rendon = 30m
    Miley = 10m
    trade for Whit = 5m
    Waino = 1.5+ incentives
    Leone = release (trade)
    Gant = 2m? (was in line for a big arb increase, but his poor late play i think tempered it)

    = 48.5m
    -Whit (CF), Edman (2b), Rendon (3b), Goldy (1b), DeJong (SS), Yadi (C), Thomas/Randy/ONeill (RF), Thomas/Randy/ONeill (LF)
    -Jack, Mik, Hudson, Miley, Waino
    -CMart, Gallegos, Brebbia, Miller, Webb, Helsley, Gant, Genesis
    -Knizner, Munoz, Oneill/Randy/Thomas, Ravelo, Sosa/Schrock/Urias

    Whit trade may be light, but could be boosted as long as no Knizner, Carlson….if we go big for Rendon maybe moving Gorman at his value could be fruitful (maybe the tigers would part with one of their young SPs for a corner stick for their organization which has little to no offensive prospects coming)

    pipe dreams i am sure… but a vet lefty for the rotation, a true leadoff hitter and star, and massive middle order all around MVP makes this team better…it depends on youth for the corner outfield, and youth for filling rotation if Miley and Waino stumble….but holding CMart as insurance, and having some combination of Ponce, Gomber, Woodford, Reyes (depending on who is traded could go a long way)

    babbling as always

    thanks for the fun post though

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    hindsight is all you can do when looking at things like this…it isnt a detriment…at some point every decision made becomes capable of hindsight good or bad… just because looking back at the misses doesnt mean we have to find faults in those players to justify the decisions

    i entirely disagree about Lourdes…he has had some setbacks but he has produced already at the MLB level enough to show he has value enough for the price paid, he is still very young and has plenty of skill

    Robert is still a big time prospect and overbidding is what you have to do to get guys like that…there is no doubt he has super value and tremendous upside

    Gurriel the elder is also a pretty big swing and miss IMO…he is a perfect stabilizing player, capable of quality defense at 3b and 1b, a veteran of the Cuban leagues with a proven record…has pop but also good bat control…we had an opening at 1b or 3b and he would have been nice for the last 3-4 years…

    we didnt get Kang either…but his first year was pretty impressive before his legal issues…and now he seems behind …still a miss IMO…and his problems were no guarantees to happen if he had come to STL

    there was the other big Korean who MInny signed who had a pretty decent first year only to get injured and flame out so far

    Still..even if we only look at Robert and Lourdes…both of those guys would be HUGE chips as prospects or potential building pieces…their prices may have been high but we coudl use those pieces either for on field production potentially or in big trades to other clubs for pieces we need

    i think a trade package around Luis Robert this offseason would net a pretty good return alone…not to mention anythign else we added… OR we could use him obviously

    Lourdes would be useful in a trade deal too or again be useful internally..

    the Reds bet on Chapman…and look what they got…it’s unfortunate the org wasnt able to capitalize on his dominance…but he was still worth the investment…. same goes for Raisel Iglesias… both were very modest deals for what they returned…

    Higndsight is what it is…a way to look back and see what happened or didnt… it isnt something to be brushed off

    perhaps the Cardinals are better for not going above their last offers…we dont know…what i do know is that at least for the Gurriels and the ORbert that value whether on field or as a prospect would not be a waste….the amount we missed out on those gusy for may never be known but we do know that ANY value for those players was entirely lost because we didnt make the deal…if we missed out on a top 10 prospect for a couple million dollars that doesnt seem like a smart decision to me…if you are interested you sometimes have to go a bit farther than you want

    Whether we sign lesser proven or guys or not doesnt mean we shouldnt be taking shots on some of the bigger name guys…and maybe outbid on them….we seem to take the quantity over quality route in the unknowns IMO and I just dont like it for the most part…sure it has produced some good players…but value sometimes is easier to maintain on bigger name guys than the guys no one hears about…whiel Alex Reyes and CMart are great stories…their value only blossomed as they got better and better…. whereas a bigger name like Robert, even with a big contract carries value immediately…and while it could stunt or go down quickly at least it has value from the beginning

    while we have also went out and found Oh and Mikolas to much satisfaction…we seem hesitant to invest in the bigger name international prospects…i know we are only recently comign out of our punishment but I hope to see us not sit on the sideline for the Ohtani’s and Roberts

    im babbling

    it doesnt matter

    I am going to look back and consider the moves we made or didnt make and not think that I should not be…

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    I didnt notice his shuffle steps TBH, but i would understand if it happened

    There is obviously a big beef going on with Acuna and the Cardinals… Yadi threw his bat to CF yesterday moving the celebration towards Acuna…. and then he multiple times did the throat slashing motion that A cuna had done the day before after the last out…CMart also after getting his save in the first game was also chirping at the ATL bench

    I am not sure where it comes from initially but it seems the Cardinals are very pissed at the BRaves and perhaps vice versa…

    It’s odd…i am kind of sick of Acuna talking trash and acting like he is bigger than the game…he is still so young and has a ton to prove…the way he swaggers around is pretty disrespectful…he already has shown his disrespect with not running out dlyballs and assuming HRs in this series alone

    Albie however I find to be a nice combination of youthful excitement with intensity…when he was mic’d up he was pretty fun to listen to how he goes about the game with the players and umps. When he hit that huge 3run HR the other day he was excited and happy…but i didnt feel he was disrespecting the other team…whereas with Acuna I feel like he is trying to find any excuse to show off or showboat

    I am progressive on a lot of topics in baseball, but i am fascinated with the little bits that i am not in favor of that comes with the new age of baseball….

    Making baseball “more exciting” is a fool’s errand but finding a way to make it more attractive to young athletes of all walks of life is the the only way it will ever become “more entertaining” to the crowds the organizations want to pull in more and more IMO…

    Acuna may bring swagger and “hot takes” but the ALbies’ are the ones that I’d rather see ….even if my bias is clear and based off of limited experience with both of them

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    If Ozuna goes…and we need a bat, and the new posting fees and all make this more manageable IMO…Tsutsugo might be a sneaky signing…he is a left handed bat that hits for good average and has good power

    I know we have lots of OFers, but we need production and left handed power would be nice as Carp seems to be in a platoon at best now

    Tsutsugo + Keuchel might not make anyone super happy….but it would bring the southpaws for the offense and defense we kind of need…and if Waino doesnt come back..Keuchel would be an interesting veteran for the kids

    Any time a new player is posted or comes across and succeeds you realize all the ones that dont work out too…BUT every now and then you get pretty great players and then the GMs who took the chance on them or offered more money are applauded… the Cardinals have missed out aon several good young Cubans because they didnt offer enough… both Gurriels, Robert most recently come to mind.

    in reply to: StL 2019 NLDS Game 4 thread: Mon 10/7 vs. Braves #110753

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    What a gutsy win…backs to the wall…

    lost in the madness…Mikolas with a great job in relief

    also…as much as i love Yadi…he hit a sac fly…Wong is the one that did the hard part…his leadoff double is so much more important than Yadi’s sac fly

    alli read is YADI YADI YADI…and lal he did was get a fly out, his TYING rbi was so much more of why Yadi is great…not pretty, not even perfect…but just enough at the right time

    Wong deserves the torn shirt not Yadi

    as for Paul…i honestly think we have to consider sitting him and putting Edman at SS…Edman was so close to making several bad plays in the outfield….i think id take Edman as a lesser SS to Paul rather than what he could cause in the OF….Paul’s bat is really bad right now…even when he was not getting out he almost caused more problems…

    at least Fowler has been taking good ABs and making the pitchers work, and also hitting some really hard balls.. Paul is making me consider batting the pitcher 8th if we need to keep him in the lineup…the pitchers look better out there

    I wonder if shildt would consider a Randy Arozarena start and Edman at SS game… see if they can spark the offense, and the sub Edma to 3b, Paul to SS and in, and Bader in for Ozuna or Fowler late…for defense

    I doubt he would do it…but the offense is a train wreck right now…Goldy and yesterdays version of Ozuna is nice and all…but it’s been pretty poor throughout the series

    in reply to: StL 2019 NLDS Game 2 thread: Fri 10/4 at Braves #110116

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    I hope Jack can take the pressure…he took it head on Sunday…but the postseason is it’s own animal

    i hate putting all my hope in any one pitcher being consistently great…Jack has all the talent but he is allowed to not be great too…i just hope it isnt now…but even if it is, all is not lost and the team has players that can step up

    Folty is a K pitcher and our team likes to strike out…hopefully the past good play against him happens again…

    Go Cards!

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