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    I like Freeman when he was with the club, and felt it was a mistake letting him go. It has not turned out to make much of a difference. Hopefully he catches on somewhere in 2021.



    I was listening to MLB radio on XM today and they were discussing the Arozarena trade. Eduardo Perez said that he talked to the Rays GM shortly after the trade and asked why they would trade Liberatore. The response was that the Rays thought so much of Arozarena, they wanted him. They felt he would be a star in the MLB.

    I think that pretty much sums up why the Cardinals traded Arozarena instead of another young OFer in the trade. There was almost no one who complained about the trade at the time it was made.

    Avatarshakenbake McBride


    Arozarena sets rookie mark with 7th HR…great trade eh.


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    Eduardo Perez’ comment sure makes the Rays front office seem brilliant because there isn’t another GM anywhere that wouldn’t have made that trade at the time.

    Something is not making sense here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1,101 through 1,104 (of 1,104 total)
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