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    JJ –

    1.) In 2018 at Springfield, Edman’s OBP was .350. When he was promoted to Memphis that season, it was .382. At Memphis in 2019, during the first part of the season his OBP was .356. After he was promoted to the Cardinals it was .350. I wouldn’t put too much stock in 2020 because of the late start, all the double headers and moving around to different positions.

    2.) Here’s Dylan Carlson’s OBP at every level –

    A – .345
    A+ – .345
    AA – .364
    AAA – .418


    Paid - Annual

    We could clean up in the Pacific Coast League.



    blingboy –

    Should we throw all the minor league performances of the players out the window, as meaningless? That’s not what the Cardinals do, especially at the AA and AAA levels. The players know it’s how they get promoted at the upper levels. That makes it a decent indication.

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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