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    At the moment Leone is the weakest link in the bullpen. If his struggles continue I would not be beyond sending him down to Memphis. Either bring back up Helsley, or add Jesus Cruz to the roster, as he gave up his first runs of the year last night, but otherwise has been lights out.


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    i was giving Leone a pass after we left him in to take the damage that one game, but he hasnt really recovered

    Send him down get his confidence back up and bring back Helsley to take up the slack

    I want Leone back, but i do think he needs to have some run out of the spotlight


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    Tim Kurkijan says that the Giants will want four prospects for MadBum, if he is traded.

    But the Giants are going to say ‘If you want our best player, you better load up with four top players, young guys, or we’re not dealing him.’

    That seems like a lot, and more than most would be willing to give. But maybe that’s what it would take…an overwhelming offer. Could be a painful sumner for our prospect watchers, given how mediocre the rotation is.

    I had suggested Hudson + for Bumgarner in the off-season, and I’d still be interested in going that route. Hudson, Thomas, and two low end guys for half a season of an excellent starter? Would hurt, but 2019 might be the best shot at a title coming up for this club and the F.O. knows their jobs are probably on the line.


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    I like Madbum but I’m not giving up over 10 years of control of Hudson and Thomas for a two month rental. He isn’t that good at this point in his career.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    MadBum is no dummy. Put the perennial contenders on the no-trade list and he can extract more money when traded and be in control as to where he goes.


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    That is right Brian. The Cardinals could still acquire him but would probably have to sweeten the pot.



    I just saw that on Bumgarner too. O’neill being traded for him straight up AND sweetening the pot should be avoided. Will Smith and Bumgarner as a package would have to gain the Cards interest in including O’neill if they are still right there with the Cubs and Brewers in a month or two.

    In looking at it in just estimating actual additional wins, I would guess MadBum at 2 (plus a huge playoff bonus if they get there) and Will Smith at a minimum of 1. We’ve seen the last few years that it all comes down to a win or two at the end of Sept.

    Bumgarner (add $1M “relocation” bonus) and Will Smith for O’neill, Helsley and Justin Williams enough or to much?


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    I would send them O’Neill, Arozarena (if healthy), and Cabrera for Madbum and Smith. Maybe throw in Mayers if he is healthy by the deadline.

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    We are in a rut

    what trades do you do to fix it?

    my chief targets are Stroman and Will Smith

    but outside of the box, what about targeting KC?There is a lot to like about a couple of their players, I am not sure they want to move them though

    Merrifield (for 2b?) he is a hitter, makes contact…the fans would love his contact skills
    Mondesi (for 2b? or SS, move DeJong to 3b?)…beast for speed
    DOzier 3b with power post hype prospect

    Now this is a bit crazy…but what about Alex Gordon…for right now…he is not committed to playing after this season. has a mutual option (for like 23mil i think), but he is playign well right now, and we could use the bat..i know he is an old vet…but where else can we find a bat for cheap with few strings attached other than a partial season of contract?

    Also Duffy is a lefty with a contract we could snag…and even Diekman is a good lefty from the pen

    so let’s go BIG:

    target Duffy and Gordon’s money as means to pry the other talent:
    -Duffy-15mil (signed for 2 more years)
    -Gordon-20+ mil (mutual option for 2020)


    we gotta give up talent for all of this, but we use the checkbook to make it work…
    -Wong + half salary this year and all next (they get a cheap good player they have eyed for a while)
    -Reyes (high value young starter they need for cheap…future Ace they dont have)
    -Gomber (replace their rotation lefty and cheap)
    -ONeill…young power hitting OF to replace Gordon going forward
    -JMart…real DH for them…1b/RF for giggles
    -Genesis Cabrera…young high ceiling cheap SP or RP

    -trade Gyorko for lottery ticket (to save money)
    -trade Ozuna for decent prospect (saves money as an aside)

    It’s a lot…but we get a lot back

    for 2019 we finish:
    Mondesi (2b), Merrifeld (RF), DeJong (SS), Goldy (1b), Gordon (LF), Fowler (CF), Yadi (C), Carp (3b)
    Bader, Wieters, Munoz, Edman
    Mik, Duffy, Jack, Wacha, Waino….CMart switched back to starting for 2nd half
    Hicks, Miller, Brebbia, CMart( until 2nd half), Gant, Diekman, Gallegos, Leone/Mayers/Helsley

    -we lose Gordon in the offseason and replace him internally with BAder/Thomas/prep for Carlson

    That’s a big crazy deal…but so what?

    How about a bit more reasonable with KC though?

    Wong (1/2 salary)
    Gomber/POnce,Woodford their pick

    IMO Merrifeld (and especially Mondesi if you can get him with or instead of) is worth the talent we lose, duffy seems a quality lefty that needs a better team, Diekman is a decent lefty we could use to support Miller

    To me of all the bad teams out there KC has the most dynamic position players…which makes me think they may be available…not to mention they have that elusive decent lefty for the rotation with control we dont have


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    I like Merrfield and Gordon but they will be difficult to get. The Royals view Merrifield as their franchise player and Gordon has a no trade clause and has stated that he doesn’t want to leave KC. I guess he could change his mind though.


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    So the Cards take on a bunch of money and a slight talent upgrade on the MLB team…for a huge amount of prospect talent. Am I missing something? Is one of those guys a star all of a sudden? I can’t imagine that group from KC being worth half of the guys we’d be sending over that way.


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    i get it GScott…but if they want to keep Merrifeld then get Mondesi, If Gordon wont come then so be it

    I get them wanting to hold some guys…but i just dont see the window for them competing in the time they can hold these guys without significant money being thrown down

    Duffy, Diekman, Mondesi would be fine with me 🙂

    I;d also take Hamilton off their hands for Bader…even though i like BAder more….Hamilton as a pure bench OFer (even if high priced) is a true bullet for the bench….not with his bat…but with his legs…he is a free sac fly run if you can get a man on 1st with less than 2 outs, he can steal off any catcher out there…to me that is a fine use of a bench player, even if his contact skills arent great

    Maybe Gordon would want one more shot at a World Series, which he wont get with the Royals this year…i doubt it…but one never knows


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    i think Merrifeld and Mondesi are very good players…stars even, and are very young

    Duffy is a solid lefty for the rotation and Diekman the type of lefty you want in the pen

    Gordon (if he would come) is a solid veteran playing well right now…with no strings attached

    i think we need one or two more steady hitters for the lineup going forward
    i also think we need a quality lefty in the rotation and a lefty in the pen

    I see what we are giving up as being good quality but all form areas of strength and depth in the organization…KC gets young good talent that might cost more a bit later and we get young good talent that is a bit better right now….we take on some money to make it more appealing


    If Mo trades Bader for Hamilton he should be fired on the spot.


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    I have always been wanting us to get Diekman. He’s pitching very well. How about Evan Mendoza for him? Or if they want a pitcher, maybe Seijas, or Fagalde?


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    I was curious about Diekman’s value….he seems wasted in KC…i don’t know how to value him really, but I think i could handle those 3 being given up for him in my mind at least

    as for my Bader comments…i was referring to swapping them as a part of a larger deal, where the appeal of our deal comes from us taking on money…in this case, Hamilton’s, giving them back a similar type of player in Bader that is cheaper

    For how we are using Bader with the OF of Fowler, JMart, Ozuna, Bader is a 4th OFer defensive help, with pinch running abilities, with a bat that CAN be ok at times…and in that case Hamilton is equally as good or better as a defensive player, faster on the basepaths, and adds the ability to steal bases better than anyone in the game… while bader’s ba may be better, the use of Bader’s bat is not his main role it seems…and in that role a n argument for Hamilton’s game breaking speed has value

    trading them straight up was never a thought, but if taking on Hamilton’s salary helps acquire other things cheaper, I could be sold on moving Bader

    maybe something like:
    Hamilton, Duffy, Diekman, Mondesi
    Wong (and money), Bader, Thomas, Woodford/POnce/Gomber, Seijas, Mendoza

    i feel that is still unbalanced, but the only way to get players is usually to overpay
    If Merrifield is their build around guy, and Gordon isnt going anywhere then snagging Mondesi woudl be awesome….slide him in at the #1 spot in the order and get the fans excited about old school Cards style baseball with a fast guy in the leadoff spot…

    Mondesi in starting lineup and Hamilton off the bench would give us speed we havent had since the 80’s and improves our defense and depth at SS/2b as well as the OF
    Duffy gives us a solid controlled lefty
    Diekman shores up the left side of the pen

    Mondesi, Goldy, DeJong, Ozuna, JMart, Fowler, Yadi, Carp
    Wieters, Hamilton, Gyorko, Munoz

    I am just thinking out loud here folks…if you want to attack my ideas that’s on you, but a more productive and more fun means of DISCUSSION, which is the point of a forum, is to try to add your own opinions and thoughts instead of ONLY trying to attack and belittle others


    The point is Hamilton is not good. Bader is younger, better, and cheaper. Bader can run fast, is a plus defender, and has more power than Hamilton. I don’t understand what is the value Hamilton brings that you would even consider this trade. Baser OBP is .382 Hamilton’s is .302.


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    so you must not read…i know i write too much at times, but it was pretty clear…

    you only swap them as a means to take Hamilton’s money as incentive to make adeal, the similar characteristics of the players yet the difference in age and cost is exactly WHY i brought it up


    “I;d also take Hamilton off their hands for Bader…even though i like BAder more….Hamilton as a pure bench OFer (even if high priced) is a true bullet for the bench….not with his bat…but with his legs…he is a free sac fly run if you can get a man on 1st with less than 2 outs, he can steal off any catcher out there…to me that is a fine use of a bench player, even if his contact skills arent great”

    You stated the above no mention of any bigger deal anywhere. Yet we were supposed to get that from that paragraph.


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    i DID explain it…after your comment…second paragraph
    “as for my Bader comments…i was referring to swapping them as a part of a larger deal, where the appeal of our deal comes from us taking on money…in this case, Hamilton’s, giving them back a similar type of player in Bader that is cheaper”

    as the initial comment about Hamilton came in response to another poster 91263 where i was responding to that post as well GScott posting about the availability of th GOrdon, which was part of the further above message posting about taking on money of players with KC to help get other players we want.

    So YES i did refer to the idea of taking on money plenty before…but i wasn’t talking to you…i was responding to a line of talking points in response to other messages…

    so when i say “i’d ALSO take Hamilton off their hands” as you quoted…. the “also” in that statement must be referring to something else otherwise why include it no? And in this case i am referring to the other responses to my earlier posts about taking on money to help acquire other players…so the “Also” refers to not just a straight trade for Hamilton for BAder…but the idea of taking on Duffy, Gordon, Hamilton as means to take on salary to help get Mondesi and Merrifeld….and the addition of Hamilton in this statement was a means to talk about the similar characteristics of the players, yet acknowledging that Hamilton is more expensive and older and not as good with the bat…but Hamilton would still carry value for us in the role he would have with us because it would be more bench and backup defense work to go with his elite speed… so maybe go up a few threads to figure it out if you are going to lambast someone…. I am not having a conversation just with you…so consider other messages in response as a part of the discussion

    If you arent willing to go back a few messages to see what the discussion is, and instead just blurt out whatever you want as if you understand what has been going on and misunderstand…well that is on you

    And as to be expected…you attack a person for doing something wrong which caused you to do something wrong…as if it is some big conspiracy

    yet, what really happened was pretty simple…you saw my one message, responded immediately without taking into account the above messages and assumed you understood what was being said…and even so, you still only decided to attack and criticize instead of actually having a discussion… you just wanted to pop in and say “You are stupid” to make yourself feel better or exert some kind of dominance and then jump back out…like a bully in grade school or similar

    You dont want to discuss, fine…you want to attack and demean… fine… but i dont have to agree that it is my fault you are a bully….

    A few of us were actually trying to discuss something, even if slowly…yet you swoop in and try to bring it to a halt without even considering other people might want to discuss

    you are so tiring…i am done with responding to you about this… you can hate my posts, and me and how long i write…i really dont care…but i am going to keep doing it because i have every right to post here on what i think and want to say…and sure…you can pop in and try to stop it all, but look down deep and think if you are adding anything or just trying to stop other people…because all isee is you trying to stop other people from discussion….so bye



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    back to KC… MOndesi, MErrifield at the top of that lineup sure looked good today against Wacha…

    I still would love to snag those two…and Duffy and Diekman

    The better they keep playing the less the chance it seems like it could happen though…Duffy might still be an option i would guess…but the core of Merrifeld, Mondesi, Lopez, Dozer, Soler is pretty darned good… they hold onto Duffy, sign a #3 level pitcher and go big for an Ace, along with a closer and that KC team starts to look pretty good pretty quick

    Keuchel + Kimbrel + another decent SP and you might have a playoff team next year in the AL Central which seems yearly to be up for grabs


    Giolitto from CWS? Any ideas?


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    Giolito would be a great get but why would the Sox want to trade him? He is one of the young pieces they acquired that they are building around as their core, along with Jimenez, Moncada, Cease, Kopech, and Robert.


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    agreed…and they are still “kind of” in it at 23 wins…

    The teams to target IMO:
    i’d include the Reds but the “intradivison” thing makes even talking about it a non-starter

    They are obviously the worst teams in MLB right now but I think if you have young talent (especially pitching talent) you could get any of these teams to listen on just about anything on their roster

    So what is there? The younger and bigger upside the much more pricey, but there are veterans and inbetweeners having good years that could have short term value too

    -Renato Nunez…3b, utility mashing HRs, good bench bat, like Gyorko but cheaper and more consistent, even if his BA is dumb low
    -Givens and Bundy are still young and good upside
    -Dan Straily, is probably available for nothing, and while he has been up and down, he could be an innings eater with a good ability to get K’s…when he was with the Reds he was pretty impressive, maybe the NL Central is his jam

    KC (i have went into this a lot)
    – Duffy..LHSP
    – Diekman..LHRP K’s
    – Mondesi, 5 tool
    – Merrifeld, 5 tool
    – hype 1b/3b
    – Hamilton…elite speed and defense
    – Gordon…vet RF who is hitting

    – i think Smith, Tayron, Sandy are all off the table…
    – Romo…vet closer, opener, setup ROOGY…his slider is still a menace to righties…he can do everything
    – Conley…vet but still young…failed hype starter…feels like a future lefty setup man on the right team…i think Miller could teach him to be really good… low cost lefty solution sounds like it is a no-brainer…
    -Steckenrider…bad year but has good stuff, cheap setup, mid man
    -Urena…having a down year, but emerged last year as a guy who could be good even on a bad team…could be a sneaky way to snag a young upside arm
    -all their bats are really not doing well…but
    – B Anderson …maybe buy low on a 3b/OF guy who was pretty impressive last year but having a sophomore slump

    – Mad Bum…obvious
    – Will SMith.. obvious
    -Tony Watson…obvious, but sometimes forgotten quality lefty
    – Samradjiza (spelling)…i dont trust his solid year, but he undoubtedly woudl be available
    – Sam Dyson…quality setup having bounceback year
    – Melancon…ditto
    – Moronta is fun…but i think they hold him
    – hitting-wise there really is nothign to target….i like Crawford for defense but DeJong is fine..
    – Panik? maybe you want a slightly more steady bat for 2b? seems not worth it
    -PIllar? if you want a defense first vet CFer…i dunno

    what do they all want? I don’t know for sure…
    BAL- anything
    KC- pitching
    MIA- anything, especially hitting
    SF- hitting, especially OF

    to me we match up with all of them

    what do we want? or need?

    -star SP….MadBum
    -controllable good SP…Duffy, Samardjzia
    -upside younger SP…Urena, Bundy
    -vet cheap SP..Straily
    -LHRP… Smith, Watson, Diekman, Conley
    -RHRP?…perhaps to replace CMart back to rotation? Givens, Romo, Melancon, Dyson, Steckenrider

    -i am unsure what we want, because we have almost no spot in the field for any new players without taking away a player
    -upgrade to OF…Merrifeld, Gordon
    -upgrade to 2b…Mondesi, Merrifeld
    -upgrade to 3b…Dozier (stretch)
    -bench power cheap…Nunez
    -bench utility upside…Anderson
    -bench defense and SB threat…Hamilton

    All in all…there are some solutions out there already…mostly on the pitching side

    as for hitting…we would have to be willing to remove players from starting roles or include them in trades to make room for any kind of upgrade offensively


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    oops…i forgot the Tigers…

    -Shane Greene- Closer
    -Castellenos, 3b? OF…poor defense but impact bat
    -Boyd.. a little upside youngish arm for SP…will be buying high, but might have something there
    -Ronny R. and Niko…almost the same type of player…crazy utility potential, but unsure on their long term value with the bat…both have sneaky power

    they seem to need just about anything…

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