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    Nigel T

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    Bake McBride was Lou Brock light. Both had a closed stance and brought electricity on the bases.
    Mumphrey and Gilkey both made their mark after leaving us.



    The SABR site was VERY valuable to learn about a lot of the old-time players. It made some of the stats understandable when they didn’t seem to stand up to other players. There were things like starting pitchers working in a somewhat rotating starter/reliever system because they had so many good pitchers in the 1940s.


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    Good morning, TCN! I thoroughly enjoyed the draft, and was hoping to find some way to continue the fun for a bit while we wait on baseball to return. While hiking, I had the idea to do a “playoffs” with these teams. Brian has generously agreed to help with collecting the votes so that it’s not public knowledge who will win beforehand. Here’s how it will work:

    1. Everyone who played should post their lineup on this thread as they decide how to handle it. Here’s how it should look:

    Team Name

    Batting order 1-8 (No DH, list positions)

    Personally, I think every team should be named the Cardinals, with some leeway to select the location of the team. I think it would be fun to have the teams named after a city with a ballpark near you, maybe of an old minors team (or a current one). So for instance, my team will likely be named the Jamestown Cardinals, after the old NY Penn league team that used to play just across the border from where I live. Please try to avoid picking St Louis Cardinals, as we all probably would like that name but it would be nice to have a more “unique to you” name to the team you GMed/drafted.

    2. Some rules for your lineup and how the rosters will be “used”…1) Try to consider the player’s entire career rather than their one year brilliance. Obviously, talent is talent but I will not be simulating “2003 Albert Pujols,” for example. 2) SPers will be eligible to pitch in relief (true relief, like an inning or two) in games they don’t start, but all 3 SPers will be used as SPers. So no pitching Gibby all three games! The two non starters could pitch whenever. 3) If you’d like to post a platoon, feel free. Since I won’t be doing a true simulation, it’ll only really change how the writeup looks.

    3. Once all the lineups have been finalized, I will start a new thread listing them all out. In this thread, folks will be able to compare lineups and pitching staffs more easily without having to dig through the rest of this thread.

    4. Voting will take place over the course of a week once the new thread is started. Anyone from the site is eligible to vote, and voting will be done via the “Contact Us” link here on TCN. When voting, posters will be asked to use the subject title “Fantasy All Time Cardinals Draft” and list their user name along with their vote. Voters will vote for their TOP 5 teams, in order, NOT to include their own team. Results will be tabulated in weighted fashion (5 pts for a #1 vote, 4 for #2, etc) and teams ranked in order of the vote. Please wait until the new thread begins to vote, and do not post your vote on the forum, as it will help create a little suspense, I believe.

    5. A playoff bracket will be randomly created and the teams slotted in. Obviously with 9 teams, there will be a play in. All series will be 3 games each, including the play in. Using the order of vote, I will simulate the series of games. In each scenario, the higher seeded team will advance. The seeds will not be standardized, meaning any team could slot against any team the first round (this will keep the winner a surprise, I hope). So for instance, the #7 seed could face the #9 seed in the play in round, then the #8 seed in the first round, and advance both times. Likewise, if the #2 seed draws the #1 seed first, it will be bad luck. Lol. Hopefully that won’t happen.

    6. I will post the schedule of when games will be posted as things solidying more on a timeline. With a max of 24 games to be played (3 play in, 12 1st round, 6 2nd round and 3 finals), we could stretch it out over close to a month and hopefully get us close to the end of the lockout. I’ll try to make things fun; you won’t have any need to “manage” your team, but sit back and hopefully enjoy how things play out!

    7. Anyway, I created a document with every player and their stats, and a summary of all team stats that are sortable by stat. You are welcome to use it, or ignore it. Hopefully this will help you parse out the finer details of the teams you might be leaning toward. I know that it helped me as I got to thinking about the lineups and staffs I thought were solid. You are free to vote however you want; the eye test, your own memory, your favorite players, whatever…I wanted this to be a resource for those who may be interested in the stats and how teams stack up. If you hover over (or tap on, if mobile) the stat, it will tell you what it is and how it may be calculated, if applicable. You can also sort the table by stat if you touch the little cascading lines thing. A-Z goes from least to greatest, Z-A from greatest to least. Each team’s roster and stats are also included. All stats are career stats, which I felt were not only easier to gather, but more in the spirit of the “All time” nature of the draft.

    Anyway, here’s the sheet (let me know if you have any issues with it)…


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    From gscottar:

    NWA Redbirds

    1. Lou Brock, LF
    2. Willie McGee, CF
    3. Jack Clark, 1B
    4. Roger Maris, RF
    5. Gary Gaetti, 3B
    6. Tommy Herr, 2B
    7. Marty Marion, SS
    8. Tim McCarver, C

    SP1: Dizzy Dean
    SP2: Curt Simmons
    SP3: John Lackey
    P: Andy Benes
    P: Dan Quisenberry (closer)

    Bench: Pedro Guerrero
    Bench: Ron Gant

    I am not sure how to use the bench players. I would probably do a RF platoon with Maris and Gant then do a 3B platoon between Gaetti and Guerrero.


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    team jj

    Springfield Cardinals
    Miller Huggins (manager)

    S Lance Berkman RF
    R Chick Hafey CF
    L John Joseph McGraw SS
    R Matt Holliday LF
    L Keith Hernandez 1B
    R Gene Tenace C
    L Solly Hemus 2B
    R Ken Boyer 3B

    SP1 Cy Young
    SP2 Kid Nichols
    SP3 Vic Willis
    P Howie Pollet
    P Troy Percival (closer)

    Bench: Jake Beckley vs R
    Bench: Miller Huggins vs L


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    Ooops I forgot to list my manager.

    Branch Rickey


    Paid - Three Months

    Memphis Cardinals
    Manager Red Schoendist

    S – Furcal -SS
    S – Beltran – RF
    L – Walker – LF
    R – Cepeda – 1
    L – Edmonds – CF
    R – Glaus – 3
    L – Porter -C
    R – Polanco – 2

    SP1- Gibson
    SP2 – Warneke
    SP3 – Haren
    RPL – Reuss
    RPR- Eckersley

    R UT – Sanders -Pinch Hitter and Runner
    S UT-Pendleton Defensive Replacement at 3
    & PH



    Galena Cardinals
    Manager Joe Torre

    LF- Vince Coleman
    SS – Garry Templeton
    CF- Ray Lankford
    3B- Albert Pujols
    1B- Bill White
    RF- George Hendrick
    C- Tony Pena,
    2B- Red Schoendienst

    SP1 – Bob Forsch
    SP2 – Matt Morris
    SP3- Joaquin Andujar
    P – Danny Cox
    P- Rick Ankiel

    Bench- Mike Shannon Covering 3b and OF
    Bench- Bake McBride Covering OF


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    Jamestown Cardinals

    Manager Tony Larussa

    1. S- Frankie Frisch, 2B
    2. L- JD Drew, RF
    3. R- Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
    4. R- Dick Allen, LF
    5. R- Scott Rolen, 3B
    6. L- Andy Van Slyke, CF
    7. R- Spud Davis, C
    8. R- Bobby Wallace, SS

    SP1- Steve Carlton
    SP2- Dazzy Vance
    SP3- Max Lanier
    P- Jack Flaherty
    P- Tom Henke (Closer)

    Bench L- Matt Carpenter, IF
    Bench L- Jesse Burkett, OF

    Nigel T

    Paid - Three Months

    The Land West of the Mississippi Cardinals

    1. LF Bobby Bonds
    2. 2B Delino Deshields
    3. 1B Mark McGwire
    4. RF Reggie Smith
    5. 3B Nolan Arenado
    6. C Ted Simmons
    7. CF Eric Davis
    8. SS Edgar Renteria
    9. P Adam Wainwright
    MGR. The White Rat
    SP Mort Cooper
    SP Mike Cuellar
    P Jessie Haines
    P Jim Kaat
    UT Bobby Bonilla
    UT Gregg Jefferies


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    Hey Nigel, I am not familiar…is “Land West of the Mississippi” a town or an area? I want to include ballparks (even if they aren’t normally used for pro baseball) in the game writeups, so could you give a general area where to look?

    Nigel T

    Paid - Three Months

    I will go Louisville Redbirds to match the old AAA franchise. Switch to Cardinals if you like.


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    My team has several ways they can go with a lineup, so I am going to throw two out there, a vs right and vs lefty lineup, cycling in the bench players so everyone gets in on the action.

    Team Name: Casper Cardinals – after my hometown of Casper, WY. Ball park is Mike Lansing Field. The rookie league Casper Ghosts used to play there when they were in the Rockies’ system, but they were relocated to Grand Junction, CO several years back.

    That field is located close to where we played when I was in leagues around the city and state from ages 18-23. Back in the heyday of oil, our little leagues field were across the street from the big Texaco refinery. Those fields are still there. The refinery is not – that area is now a golf course. “Double treats” when we won a big game. Man, those were the days.

    Lineup vs RHP (nice L-R-L going on in this group)


    Bench: Pinson,of; Konetchy,1b

    Lineup vs LHP (World class OBP at 1&2, then the boppers)


    Bench: Cruz,of; Bottomley,1b

    SP1: Brown
    SP2: Shantz
    SP3: Caruthers
    P: Grimes
    P: Sallee

    Manager: Johnny Keane



    Peoria Cardinals

    Manager Billy Southworth

    1. R – Curt Flood, CF
    2. R – Minnie Minoso, LF
    3. R – Rogers Hornsby, 2B
    4. L – Johnny Mize, 1B
    5. L – Enos Slaughter, RF
    6. R – Whitey Kurowski, 3B
    7. R – Walker Cooper, C
    8. R – Al Dark, SS

    SP1 – Grover Cleveland Alexander
    SP2 – Harry Brecheen
    SP3 – Larry Jackson
    P – Lance Lynn
    P – Jason Isringhausen (Closer)

    Bench R – Lonnie Smith, OF
    Bench S – Jose Oquendo, IF



    There isn’t much of a split for any of my regulars except for Mize. Minoso was a much better hitter than I ever realized until researching for this. Mize had power and hit for average. Slaughter was very consistent. This would be a team that rarely struck out.

    Career strikeout percentage:
    Flood – 8.8%
    Minoso – 7.1%
    Hornsby – 7.2%
    Mize – 7.1%
    Slaughter – 5.9%
    Kurowski – 9.0%
    Cooper – 7.0%
    Dark – 6.8%


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    I’m loving these lineups. Bikemike sort of put us all to shame with his mix and match. I think we just have mudville left to set their lineup and we can move on to voting. I have the bracket already set so I am starting to work on some general info for writeups!


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    Muds is probably holding auditions at 3B.


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    Any word from mud? Need to get this party started!


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    We saw mud earlier on another thread, but there must be a lot of internal discussion between GM and manager over the lineup!

    Nigel T

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    I heard on the low down Mud was receiving support and care from loved ones and a team of professionals due to anxiety he suffered upon the revelation he forgot to draft Mike Tyson. Think of the psychological advantage running out Mike Tyson would bring, and look at the devastation his omission has brought.


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    “…..internal discussion between GM and manager over the lineup.” – commish

    135. Mudville – Mike Schildt, manager.

    We know how this plays out.

    Nigel T

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    I propose we allow Mud to fire Schildt and bring in Vern Rapp.


    Paid - Annual

    Ozzie Smith – CF
    Andres Gallaraga – 1B
    Tyler O’Neill – LF
    Brian Jordan – RF
    Yadier Molina – C
    Pepper Martin – 3B
    Julian Javier -2B

    Chris Carpenter – SP
    John Tudor – SP
    Mark Mulder – SP
    Bruce Sutter – P
    Lee Smith – P

    Nobody better get let me through the 7th inning with a lead.

    FWIW – I’ve been out of synch today. All day long and yesterday afternoon, I’ve been nursing a runny nose, congestion, mild sore throat, tiredness. Sounds like Omicron. The good news is that according to reports, the Omicron flu is supposed to cause those things I’m experiencing, and it hasn’t been that bad. I certainly don’t need a ventilator.


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    mudville – I forgot to mention that my team is the Little Rock Cardinal Travelers.

    Manager – Mike Shildt

    Nigel T

    Paid - Three Months

    Sorry to hear you have been ill. It caused me to drop out of the prospect voting. I couldn’t look at a screen for 10 days due to the headache.

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