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    Nice grab on Cuellar, Nige. I was mulling through my mind guys who were briefly with our club, then had a lot of success elsewhere and Cuellar completely escaped me.

    It’s funny with him as I do not remember him much as a Cardinal. The first I noticed was getting his 1965 Topps card as a kid, and being fairly naive as to the world’s population and various cultures I pronounced his name “Sue-Lar”, so I was like, “who is this Mike ‘Sue-Lar’ guy”.

    He was mostly a middle-late inning reliever on the ‘64 championship club. We sent him to Houston and he really came on. I believe his out pitch was a devastating screwball.



    “I wish you folks back in St. Louis could see this moon.”

    122. kscardfan – Mike Shannon, Bench

    Nigel T

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    I was down to Cuellar vs Quisenberry and settled on the lefty. Gscottar pounced on Quiz and gave me second thoughts.


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    Quiz had a very good career, mostly with KC but Whitey brought him to STL for a couple of years. There are still a few good closers left undrafted though.



    123. Forsch31 – Jason Isringhausen, P.


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    Had not thought about Ryan Ludwick and his good production for us in a long time. I recall a night at Coors Field where I had a great seat, low down behind home plate. I was looking forward to Albert hitting in Coors. Well Albert did not do much – not sure he even got the ball out of the infield.

    But Luddy squared up on two pitches and cranked two bombs way out of the yard. I mean he was right on those pitches and really nailed ‘em. When he was in a groove he really was good, but was not the same player elsewhere. Sort of a reverse Luke Voit.


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    Every pick so far:

    Round 1

    1. flood21- Bob Gibson, P
    2. bicyclemike- Stan Musial, LF
    3. jj-cf-stl- Cy Young, P
    4. forsch31- Rogers Hornsby, 2B
    5. kscardfan- Albert Pujols, 1B
    6. gscottar-Dizzy Dean, P
    7. Nigel T-Nolan Arenado, 3B
    8. stlcard25-Steve Carlton, P
    9. mudville-Yadier Molina, C

    Round 2

    10. mudville-Ozzie Smith, SS
    11. stlcard25-Scott Rolen, 3B
    12. Nigel T – Ted Simmons, C
    13. gscottar – Lou Brock, OF
    14. kscardfan – Garry Templeton, SS
    15. forsch31 – Pete Alexander, P
    16. jj-cf-stl – Ken Boyer, 3B
    17. bicyclemike – Joe Torre, 3B
    18. flood21 – Larry Walker, OF

    Round 3

    19. flood21 – Jim Edmonds, CF
    20. bicyclemike – Joe Medwick, LF
    21. jj-cf-stl – Keith Hernandez, 1B
    22. forsch31 – Johnny Mize, 1B
    23. kscardfan – Ray Lankford, CF
    24. gscottar – Willie McGee, CF
    25. Nigel T – Mark McGwire, 1B
    26. stlcard25 – Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
    27. mudville – Bruce Sutter, P

    Round 4

    28. mudville – Chris Carpenter, P
    29. stlcard25 – Frankie Frisch, 2B
    30. Nigel T – Adam Wainwright, P
    31. gscottar – Jack Clark, 1B
    32. kscardfan – Red Schoendienst, 2B
    33. forsch31 – Enos Slaughter, RF
    34. jj-cf-stl – Lance Berkman, RF
    35. bicyclemike – Mordecai Brown, P
    36. flood21 – Orlando Cepeda, 1B

    Round 5

    37. flood21 – Carlos Beltran, OF
    38. bicyclemike – Jim Bottomley, 1B
    39. jj-cf-stl – Matt Holliday, LF
    40. forsch31 – Harry Breechen, P
    41. kscardfan – Bill White, 1B
    42. gscottar – Tommy Herr, 2B
    43. Nigel T – Reggie Smith, RF
    44. stlcard25 – Dazzy Vance, P
    45. mudville – Brian Jordan, RF

    Round 6

    46. mudville – John Tudor, P
    47. stlcard25 – Dick Allen, LF
    48 Nigel T – Bobby Bonds CF
    49. gscottar- Tim McCarver C
    50. kscardfan – Vince Coleman, LF
    51.forsch31 – Curt Flood, CF
    52. jj-cf-stl – Kid Nichols, P
    53 bicyclemike – Burleigh Grimes, P
    54. flood21 – Placido Polanco, 2B

    Round 7

    55. flood21 – Dennis Eckersley, P
    56. bicyclemike – Dick Groat, SS
    57. jj-cf-stl – Gene Tenace, C
    58. forsch31 – Whitey Kurowski, 3B
    59. kscardfan – Tony Pena, C
    60. gscottar – Roger Maris, RF
    61. Nigel T – Jesse Haines, P
    62. stlcard25 – JD Drew, RF
    63. mudville – Pepper Martin, OF

    Round 8

    64. mudville – Lee Smith, P
    65. stlcard25- Andy Van Slyke, CF
    66. Nigel T – Jim Kaat P
    67. gscottar – Marty Marion, SS
    68. kscardfan – Bob Forsch, P
    69. forsch31 – Larry Jackson, P
    70. jj-cf-stl – Miller Huggins, 2B
    71. bicyclemike – Roger Bresnahan, C
    72. flood21 – Darrell Porter, C

    Round 9

    73. flood21 – Rafael Furcal, SS
    74. bicyclemike – Jose Cruz, CF
    75. jj-cf-stl – Vic Willis, P
    76. forsch31 – Al Dark, SS
    77. kscardfan – Matt Morris, P
    78. gscottar – Gary Gaetti, 3B
    79. Nigel T – Mort Cooper, P
    80. stlcard25 – Bobby Wallace, SS
    81. mudville – Tyler O’Neill, LF

    Round 10

    82. mudville – Harrison Bader, CF
    83. stlcard – Max Lanier, P
    84. Nigel T – Eric Davis LF
    85. gscottar – Curt Simmons, P
    86. kscardfan – George Hendrick, RF
    87. forsch31 – Minnie Minoso, LF
    88. jj-cf-stl – John Joseph McGraw, SS
    89. bicyclemike – Eddie Stanky, 2B
    90. flood21 – Troy Glaus, 3B

    Round 11

    91. flood21 – Lon Warneke, P
    92. bicyclemike – Slim Sallee, P
    93. jj-cf-stl – Howie Pollet, P
    94. forsch31 – Walker Cooper, C
    95. kscardfan – Joaquin Andujar, P
    96. gscottar – John Lackey, P
    97. Nigel T – Edgar Renteria, SS
    98. stlcard25 – Matt Carpenter, IF
    99. mudville – Julian Javier, 2B

    Round 12

    100.mudville – Andres Galarraga, 1B
    101. stlcard25 – Tom Henke, P
    102. Nigel T – Bobby Bonilla, UT
    103. gscottar – Pedro Guerrero, UT
    104. kscardfan – Danny Cox, P
    105. forsch31 – Lance Lynn , P
    106. jj-cf-stl – Troy Percival, P
    107. bicyclemike – Vada Pinson, OF
    108. flood21 – Jerry Reuss, P

    Round 13

    109. flood21 – Reggie Sanders, OF
    110. bicyclemike – Bob Caruthers, P
    111. jj-cf-stl – Chick Hafey, CF
    112. forsch31 – Billy Southworth, Manager
    113. kscardfan – Rick Ankiel, P
    114. gscottar – Andy Benes, P
    115. Nigel T – Gregg Jeffries, UT
    116. stlcard25 – Jesse Burkett, OF
    117. mudville – Mark Mulder, P

    Round 14

    118. mudville – Ryan Ludwick, OF
    119. stlcard25 – Jack Flaherty, P
    120. Nigel T – Mike Cuellar, P
    121. gscottar – Dan Quisenberry, P
    122. kscardfan – Mike Shannon, UT
    123. Forsch31 – Jason Isringhausen, P
    124. jj-cf-stl
    125 bicyclemike
    126. flood21

    Round 15

    127. flood21
    128. bicyclemike
    129. jj-cf-stl
    130 forsch31
    131. kscardfan
    132. gscottar
    133. Nigel T
    134. stlcard25
    135. mudville

    Round 16

    136. mudville
    137. stlcard25
    138. Nigel T
    139. gscottar
    140. kscardfan
    141. forsch31
    142. jj-cf-stl
    143. bicyclemike
    144. flood21


    124. jj-cf-stl – Jake Beckley, bench

    Commish, my earlier Chick Hafey pick was for CF


    Paid - Annual

    Roster matrices:


    C- Darrell Porter
    1B- Orlando Cepeda
    2B- Placido Polanco
    SS- Rafael Furcal
    3B- Troy Glaus
    LF- Larry Walker
    CF- Jim Edmonds
    RF- Carlos Beltran
    Bench- Reggie Sanders

    P- Bob Gibson
    P- Dennis Eckersley
    P- Lon Warneke
    P- Jerry Reuss



    C- Roger Bresnahan
    1B- Jim Bottomley
    2B- Eddie Stanky
    SS- Dick Groat
    3B- Joe Torre
    LF- Joe Medwick
    CF- Jose Cruz
    RF- Stan Musial
    Bench- Vada Pinson

    P- Mordecai Brown
    P- Burleigh Grimes
    P- Slim Sallee
    P- Bob Caruthers



    C- Gene Tenace
    1B- Keith Hernandez
    2B- Miller Huggins
    SS- John Joseph McGraw
    3B- Ken Boyer
    LF- Matt Holliday
    CF- Chick Hafey
    RF- Lance Berkman
    Bench- Jake Beckley

    P- Cy Young
    P- Kid Nichols
    P- Vic Willis
    P- Troy Percival



    C- Walker Cooper
    1B- Johnny Mize
    2B- Rogers Hornsby
    SS- Al Dark
    3B- Whitey Kurowski
    LF- Minnie Minoso
    CF- Curt Flood
    RF- Enos Slaughter

    P- Grover Cleveland Alexander
    P- Harry Breechen
    P- Larry Jackson
    P- Lance Lynn
    P- Jason Isringhausen

    Manager- Billy Southworth


    C- Tony Pena
    1B- Bill White
    2B- Red Schoendist
    SS- Garry Templeton
    3B- Albert Pujols
    LF- Vince Coleman
    CF- Ray Lankford
    RF- George Hendrick
    Bench- Mike Shannon

    P- Bob Forsch
    P- Matt Morris
    P- Joaquin Andujar
    P- Danny Cox
    P- Rick Ankiel



    C- Tom McCarver
    1B- Jack Clark
    2B- Tommy Herr
    SS- Marty Marion
    3B- Gary Gaetti
    LF- Lou Brock
    CF- Willie McGee
    RF- Roger Maris
    Bench- Pedro Guerrero

    P- Dizzy Dean
    P- Curt Simmons
    P- John Lackey
    P- Andy Benes
    P- Dan Quisenberry


    Nigel T

    C- Ted Simmons
    1B- Mark McGwire
    SS- Edgar Renteria
    3B- Nolan Arenado
    LF- Eric Davis
    CF- Bobby Bonds
    RF- Reggie Smith
    Bench- Bobby Bonilla
    Bench- Greg Jeffries

    P- Adam Wainwright
    P- Jesse Haines
    P- Jim Kaat, P
    P- Mort Cooper
    P- Mike Cuellar



    1B- Paul Goldschmidt
    2B- Frankie Frisch
    SS- Bobby Wallace
    3B- Scott Rolen
    LF- Dick Allen
    CF- Andy Van Slyke
    RF- JD Drew
    Bench- Matt Carpenter
    Bench- Jesse Burkett

    P- Steve Carlton
    P- Dazzy Vance
    P- Max Lanier
    P- Tom Henke
    P- Jack Flaherty



    C- Yadier Molina
    1B- Andres Galarraga
    2B- Julian Javier
    SS- Ozzie Smith
    LF- Pepper Martin
    CF- Harrison Bader
    RF- Brian Jordan
    Bench- Tyler O’Neill
    Bench- Ryan Ludwick

    P- Chris Carpenter
    P- Bruce Sutter
    P- John Tudor
    P- Lee Smith
    P- Mark Mulder



    Paid - Annual

    Commish, you mistakenly listed my catcher as Tom McCarver……:)

    BTW, you are doing a great job. Your organizational skills are once again superb and this is a lot of fun.


    Paid - Annual

    Commish, you mistakenly listed my catcher as Tom McCarver……:)

    Whoops, I’ll edit that! Most likely an autocorrect in the spreadsheet. Haha


    Commish, my SP4 is Howie Pollet, drafted #93.
    I can’t believe you work so cheap. I see a fruit basket in your future!


    Paid - Annual

    Nice grab on Jake “Eagle Eye” Buckley, JJ. A native of Hannibal, MO who mostly played on teams other than the relatively local St. Louis National League club.

    I am going similar route with pick #125. Another long forgotten dead ball era first baseman who mostly played with bad clubs so he never really got his due. This guy jumped over to the Federal League for a year, came back to the National League, and finally played on a pennant winner near the end of his career.

    125. Bicyclemike – Ed Konetchy, Bench (first baseman vs lefty pitching)


    Paid - Annual

    Round 14

    118. mudville – Ryan Ludwick, OF
    119. stlcard25 – Jack Flaherty, P
    120. Nigel T – Mike Cuellar, P
    121. gscottar – Dan Quisenberry, P
    122. kscardfan – Mike Shannon, UT
    123. Forsch31 – Jason Isringhausen, P
    124. jj-cf-stl- Jake Beckley, UT
    125 bicyclemike – Ed Konetchy, IF
    126. flood21 – The next two at bats


    Paid - Three Months

    126 Dan Haren – P

    127 Terry Pendleton – bench


    Paid - Annual

    I am going with more of a “heart” pick on this one, and leave what most would consider the top three or four Cardinal managers for others to mull over. The first Cardinal manager I remember as a kid, and a darn good one who like LaRussa left after winning it all. A guy who really settled down the clubhouse and got the most out of his players. The original “Number 5”.

    128. Johnny Keane, Manager

    As a postscript, my dad once said “The best thing Johnny Keane did was put Curt Flood in center field and just leave him there.” I met Flood at the National Sports Collectors convention, which was held in St. Louis in 1995, and told him that. Flood smiled and responded, “He sure did.”


    129. jj-cf-stl – Solly Hemus, bench


    Paid - Annual

    Round 14

    118. mudville – Ryan Ludwick, OF
    119. stlcard25 – Jack Flaherty, P
    120. Nigel T – Mike Cuellar, P
    121. gscottar – Dan Quisenberry, P
    122. kscardfan – Mike Shannon, UT
    123. Forsch31 – Jason Isringhausen, P
    124. jj-cf-stl- Jake Beckley, UT
    125 bicyclemike – Ed Konetchy, IF
    126. flood21 – Dan Haren, P

    Round 15

    127. flood21 – Terry Pendleton, UT
    128. bicyclemike – Johnny Keane, Manager
    129. jj-cf-stl – Solly Hemus, UT
    130 forsch31 – At bat
    131. kscardfan – On deck
    132. gscottar
    133. Nigel T
    134. stlcard25
    135. mudville



    jj, that’s at least the 2nd time you took someone that I was looking to pick.

    130. forsch31 – Lonnie Smith, Bench.



    Would rather name myself as Manager. But I will follow rules.

    131. kscardfan – Joe Torre, Manager


    I know the feeling Forsch 31. My rotation would be CY Young, Pete Alexander, Kid Nichols and Larry Jackson; but two of them are in your rotation.

    The snake style draft helps even that out. Drafting between you and Bikemike has been brutal.


    Paid - Annual

    132. gscottar – Ron Gant, Bench

    Nigel T

    Paid - Three Months

    I was going to put Gant at 2B to fill out team thump. His .966 fielding at 2B is truly awful though.

    133. Nigel T The White Rat mgr


    Paid - Annual

    Ron Gant was a stud. Saw him crank one out at Coors, or maybe it was Mile High. But the thing I noticed is the guy really modeled the uniform well. He looked like a true gym rat; an earlier day Ty O’Neill.



    It has been interesting trying to draft based on who I think might be drafted between a current pick and the next time I pick in the snake draft. I have been mostly correct.

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