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    Round 16

    136. mudville – David Eckstein, UT
    137. stlcard25 – Spud Davis, C
    138. Nigel T – Delino DeShields, 2B
    139. gscottar – Branch Rickey, Manager
    140. kscardfan – Bake McBride, UT
    141. forsch31 – At bat
    142. jj-cf-stl – On deck
    143. bicyclemike
    144. flood21



    I always Considered McBride and Mumphrey as Lankford and Gilkey light.


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    Well, we are down to the last four selections. Two players have to fill out player slots (one position player, one pitcher), and two have yet to select a manager. It would be interesting to see what sort of team could be put together with the leftovers. I’d imagine it would be a pretty solid club, itself. The Cards have a rich history, and this has been a lot of fun to participate in.


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    There are several really good players still on the board. It would be a very good team.



    Someone should seed these teams then run some sim series.



    Or have different posters do game write ups for a single elimination tourney.



    For my last pick, I think I will go with someone who doesn’t have flashy numbers or great WAR numbers. They are the original “swiss pocket knife” (IMO) for the Cardinals. They can come off my bench and fill in wherever is needed. His knickname is: The Secret Weapon.

    141. forsch31 – Jose Oquendo, Bench.


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    142. jj-cf-stl – Miller Huggins, manager


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    Round 16

    136. mudville – David Eckstein, UT
    137. stlcard25 – Spud Davis, C
    138. Nigel T – Delino DeShields, 2B
    139. gscottar – Branch Rickey, Manager
    140. kscardfan – Bake McBride, UT
    141. forsch31 – Jose Oquendo, UT
    142. jj-cf-stl – Miller Huggins, Manager
    143. bicyclemike – At bat
    144. flood21 – On deck


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    My team needs one more pitcher, and there are two guys who are almost clones of each other. They had parallel careers, which include stints with the Cardinals of course, and were physically similar.

    Both were starters early in their careers, and had success as bullpen pitchers later. You could toss a coin and get about the same guy.

    I decided to go with the one who won an MVP and a boatload of gold gloves. He was mostly a throw-in from us on the famous Brock-Broglio deal, being near the end of a very good career. He is still with us today in his 90s. A nice way to finish up my roster.

    143. bicyclemike – Bobby Shantz, P


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    Vern Rapp or Red ?

    Going with Schoendist as Manager



    Thank you for doing this. Enjoyed it. A lot of good players left Out. Todd Worrell? Wow.

    I tried to stick with players that played a significant amount of time with the Cards. Here are just a few I thought were worth some consideration.

    LF- Bobby Tolan —–Bernard Gilkey , Jerry Mumphrey,
    SS -Jhonny Peralta
    CF- Rick Ankiel ——— Terry Moore – Jon Jay
    3B- Ken Oberkfell ——- Ken Reitz,Todd Zeile, David Freese,Fernando Tatis,
    1B- Ripper Collins ——-
    RF- Jose Cardenal———Mark Whiten,
    C- Tom Pagnozzi ——— Terry Kennedy
    2B- Kolten Wong
    P – Ray Sadecki
    P – Joe Magrane
    p – John Denny
    P -Michael Wacha
    P -Carlos Martinez ——- Todd Worrell, Ernie Broglio, Jaime Garcia ,Al Hrabosky , Ken Hill -,Dick Hughes ( 1 year wonder ) , Joe Hoerner , Harvey Haddix , Bob Tewksbury , Pete Vucovich -Jose Deleon

    Here are some that just visted–John Smoltz — Fernando Valenzuela -Mike Torrez -Bob Horner – Tom Brunansky – Tino Martinez, Will Clark,


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    That ends our draft!! Great picks, everybody!

    Round 1

    1. flood21- Bob Gibson, P
    2. bicyclemike- Stan Musial, LF
    3. jj-cf-stl- Cy Young, P
    4. forsch31- Rogers Hornsby, 2B
    5. kscardfan- Albert Pujols, 1B
    6. gscottar-Dizzy Dean, P
    7. Nigel T-Nolan Arenado, 3B
    8. stlcard25-Steve Carlton, P
    9. mudville-Yadier Molina, C

    Round 2

    10. mudville-Ozzie Smith, SS
    11. stlcard25-Scott Rolen, 3B
    12. Nigel T – Ted Simmons, C
    13. gscottar – Lou Brock, OF
    14. kscardfan – Garry Templeton, SS
    15. forsch31 – Pete Alexander, P
    16. jj-cf-stl – Ken Boyer, 3B
    17. bicyclemike – Joe Torre, 3B
    18. flood21 – Larry Walker, OF

    Round 3

    19. flood21 – Jim Edmonds, CF
    20. bicyclemike – Joe Medwick, LF
    21. jj-cf-stl – Keith Hernandez, 1B
    22. forsch31 – Johnny Mize, 1B
    23. kscardfan – Ray Lankford, CF
    24. gscottar – Willie McGee, CF
    25. Nigel T – Mark McGwire, 1B
    26. stlcard25 – Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
    27. mudville – Bruce Sutter, P

    Round 4

    28. mudville – Chris Carpenter, P
    29. stlcard25 – Frankie Frisch, 2B
    30. Nigel T – Adam Wainwright, P
    31. gscottar – Jack Clark, 1B
    32. kscardfan – Red Schoendienst, 2B
    33. forsch31 – Enos Slaughter, RF
    34. jj-cf-stl – Lance Berkman, RF
    35. bicyclemike – Mordecai Brown, P
    36. flood21 – Orlando Cepeda, 1B

    Round 5

    37. flood21 – Carlos Beltran, OF
    38. bicyclemike – Jim Bottomley, 1B
    39. jj-cf-stl – Matt Holliday, LF
    40. forsch31 – Harry Breechen, P
    41. kscardfan – Bill White, 1B
    42. gscottar – Tommy Herr, 2B
    43. Nigel T – Reggie Smith, RF
    44. stlcard25 – Dazzy Vance, P
    45. mudville – Brian Jordan, RF

    Round 6

    46. mudville – John Tudor, P
    47. stlcard25 – Dick Allen, LF
    48 Nigel T – Bobby Bonds CF
    49. gscottar- Tim McCarver C
    50. kscardfan – Vince Coleman, LF
    51.forsch31 – Curt Flood, CF
    52. jj-cf-stl – Kid Nichols, P
    53 bicyclemike – Burleigh Grimes, P
    54. flood21 – Placido Polanco, 2B

    Round 7

    55. flood21 – Dennis Eckersley, P
    56. bicyclemike – Dick Groat, SS
    57. jj-cf-stl – Gene Tenace, C
    58. forsch31 – Whitey Kurowski, 3B
    59. kscardfan – Tony Pena, C
    60. gscottar – Roger Maris, RF
    61. Nigel T – Jesse Haines, P
    62. stlcard25 – JD Drew, RF
    63. mudville – Pepper Martin, OF

    Round 8

    64. mudville – Lee Smith, P
    65. stlcard25- Andy Van Slyke, CF
    66. Nigel T – Jim Kaat P
    67. gscottar – Marty Marion, SS
    68. kscardfan – Bob Forsch, P
    69. forsch31 – Larry Jackson, P
    70. jj-cf-stl – Miller Huggins, 2B
    71. bicyclemike – Roger Bresnahan, C
    72. flood21 – Darrell Porter, C

    Round 9

    73. flood21 – Rafael Furcal, SS
    74. bicyclemike – Jose Cruz, CF
    75. jj-cf-stl – Vic Willis, P
    76. forsch31 – Al Dark, SS
    77. kscardfan – Matt Morris, P
    78. gscottar – Gary Gaetti, 3B
    79. Nigel T – Mort Cooper, P
    80. stlcard25 – Bobby Wallace, SS

    Round 10

    82. mudville – Harrison Bader, CF
    83. stlcard – Max Lanier, P
    84. Nigel T – Eric Davis LF
    85. gscottar – Curt Simmons, P
    86. kscardfan – George Hendrick, RF
    87. forsch31 – Minnie Minoso, LF
    88. jj-cf-stl – John Joseph McGraw, SS
    89. bicyclemike – Eddie Stanky, 2B
    90. flood21 – Troy Glaus, 3B

    Round 11

    91. flood21 – Lon Warneke, P
    92. bicyclemike – Slim Sallee, P
    93. jj-cf-stl – Howie Pollet, P
    94. forsch31 – Walker Cooper, C
    95. kscardfan – Joaquin Andujar, P
    96. gscottar – John Lackey, P
    97. Nigel T – Edgar Renteria, SS
    98. stlcard25 – Matt Carpenter, IF
    99. mudville – Julian Javier, 2B

    Round 12

    100.mudville – Andres Galarraga, 1B
    101. stlcard25 – Tom Henke, P
    102. Nigel T – Bobby Bonilla, UT
    103. gscottar – Pedro Guerrero, UT
    104. kscardfan – Danny Cox, P
    105. forsch31 – Lance Lynn , P
    106. jj-cf-stl – Troy Percival, P
    107. bicyclemike – Vada Pinson, OF
    108. flood21 – Jerry Reuss, P

    Round 13

    109. flood21 – Reggie Sanders, OF
    110. bicyclemike – Bob Caruthers, P
    111. jj-cf-stl – Chick Hafey, CF
    112. forsch31 – Billy Southworth, Manager
    113. kscardfan – Rick Ankiel, P
    114. gscottar – Andy Benes, P
    115. Nigel T – Gregg Jeffries, UT
    116. stlcard25 – Jesse Burkett, OF
    117. mudville – Mark Mulder, P

    Round 14

    118. mudville – Ryan Ludwick, OF
    119. stlcard25 – Jack Flaherty, P
    120. Nigel T – Mike Cuellar, P
    121. gscottar – Dan Quisenberry, P
    122. kscardfan – Mike Shannon, UT
    123. Forsch31 – Jason Isringhausen, P
    124. jj-cf-stl- Jake Beckley, UT
    125 bicyclemike – Ed Konetchy, IF
    126. flood21 – Dan Haren, P

    Round 15

    127. flood21 – Terry Pendleton, UT
    128. bicyclemike – Johnny Keane, Manager
    129. jj-cf-stl – Solly Hemus, UT
    130 forsch31 – Lonnie Smith, UT
    131. kscardfan – Joe Torre, Manager
    132. gscottar – Ron Gant, OF
    133. Nigel T- Whitey Herzog, Manager
    134. stlcard25 – Tony Larussa, Manager
    135. mudville- Mike Shildt, Manager

    Round 16

    136. mudville – David Eckstein, UT
    137. stlcard25 – Spud Davis, C
    138. Nigel T – Delino DeShields, 2B
    139. gscottar – Branch Rickey, Manager
    140. kscardfan – Bake McBride, UT
    141. forsch31 – Jose Oquendo, UT
    142. jj-cf-stl – Miller Huggins, Manager
    143. bicyclemike – Bobby Shantz, P
    144. flood21 – Red Schoendist, Manager

    Nigel T

    Paid - Three Months

    John Denny was really quite good. I think he ended up around 36 war.

    The player I came away most impressed with is Paul Dejong. He is basically a young Marty Marion with Ron Gant’s bat. I nearly picked him for both SS and finally 2nd base. I just felt he hadn’t earned this status.

    The other player who shocked me was Mean Al. I recall him being invincible. The numbers suggested otherwise. It made me question the numbers; I still think I would pick Hrobosky over any other LH reliever this side of Billy Wagner.


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    So what’s next? It’s getting late and I’ve been working on a spreadsheet off and on today that is now complete. Data, data, data. Anyway, tomorrow I will share how the playoffs will work. But for tonight, here’s a sneak peak at a few of the stats I’ve compiled for all of the drafted players:

    5880.5 WAR
    3925.8 WAR for position players
    1954.7 WAR for pitchers
    Approx 118 OPS+ and 118 ERA+
    17173 HR
    86542 Runs
    81820 RBI
    15929 Steals
    7632-5466 W-L Record
    65508 Ks
    38 combined Cy Young/MVP Awards
    173 Gold Gloves
    401 All Star appearances

    That’s a winner! See you tomorrow.


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    C- Tom Pagnozzi ——— Terry Kennedy

    The guy I was considering taking most of the time after Mort Walker was picked was Matt Wieters. We remember him the last couple years, but he was pretty good early in his career in Baltimore. 4 All Stars and 2 Gold Gloves. I ended up digging a little deeper and couldn’t pass up a guy named Spud. Ha.


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    Very cool project. Thanks for putting this together stlcard25! KS has a lot of names that that I am sure most of us mulled over a time or two.

    Another guy I looked at was Hoyt Wilhelm. But he fell a couple weeks shy of playing a full season with us so he barely missed the eligibility requirement.

    Needing a pitcher for my last spot I thought about both John Denny and the Mad Hungarian. But it came down to one of three lefties, with the third guy yet another good pitcher not listed, Bill Sherdel. And another good one I considered was righty Lindy McDaniel.

    The Cardinals have had some players!


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    A few guys from my younger Cardinal watching years that I at least thought about a little… Fernando Viña, Todd Stottylmire, Pat Hentgen.

    I have a feeling that if we do this exercise again in 5 years, Dylan Carlson will be an easy pick for someone. His trajectory looks really good for someone his age. We will see about guys like Libby, Stormin Gorman and Jordan Walker, who could be the next round of stars.

    Finally, I had to give a little nod to Oscar Taveras. Oh how I wish we had gotten to see what he could have become. Dumb, dumb decisions we make as youth and some pay a massive price.


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    The guy I was considering taking most of the time after Mort Walker was picked was Matt Wieters.

    Sorry, just saw this but I meant Walker Cooper. Had a sort of Mort Cooper, Walker Cooper amalgam going on there. Lol.


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    This was a lot of fun. A great way to get us through the lockout. There were so many interesting players that we left out too.

    David Green
    Alan Craig
    Fernando Vina
    Ted Sizemore
    Dal Maxvill
    Leo Durocher
    Tony Scott
    Joe Cunningham
    Sixto Lezcano
    Terry Moore
    David Freese
    Mark Whiten
    Dane Iorg
    Mike Tyson
    Tom Lawless
    Roger Freed
    Joe McEwing
    Bo Hart
    Rex Hudler
    Rick Wise
    Nelson Briles
    Kyle Loshe
    Ernie Broglio
    Jeff Suppan
    Paul Dean
    Ray Washburn
    Ryan Franklin
    Mark Littel
    Ken Dayley

    One guy that I almost used was Rick Sutcliffe but I couldn’t pull the trigger because he was too much of a Cub for me.


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    Round 9, pick 81 is missing from your draft ending master list.

    81. Mudville – Tyler O’Neill


    Paid - Annual

    Round 9, pick 81 is missing from your draft ending master list.

    81. Mudville – Tyler O’Neill

    I know what happened there. The site does not like to let you scroll highlight for copy and paste on mobile. The end of Round 9 is as far as it would let me go and still copy the text. Must be just before the end of round 9 was the actual cutoff. TON is in all the other places I have the picks catalogued.


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    Not nitpicking, you’re doing a wonderful job.

    Nigel T

    Paid - Three Months

    The guy who was really better than you thought was Ron Fairly. I only remember him as a lefty pinch hitter like Rusty Staub. In reality his totals were like Staub. He would have been a real UT steal late.


    Paid - Annual

    btw commish, your 10 position players are tops in bWAR/162 (games), of all rosters. You edged me by 45.7 vs 45.6

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