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    70- Puello
    71- Walsh
    72- Portillo
    73- Pacheco
    74- Soto
    75- Enmanuel Solano


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    My picks:

    70. Diego Cordero. Hope we get to see him this year; it should be interesting to see who takes a step forward.

    71. Jose Davilas. Should start in the GCL, and he was throwing 91 as a 16 year old. He’s my sleeper pick to break out next year and be on the rise from this group.

    72. Jake Walsh.

    73. Austin Warner. A small lefty who made his way to Memphis already, he will have to show he’s mastered it before he’d get the call to St Louis. A long shot, but would be a fun story.

    74. Terry Fuller. Admittedly just a bet on a big power bat here, he sort of disappeared after drafted. He will need to show he’s got anything left this year but if it clicks, there’s lots of potential.

    75. Joerlin De Los Santos. A big 2018 (.959 OPS) led to a not good at all 2019 (.432 OPS). The truth may lie somewhere in the middle. He’s a player who will probably be in the GCL in 2021, but would really have benefitted from having the Johnson City-State College route as an option at 20 years old.


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    70- Donivan Williams
    71- Nick Dunn
    72- Leandro Cedeno
    73- Kyle Leahy
    74- Conner Jones
    75- Nick Plummer


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    Ok, so the snow has frozen my brain I guess. My #75 has already been accounted for, so my new #75 is Scott Hurst.


    #70 – NHereida

    #71 – GJRodriguez

    #72 – Dunn

    #73 – Machado

    #74 – Puello

    #75 – Dalatri


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    This is the last day for voting, so get your final tallies in!! The polls close at 6 ET/5 CT tonight!


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    Voting has closed! The final tally:

    70. Nathaneal Heredia
    71. Jake Walsh
    72. Diego Cordero
    73. Nick Dunn
    74. Jake Burns
    75. Gianluca Dalatri

    This closes voting for the year. Thanks for voting, everyone!!

    Brian Walton

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    Great job everyone, with special thanks to stlcard25 for keeping the trains running on time. Also to bccran for taking the first leap into the water.

    In the next day or two, I will move this thread to the pinned area at the top of the board. The 2020 thread will be unpinned at the same time – but the link to it has been added to the first post of this thread for easy future access.


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    Yes, thanks to bccran for getting us started and to stl25 for bringing it home.

    stl25, your scheduling and organizational skills were top notch.


    I appreciate their efforts also. The prospect ranking is always great fun and it got me to revisit the info and data from ’19… especially for the guys that sat out for the whole season.

    Nice going Stl-25 and bccran.


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    Here is the final ranking for the year, for anyone who doesn’t want to go back to page 1:

    1 3B Nolan Gorman
    2 LHP Matthew Liberatore
    3 C Ivan Herrera
    4 LHP Zack Thompson
    5 3B Elehuris Montero
    6 3B Jordan Walker
    7 C Andrew Knizner
    8 RHP Johan Oviedo
    9 SS/P Masyn Winn
    10 RHP Angel Rondon
    11 CF Trejyn Fletcher
    12 OF Jhon Torres
    13 RHP Tink Hence
    14 3B Malcom Nunez
    15 RHP Kodi Whitley
    16 RHP Junior Fernandez
    17 RHP Jake Woodford
    18 SS Edmundo Sosa
    19 RHP Tony Locey
    20 SS Mateo Gil
    21 1B Luken Baker
    22 RHP Ian Bedell
    23 OF Justin Williams
    24 OF Alec Burleson
    25 C Julio Rodriguez
    26 RHP Edwin Nunez
    27 OF Patrick Romeri
    28 RHP Andre Pallante
    29 RHP Griffin Roberts
    30 RHP Seth Elledge
    31 RHP Jack Ralston
    32 CF Justin Toerner
    33 RHP Alvaro Seijas
    34 1B Juan Yepez
    35 RHP Ludwin Jimenez
    36 C Pedro Pages
    37 C Edgardo Rodriguez
    38 LHP Levi Prater
    39 RHP Alex FaGalde
    40 RHP Logan Gragg
    41 SS Delvin Perez
    42 3B Evan Mendoza
    43 1B Chandler Redmond
    44 RHP Tommy Parsons
    45 OF LJ Jones IV
    46 LHP Evan Krucynski
    47 RHP Edgar Escobar
    48 1B John Nogowski
    49 2B Kramer Robertson
    50 OF Lars Nootbar
    51 2B Brendan Donovan
    52 1B Brady Whalen
    53 C Dennis Ortega
    54 RHP Anthony Shew
    55 OF Conner Capel
    56 LHP Steven Gingery
    57 RHP Michael YaSenka
    58 RHP Angel Cuenca
    59 LHP Garrett Williams
    60 C Tyler Reichenborn
    61 CF Darlin Moquete
    62 SS Jeremy Rivas
    63 CF Joerlin De Los Santos
    64 RHP Tyler Statler
    65 RHP Francisco Justo
    66 RHP Connor Lunn
    67 3B Jacob Buchberger
    68 2B Irving Lopez
    69 OF David Vinsky
    70 LHP Nathanael Heredia
    71 RHP Jake Walsh
    72 LHP Diego Cordero
    73 2B Nick Dunn
    74 C Jake Burns
    75 RHP Gianluca Dalatri


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    Thank you for 25 and Bcran for running this annual prospect voting. I really look forward to it every year. Good to see other posters thoughts, and going to 75 prospects makes a person work a little harder trying to dig up diamonds in the rough. And the 2020 ratings were particularly difficult with very little live action. Cheers to a 2021 full of baseball going back to as close to normal as possible.


    Great job, 25. Very well done.


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    Thanks, bc, and thanks for getting us rolling.


    Thanks 25 Great Job. Enjoyed the ride! I think there some outfield sleepers down in the list. Let’s hope so.


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    The curse of The Wizard lives on! There are only 2.5 middle infielders in the top 40 with Edmundo Sosa (#18)and Mateo Gil (#20) being the 2, and Mason Winn (#9) being the .5.


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    Good eye there, mud. Although there’s a shot that Perez and/or Rivas could move up with solid 2021 seasons. 2B is even thinner than SS, with no real hopes that any of them will be big league starting caliber. A backup may be the best we can do.


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    I sure hope Rivas turns out to be something that generates some excitement. It would be miraculous if Delvin Perez could turn it around, but short of a miracle, there’s not really a reason to expect it. John ‘We’re not the morality police’ Mozeliak should never have drafted this kid after it was determined that he was using steroids to supercharge his performance.



    Brian Walton

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    Some serious 20-20 hindsight there on Delvin being drafted. Most people I recall were delighted a player of his reported talent level dropped to the Cardinals.

    Unfortunately, that was long enough ago, it was on our old message board, so the record no longer exists of what you all said at the time.

    The first year, 2017, Perez was ranked the overall #3 prospect in the system. (The community vote was no. 4.)

    Here is what this community said in 2018, after his first rough year.

    Message board community (20): After finishing at #4 last year, Delvin Perez checked in at #20 during the community vote, which is quite the hit in prospect status for the former first rounder. Desmetlax12 and I put him much higher during the vote, picking him with our seventh picks in the vote, which was higher than anyone else.

    Bccran said that Perez is a human string bean who has a ton of filling out to do. He went even further saying that he would put both Tommy Edman and Kramer Robertson ahead of Perez on a prospect list. Mudville said that he sure hopes Perez can rebound next year. Responding to that, I said that I voted for Perez so high still as I believe he has the most potential of our position players even if it didn’t show during the season. Brianpnoonan said that he just hopes Perez has his head in the right place because he isn’t showing anything yet. It is a far cry from last year when hoyaheel thought that scouting director Randy Flores saw Perez as having Francisco Lindor/Carlos Correa upside. – Jeremy Byrd


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    Perez really just has this coming year to sink or swim as far as his status with the Cards is concerned. Hopefully he used his 2020 wisely and added some good weight. His glove has enough potential to carry him to the majors if he can hit with any authority at all. I’d like to see Delvin hit a few homers with more doubles and triples next year. He did finish his 2019 stronger, and will need to keep that up at Palm Beach or Peoria.


    I went the opposite way of the 20/20 hind-sighters. I didn’t like the pick because of the then already tilt towards immaturity. I considered that selection a long-shot stab. Perez has now shown some signs of what his talent can do for his future.

    If he can put together a 2021 that shows something close to his potential, he’ll continue on in this organization and the Cardinals are the one team he’ll have the best opportunity since we have a history of giving #1 picks the benefit of the doubt. Plus we need middle infielders throughout the system.

    I was the first of the community’s voters to select him in the 35-39 round. I think that he has plenty of room to show improvement has a lot of motivation because he must know that without being a baseball talent he will be just another guy looking to make a living elsewhere. Let’s see what he looks like coming out of 2020.


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    I was looking at where Quezada and Sanchez plug into our top 50. With Gil and Locey being traded, and Brian and Matt rating them at #19 and #22 respectively. Our community voted Locey at #19 as well, with Gil coming in at #20. Seems logical to put Sanchez at #19, and Quezada at #22 for now, and see how their springs go.


    I was wondering when the Gil/Locey situation would addressed.


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    I would think that Brian would address them in the first rankings of the coming year. Seems like Sanchez might be ranked higher than Quezada, who would be around the Seth Elledge area (30ish) for me.

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