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    If it were me and I could move stuff around and add a couple:

    San Juan (from TB or MIA)
    Portland (from Oakland)
    add Montreal
    add Omaha

    -Montreal seems like it might be ready again, and another Canadian team feels right to me
    -Oakland seems to have an endless problem, and Portland I think would be more than happy
    -TB never made sense to me, MIA seems a wreck…and San Juan would absolutely be well attended, the warm weather and the fact that is probably already the islands national game, with all the great players in the bigs already would mean great attendance
    -Omaha is my gamble…but with nothing really close to hem you can already see how devoted they are to WHATEVER they get…their support of the College World Series is amazing, and their devotion to the Cornhuskers in Lincoln is legendary…you’d peel off a few fans from some fanbases, but you’d add a lot more from people who have nowhere t align because of distance

    Still..i get the San Antonio and Carolinas argument…Vegas maybe but i think they want to wait and see how the NFL does there…Nashville never made sense to me unless you are looking at a lot of other regional places

    I also get the expansion is for money argument so big cities make more sense….still, Montreal is no small town, Portland and Omaha may seem small, but they are great regionally…and San Juan is Puerto Rico basically so you get the whole island’s attention every game (same can be said for Omaha too)

    but to me…even if TB cant move..order of interest

    San Juan
    San Antonio
    Mexico City

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    I feel like this would be better done for every decade?

    but all time, it’s hard to argue against Mike’s (and my) picks:

    The “Man”
    The “Rajah”
    The “Machine”

    after that? some pretty good discussions to be had, at least on order if we went to 10:


    Then a fight for the last 2 spots

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    Similar to yours but a little different, and Springfield is too much of a toss up for me.

    St Louis roster:
    Catcher- Molina, Wieters (bench)
    Infielders- Goldschmidt, Wong Carpenter, Edman (bench), Miller (bench), Dejong, Ravelo (bench)
    Outfielders- ONeill (LF starter), Bader, Fowler, Thomas (bench)
    Starting pitchers- Flaherty, Hudson, Ponce, Waino, CMart
    Relievers- Gallegos (closer), Gant, Brebbia, Webb, Kim, Fernandez, Helsley, Whitley

    Injured Hicks, Cecil, Mokolas, Miller

    Memphis rotation: Ponce, Gomber, Cabrera, Oviedo, Woodford
    Memphis closer: Reyes

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    I was at work and made a point to watch the end of the game closely. Might be the last time we watch any baseball for a long time.

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    Kim’s ultimate role is as a reliever for this team barring injuries or very poor performance (which is what it would take to knock any of the 5 guys from their rotation spots)

    Ponce seems just as good as Kim for being deserving of a spot…not to mention Gomber… if Kim is ultimately in the pen…why not start him there?

    Why can’t he be awesome in the pen and not as a starter…why cant he be JUST as valuable if not MORE by taking the big stopper role we have lost in Miller going down

    No one promised him a starting spot and from day one they said he was not being given a rotation spot, that he might be a swing guy that does everything…

    Ponce has been effective as a starter and we havent seen him much as a reliever…i think if he was awesome at it we might have actually seen him pitch more late last year when he sat around did not play

    I like Kim…i LOVE the idea of having a lefty in the rotation…but i don’t see why anyone woudl assume he DESERVES the spot in the rotation when you take into account the other top performances by other pitchers as well as the injuries

    and if we are talking about DESERVING anything Carlson would be given a starting spot too or at least a spot over several other guys who are ahead of him and may be given long leashes of potential failure before Carlson EARNS or is DESERVING his opportunity

    as for Whitley not being on the 40man…don’t we have a spot with Munoz gone? and with that POP in the hamstring of Cecil it sounds like we have 2 spots..

    Whitley is being hyped and is playing too well not to be given a shot if we are in need of a reliever and not a converted starter…if it was September I might get it that we dont want to add him and instead turn to a starter at aAA to fill the bullpen role…

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    if it is really bad we can 60day DL him…which would open up another 40man spot…one for Whitley and one eventually for Carlson….

    wait…do we already have 2 with Munoz gone? so this would be 3?

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    As of today i see the rotation and pen as:
    Jack, Hud, CMart, Waino, Ponce
    Gallegos, Brebbia, Helsley, Gant, Junior, Kim, Webb, Whitley

    Jack, Hud, CMart, Waino, Mikolas
    Gallegos, Brebbia, Helsley, Gant, Junior, Kim, Miller, Cecil

    starter depth order due to injury or performance:
    Ponce, Kim, Gomber, Genesis, Woodford

    reliever depth etc.:
    Webb, Whitley, Reyes, Ponce, Genesis

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    Sounds like Cecil just went down to a hamstring injury…tough luck as he was starting to look like he could really offer something positive

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    Goldy out with renewed elbow soreness

    maybe Dean and Ravelo should be playing more 1b…orm ybae get Carp some run over there


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    I don’t think we would have been in play for multiple guys, it is just that we kept swinging and missing on getting any of the big ones.

    Price has been hurt but also effective and you never know what might have been different in the NL

    Heyward hasnt been terrible just not what they paid for. He hasnt ever really bottomed out like Dex has done. I think the pain with Dexter is that what he has offered has been so lacking that his price tag is too hard to take. Overpaying for a guy underperforming a bit is one thing, bottoming out is another. Dex was also supposed to solve CF which he didnt do. Heyward still can hit and can still play stellar defense in RF. Even if he never turned into what everyone thought he’d become he still is apretty valuable asset. Fowler is hard to justify in RF, let alone CF, his speed is gone and doesnt steal bases anymore, AND his on base % is gone, plus he is super streaky. He was brought in to do a lot and he has done almost none of it. Had he came in a and bottomed out on hitting like he did, but he was steallar in CF and stole bases and while he hit for no power he could still take a walk and get on base as a leadoff man, he woudlnt be lambasted because he woudl have done at least SOME of what he was paid to do. He doesnt really switch hit for much value any more.

    He is basically a mediocre defender and runner, that runs into HRs. That is not what we signed him for.

    It’s a lot of why people are so upset about Cecil, he is paid a lot of money (though not a terrible amount) it’s just that he is brought NOTHING of what he was supposed to have been brought in to do. IT feels like total sunk cost.

    Last year’s 19HRs and 60+ RBI’s is not what Fowler was supposed to provide. Sure some power is nice and all, but a switch hitting, CFer with speed on the bases, field and for SBs, and elite on base potential at the top of the lineup was his role. A second table setter with Carp to get guys on nad cause problems.

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    Sure they have done it to plenty of others. But Carlson is the best hitter at Spring training (with all due respect to DeJong). Fowler possibly the worst.

    They will give Fowler (and Carp and Cecil) a month to show they are more than Spring Training results, which will conveniently allow them to keep Carlson down and get another year of control.

    Of course they publicly say he would come north if he forced his way up, but that just isnt true, not when his competition for a starting position is for one position because a guy who will get his spot because of his contract, and a guy in CF they love for his glove will be playing no matter what. Which makes Carlson’s competition Thomas and Oneill (as he is not fighting for a bench spot)…which is really just Oneill at this point, and unless Oneill fell flat on his face he was going to be getting that LF spot.

    Carlson’s performance will be played as purely Spring Training and that he still has work to be done at AAA (which isnt a lie). “Eye opening” will be used plenty of times and “up soon enough” as well. And the mere mentioning that it could be because of manipulating his clock will be attacked because of all the other guys who are also doing “so well”. Carlson never had a chance at making the team, unless major injuries happened. He just has too much competition, and beating those people out for a spot was never going to happen because of the pride of the FO. IMO

    -Fowler= can’t take his spot because of contract
    -Bader= can’t take his spot because of his glove and commitment to “defense”
    -starter LF Oneill/Thomas= Oneill and Thomas are battling for this spot, but because of the power it was always Oneill’s to lose which he hasnt
    -bench Thomas= Carlson isnt making the team as a bench player, if he is up he is up to play which has been said ad nauseum…ie he will start if he is up
    -bench Ravelo= same as above AND Ravelo is out of options

    Maybe i will be wrong, but there are too many things in the way for Carlson to get the call no matter his play in ST….add in the added bonus of extra control and you have a practically impossible path to making the team. Which can not be said aloud of course because the CArdinals can’t take that PR hit, that a player performing well wont get a shot. But that IS what will happen. IMO. they have just created so many excuses to use to gain that extra service time, either deliberately or through blind luck.


    As for Kim or Ponce….i totally get what you are saying. I don’t disagree on paper an thanks for reminding me about Gomber who has been a stud. I do disagree about Reyes in the AAA rotation. I even think Oviedo isn’t a lock to start there. I think Ponce has more value as a starter than reliever and i want him sharp, when he was the RP under glass last year we never saw him late. If Kim truly can be a non-under glass RP or POnce woudl be treated that way too…then sure but i think Kim already has agreed to that role publicly

    AAA-Ponce, Woodford, Genesis, Gomber, Rondon/Oviedo
    Reyes closing

    Thing is, that once Mikolas comes back, who will leave the rotation…Ponce or Kim obviously…if we put Kim there to start he wont need to acclimate himself to the role. If we put POnce in the spot, and then move him to AAA it keeeps Kim in the same role instead of changing either of them from starting to relieving. AS Kim has to accept minor league assignment and not POnce, POnce starting the rotation then going to AAA and keep performing whiel Kim carves out his role in the pen makes a lot of sense to me. Even if I might not do it if it was my decision

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    With the recent injuries this is probably the team folks, really only a couple bullpen spots up for grabs.

    Wong, Carp, Goldy, Dejong, Oneill, Fowler, Yadi, Bader
    Wieters, Thomas Edman, Ravelo, Miller (if healthy, if not Sosa)

    -Dean has options so gone as Ravelo doesn’t, Williams is not close, and Carlson’s clock will be manipulated in the guise of giving Fowler time whether his spring deserves it. Knizner will play every day at AAA and that was a given once Wieters was back. No one else is really even in the discussion with Munoz gone. Schrock probably deserves a chance with how well he handles the stick (in fact i’d prefer him to Ravelo)

    Jack, Hud, Cmart, Waino, Ponce (because we need Kim in the pen)
    LOCKS: Gallegos, Brebbia, Gant, Helsley, Cecil, Kim (because Miller is hurt)
    PICK TWO: Webb, Junior, Genesis, Whitley, Reyes

    -I say pick TWO but really pick ONE as Junior has got all the headlines as even a closer candidate, which is just preparing us for him making the team. Whitley has gotten a lot of those kind of remarks too, so we may see that, however Webb has pitched well so really I think it just comes down to a righty or a lefty Whitley or Webb. Cecil will be given the Carp and Fowler treatment. As good as Gant has been starting he is in the pen and Genesis will be starting at AAA, and Reyes needs to work on his control and they will put him in the closer role at AAA is my prediction. POnce and Kim are fighting for the 5 spot, which could swap to Kim in and POnce in the pen OR even Ponce at AAA so he can get reps and Webb and Whitley making the team. Also, let’s not act like there is a question over the closer role, it’s Gallegos’ until he fails.

    So basically all left to figure out is:

    -Ponce or Kim for #5
    -Webb or Whitley for last man in the pen

    IMO- I’d go with Kim at #5 and Webb and Whitley in the pen, Ponce to AAA
    However, I think the club will go with Ponce at #5, Kim in the pen (explained by their early talking points of him being a swing pitcher when they signed him), and then go with Webb so they don’t lose him as he is out of options. Also, because of their concern for Cecil having 3 lefties isn’t so bad.

    Injuries could change all of this, maybe even a surprise release of Cecil could also change it. Miller being healthy is really the only thing to determine for the bench.

    Fowler, Carp, Cecil all get free passes because of their contracts, despite all these recent articles about “earning their spots” and “not being handed anything”. They are being handed their spots, and maybe they have earned that. But let’s not act like they aren’t.


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    I think i’d rather be saddled with Heyward than Fowler. HEyward at least has his moments on offense still, and plays great in the field still. He also is still younger.

    no way we have FOwler if Heyward signs

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    This is not good news no matter how you spin it. Not hurting is good and all but not everything hurts when it is broken or wrong.

    I don’t like nerve problems

    I assumed Miller’s option would vest, but if he has a serious problem we need to seriously consider that this is his last year.

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    Not great for the lefties health wise

    Miller- ???

    At least Cecil decided to look pretty good from the left side. Also Zack Thompson looked good again.

    Nice to see Roel step up so quick, a nice sign he can get ready quick. Oviedo also looked nice again.

    Fowler looks healthy…he just isnt hitting…he undoubtedly will be the starter day one, but im not sure he will be given a month if Carlson keeps raking, not to mention Ravelo and Thomas…

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    any word on why Kim was bumped for Genesis?

    The optimist in me says Genesis has been dazzling, but the pessimist in me fear Kim has an injury

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    This came up in the Carp thread but….Yankees need pitching with Severino going down

    I saw maybe Andujar…but how about Clint Frazier?

    He isnt terrible in the OF, has decent speed, good pop, only 25, and no real future in the Yankees outfield, would add to our OF glut but has a bit more experience and success in the bigs (in limited time)

    Ponce de Leon looks like a limited upside, cheap, but dependable option for a team needing a 5. Gomber, Genesis, Woodford, Rondon all can take on that same role…even Kim if CMart takes the rotation spot and Mikolas is healthy when he comes back

    Ponce wouldnt be enough…add in Seijas, young still upside arm, and a closer OFer lefty…just hasnt fit in with us yet in Williams

    Ponce, Seijas, Williams

    starting point idea…but the trade simulator has this deal with Yankees getting more back in value

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    never good to see a guy not play because of a injury “super precautionary” or not

    How about trying to snag Clint Frazier for something? He seems just as blocked but looks like a more complete player than Andujar, which is more of what id want if i am giving up something

    Ponce + Seijas + Williams

    ill put this in the trade post too….

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    It’s still me, I am still as ever rooting for every guy out there to be great and will all year.

    However, I am not convinced that the pitching can duplicate what it did last year, nor would for any team really…the rotation is already hurting with Mikolas out, Waino is older, Hudson is a sophomore, Jack is getting all the love and rightfully so, Kim is an unknown with hope. CMart hasnt really been an SP for a while and if he does start then we just have a big hole in the bullpen. Which also is hard to imagine being better with how much we depended on guys last year.

    2019 to 2020
    Jack > Jack… tough for anyone to duplicate
    Waino > Waino …he is older every year hard to think he will be better or even the same
    Hudson > Hudson …last year was pretty good, will he really get better?
    Mikolas = Mikolas…with the injury i am having a hard time he will be better
    Wacha < Kim… Kim should be serviceable probably better overall because of his handedness
    Wacha < CMart…if CMart gets the nod Cmart even in a partial year should eclipse Wacha
    Wacha = Ponce/kids… Ups and downs of kids makes this volatile to me and that is what Wacha was

    to me that reads as 2019’s rotation is not so likely to outperform what it did last year, and with the outlandish success of a few players i am hard pressed to think it will even be the same…kids should be allowed to fail, and veterans like Waino allowed to get old… Mikolas was our only hope for a calming vet presence and his injury concerns are not quite apparent

    I wont even do this with the pen, but beyond a turnaround for Miller and possibly some advancement by Helsley…where are we really looking for “better” performance out of the pen…even equallying the year last year by Gant, Gallegos, Brebbia is hard to imagine…i like Whitley, but Genesis is looking more like a starter to me…

    as for the defense being the same….last year the defense went from worst to first…and we are expecting it to stay the same? That luck and a little playing over their heads didnt happen to get them that much better in such a short time. I do like the upgrade in LF for an arm, but i am not sold on Carp retaining his high marks at 3b and every year adds another year to Fowlers legs in RF…Can we really expect Wong and DeJong to be THAT good every single year….and if not then how can we assume we will be just as good on defense?


    yesterday i was encouraged by a few hitters, then we have another back injury for Carp…though nice to see Goldy in the field…Williams gain was not impressive in the field…weird because he looks like he has all the athleticism to make every play…. I have been unimpressed with Dean too…definitely doesnt look like he was worth losing even a fringe prospect to get…I dont see how he in any way is better than Ravelo…
    I love seeing the kids get hits…but id feel a lot better seeing Goldy, Fowler, Carp, Wong, DeJong, Yadi all getting hits…and the kids having fun in the 5-9th

    Im still feeling really worried about the offense, and while i am encouraged by parts of the pitching, are they really the parts we should be interested in?

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    I think the ROX actually could use a future catcher, I like Wolters but he seems more backup than a starter.

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    And that is only if the pitching and defense hold up.

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    Im not normally a fan of hitting guys on purpose, but as someone said…below the shoulders…and to be fair…hit them in the back even…

    AS i said i dont want guys getting hurt, but i am willing to asterisk that if we have known admitted cheaters going unpunished by MLB. If they are not being punished then it needs to be found somewhere else. A few bruises are a small price to pay, and at least it means some kind of order is being instituted.

    Hitting a batter is not an ejection unless it is done on purpose. To prove that means admission, which rarely ever comes. It can always be said a pitch came out wrong or slipped. And that white lie, is far from the unethical cheating that the Astros did.

    If you want to protect the Astros. punish them severely. The other players even more than the fans will let you know if it is sufficient enough by how they deal with them on the field.

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    Love seeing Julio get the start at 1b and HErrera at Dh

    yuck yuck from some pitchers yesterday who are guys if we want to feel like having a great pen is a big strength….

    Cecil…control is his problem..i guess that happens when you basically dont pitch enough for 3yrs….break on the balls is still great but he cant set anyone up to use it because he cant locate anything else… still…he didnt entirely implode

    Reyes…control too…i guess it is early, and still being rusty is a real thing…but i didnt see anything yesterday that made me think he can even be a thought for the rotation. without being able to get through batters on less pitches i dont see it… still early…still great talent…

    as for hitting…yuck again…what 5 hits> before the couple in the 9th? And how many were Ravelo? The DeJong HR again was basically the whole offense combined with a Munoz solo HR

    None of that screams we have made any improvements to the offense or offensive strategy. just running into hanging pitches for HRs is not a good strategy. Have we even put together 3 hits in an inning once?

    Wong’s triple AB was nice to see, Ravelo is having a nice run but is not a difference maker.

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    I have been unimpressed with Williams and Thomas a well. Not just with the bat, but Williams hasnt run well, and basically got picked off twice, also i have no idea he didnt throw home on multiple plays in yesterday’s game (even Edmonds remarked on it)

    Also why did ONeill not play yesterday? 2 days off in a row? I thought this was a competition. Feels a lot more like ONeill is being handed LF, Bader in Cf, and Fowler in RF….everything else is just window dressing to try to hype up other players to distract from the lack of fixing the offense.

    It’s early, but it looks pretty clear we are going with: (outside a meteoric rise)

    Oneill, Bader, Fowler
    Carp, DeJong, Wong, Goldy, Yadi
    Edman, Wieters, Miller, Thomas

    Sosa or Munoz…i pick Sosa as it can be played like he is a rising star

    Ravelo could find a place in there over Thomas if Edman can prove he can play CF

    They are going to run Bader, Carp, Fowler, ONeill for at least a month into the season regardless of production

    If it works I will be happy…if it doesn’t it probably means we are pretty far out already…then it will be “call up the kids”…Carlson, Thomas, then one of whomever was playing ok from the above 4….then Edman is a starter at 3b…and sit back and pray for success

    So far….i have been very unimpressed with the guys who are supposed to be fixing things…and the hitting, it is early…i know…but it is not looking good…not even a lot of well struck balls…Carp had one decent hit..the other way but then nothing…outside of a bloop wind aided hit…

    on the good side… Carlson looks legit, Cecil has great break but we will see if he can control it, Edman looks the same which is nice, BMiller seems a find find even if redundant, Kim looks fine, Ravelo looks like a more laid back JMart…Whitley looked impressive yesterday…

    Still a long ways to go… but the MAIN concern for this team was the offense and all we have seen is a couple solo HRs and a bunch of nothing….

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    The bite on Cecils breaking pitch was nasty.

    If he can keep that up and be accurate enough to be able to throw that pitch he could be a big weapon

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