St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix – 2022 Regular Season

NOTE: As of 6/6/22, this version of the roster matrix is no longer current. It reflects changes during 2022 opening day until the start of short-season ball. It should now be considered a historical reference document. For the active roster matrix during the 2022 short season, click here.

This newest Roster Matrix, covering St. Louis Cardinals and the minor league system, is refreshed with the regular season team assignments for St. Louis and its four full-season affiliates.

For reference, the previous matrix outlined all organizational transactions during 2022 spring training.

A refresher

If you are new to The Cardinal Nation and not familiar with the Cardinals organization roster matrix, here is quick summary:

As the 2022 season opened, the St. Louis Cardinals had 254 players under contract from top to bottom, including a temporarily over-full 40-man roster (41). The 40-man members are called out in bold.

The matrix places each of the 254 by position at his assigned level in the system as well as by position.

Note that in 2022, Triple-A and Double-A rosters can be up to 28 active players, while the Class-A teams can carry as many as 30. Up to five additional players can be sourced from Triple-A (for a maximum of 33) to serve as the big league team’s Taxi Squad while they travel on the road. Unless/until they are activated, the taxi squadders do not count against either the MLB or Triple-A team’s 28-man limit.

The matrix is updated whenever transactions occur.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization plus a decade of history.

(Do not be concerned about the order of the players’ names within position. It has no relative significance.)

Looking ahead and back

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While you are using that menu, note TCN’s full rosters and player pages for every level and every player in the Cardinals system. These rosters remain in sync with the Roster Matrix and carry biographical information on all players.

St. Louis Cardinals
Memphis Redbirds
Springfield Cardinals
Peoria Chiefs
Palm Beach Cardinals
Florida Complex League Cardinals
Dominican Summer League Cardinals
International players signed for 2022

Note that the Cardinals are dropping from two Dominican Summer League teams to one for 2022. As a result, the former DSL Red and Blue rosters have been combined.

For details behind prior years’ rosters and transactions (back to 2009), check out the earlier versions of the Cardinals organization Roster Matrix, via the following link.

Link to previous matrices


4/7: New organization total: 254 players. 41 on 40-man roster.

4/7: Mem LHR Brandon Waddell outrighted. 40-man roster at 40.

4/8: Players opening the season on the IL.

  • StL: RHR Alex Reyes (60-day),  RHS Jack Flaherty.
  • Mem: Ljay Newsome (60-day).
  • Spr: RHPs Griffin Robers and Edgar Gonzalez (both 60-day), Cs Nick Raposo and Aaron McKeithen.
  • Peo: LHP Ian Bedell, RHP Jack Ralston and OF Jhon Torres.
  • PB: RHP Angel Cuenca and 1B Brady Whalen.

4/10: PB OF Patrick Romeri to 7-day IL.

4/12: Mem RHR Jacob Bosiokovic to 7-day IL.

4/13: PB IF Ramon Mendoza to 7-day IL. IF Brandon Hernandez from Complex to PB.

4/16: FCL RHP Luis Tena released. New organization total: 253 players.

4/17: PB RHS Gustavo Rodriguez to 7-day IL. RHP Bryan Pope from Complex to PB.

4/22: StL RHR Drew VerHagen to 10-day IL. LHR Packy Naughton from Mem to StL.

4/25: OF Lars Nootbaar from StL to Mem. IF Brendan Donovan from Mem to StL. PB IF Ramon Mendoza off 7-day IL.

4/30: OF Chase Pinder to Spr 7-day IL. C Nick Raposo off Spr 7-day IL.

5/1: PB IF Franklin Soto released. New organization total: 252 players.

5/2: StL RHR Aaron Brooks designated for assignment. LHR Packy Naughton from StL to Mem.

5/2: PB 1B Brady Whalen and RHP Gustavo Rodriguez off 7-day IL. RHP Edwin Nunez from EST to PB. LHP Nelfri Contreras, RHP Andrew Marrero, C Roblin Heredia and OF Elijah Cabell from PB to EST.

5/3: StL LHS Steven Matz to bereavement list. LHR Packy Naughton from Mem to StL. StL IF Edmundo Sosa to COVID IL.1B Juan Yepez from Mem to StL.  C Aaron McKeithan off Spr IL to PB.

5/5: RHP Aaron Brooks cleared waivers and outrighted to Mem.

5/6: StL RHS Adam Wainwright to COVID IL. StL LHS Steven Matz off bereavement list.

5/9: Peo IF Jacob Buchberger to 7-day IL. Spr OF Chase Pinder off 7-day IL. Spr LHS Garrett Williams to 7-day IL.

5/10: PB OF Patrick Romero oiff 7-day IL. OF Trejyn Fletcher from EST to PB. OFs Hansel Otamendi, Adanson Cruz from PB to EST. StL SS Paul DeJong to Mem. Mem SS Kramer Robertson to 40-man roster, to StL. RHR Jacpb Bosiokovic off Mem 7-day IL. 40-man roster is full.

5/11: RHR Jake Walsh from Mem to StL. RHR Kodi Whitley from StL to Mem.

5/12: StL SS Edmundo Sosa off COVID IL. IF Kramer Robertson from StL to Mem.

5/14: StL Drew VerHagen off 10-day IL. LHP Packy Naughton from StL to Mem.

5/15: StL RHS Adam Wainwright off COVID IL. RHR Jake Woodford from StL to Mem.

5/16: RHR Gianluca Dalatri from PB to Peo. PB OF Patrick Romeri to 7-day IL. OF Ryan Holgate from PB to EST. OFs Elijab Cabell, Joshua Baez from EST to PB.

5/17: RHR Cory Thompson to Spr 7-day IL. RHR Ryan Loutos from Peo to Spr.

5/18: IF Roberto Baldoquin, OF Chase Pinder to Spr 7-day IL. OF Joshua Baez to PB 7-day IL. OF Adanson Cruz, RHP Tink Hence from Complex to PB. DSL RHP Roberto Batista, OF Robelyn Lopez released. New organization total: 250 players.

5/19: 2B Nolan Gorman from Mem to StL, to 40-man roster.  StL Of Tyler O’Neill to 10-day IL. StL RHS Jack Flaherty from 10-day to 60-day IL.

5/20: PB OFs Elijah Cabell, Trejyn Fletcher to 7-day IL. OF Darlin Moquete, 2B Albert Inoa from Complex to PB. Peo 3B Jacob Buchberger off 7-day IL. DSL RHP Victor Herrera released. New organization total: 249 players.

5/21: LHS Mattbew Liberatore from Mem to StL, to 40-man roster. RHR Jake Walsh from StL to Mem. Mem RHP T.J, Zeuch designated for assignment. 2B Irving Lopez from Spr to Mem. 40-man roster remains full.

5/22: LHS Matthew Liberatore from StL to Mem. RHR Angel Rondon from Mem to StL. Peo OF LJ Jones to 7-day IL.

5/23: StL LHS Steven Matz to 15-day IL. StL OF Dylan Carlson to 10-day IL. RHR Angel Rondon from StL to Mem. LHR Matthew Liberatore, RHR Junior Fernandez, OF Lars Nootbaar from Mem to StL. StL C Yadier Molina to Bereavement List. C Ivan Herrera from Mem to StL. OF Justin Toerner from Mem to Spr. SS Masyn Winn, RHPs Michael McGreevy, Gordon Graceffo from Peo to Spr. OF Todd Lott from Spr to Peo. Spr LHR Kevin Marnon released. IF Ramon Mendoza, RHPs Zane Mills, Andre Granillo from PB to Peo. OF Matt Chamberlain from Peo to PB. C Jake Burns, LHP Nelfri Contreras, RHP Andrew Marrero from Complex to PB. RHR Edwin Nunez from PB to Complex. New organization total: 248 players.

5/24: RHS Connor Lunn to Spr 7-day IL.

5/26: StL C Yadier Molina off Bereavement List. C Ivan Herrera from StL to Mem. StL RHS Jordan Hicks to 15-day IL. RHP Jake Woodford from Mem to StL. RHR Junior Fernandez from StL to Mem. RHR Kodi Whitley from Mem to StL. Mem RHP T.J. Zeuch released. Spr LHP Garrett Williams off 7-day IL. DSL LHP Hemerson Cordero released. New organization total: 246 players.

5/28: Peo C Zade Richarson to 7-day IL. 1B-C Luis C Rodriguez from PB to Peo. GCL RHP Sebastian Tabata released. New organization total: 245 players.

5/29: Peo OF L.J. Jones off 7-day IL.

5/30: LHP Packy Naughton from Mem to StL. RHP Jake Woodford from StL to Mem. OF Jhon Torres off Peo IL to PB. OF Tyler Reichenborn from PB to Peo. OF Ryan Holgate from Complex to PB. RHR Ludwin Jimenez from PB to Complex.

6/3: RHP Johan Oviedo from Mem to StL. LHP Zack Thompson to 40-man, Mem to StL. IF Kramer Robertson designated for assignment. RHR Kodi Whitley, LHS Matthew Liberatore from StL to Mem. PB OF Ryan Holgate to 7-day IL. SS Maycol Justo from Complex to DSL. IFs Samil De La Rosa, Raul Guzman, Francis Reynoso from DSL to Complex. DSL RHP Juan Peralta released. New organization total: 244 players. 40-man roster remains full.

6/4: Spr LHR Sean Kealey to 7-day IL.

6/5: StL OF Corey Dickerson to 10-day IL. RHR Jake Walsh from Mem to StL. Mem IF Kramer Robertson claimed off waivers by Atlanta. DSL RHPs Antoni Cuello, William Reyes and Jose Suriel to 60-day IL. DSL OF Christian Avendano released. New organization total: 242 players.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (effective 6/5/22)

St. Louis (26+7) 40-man (40+2)
Flaherty (60 IL) Cabrera (L) Y Molina  Goldschmidt Edman Sosa Arenado O’Neill (10 IL)
Wainwright  Wittgren Knizner  Pujols Donovan Bader
Mikolas Pallante Yepez Gorman Carlson (10 IL)
D Hudson Helsley Dickerson (10 IL)
Matz (L 15 IL) A Reyes (60 IL) Nootbaar
Hicks (15 IL) G Gallegos
Oviedo McFarland (L)
Z Thompson (L) VerHagen
Naughton (L)
Memphis (26+1)
C Thomas (L) Waddell (L) C Coulter L Baker I Lopez E Mendoza Spangenberg Hurst
Brooks Bosiokovic A Sanchez DeJong Capel
Liberatore (L) Whitley I Herrera Burleson
Woodford A Rondon DeLuzio
Ju Fernandez
Newsome (60 IL)
Ryan (L)
Springfield (26+7)
Lunn (7 IL) Brettell Ju Rodriguez M Nunez Dunn Del Perez Walker Toerner
Roach Quezada Raposo Redmond Baldoquin (7 IL) Pinder (7 IL)
Leahy Roberts (60 IL) Pages Winn Koperniak
Robles (L) Pike (L) M Gomez
G Williams (L) E Gonzalez (60 IL) J Davis
Escobar C Thompson (7 IL)
McGreevy Loutos
Graceffo Kealey (L 7 IL)
Peoria (29+3)
Mills Solano Antonini Francisco Chambers F Hernandez Jew
Beller (L) Ralston (7 IL) C Soto LC Rodriguez Buchberger Lott
D Rodriguez L Taveras Richardson Mendlinger Reichenborn
Love Schmid (L) R Mendoza Antico
Gragg Dalatri LJ Jones
Bedell (7 IL) N Heredia (L)
Prater (L)
Palm Beach (29+6)
Paniagua Cuenca (7 IL) Stauss Whalen Inoa Rivas Tovalin Romeri (7 IL)
Pope R Garcia Burns Mora B Hernandez Baez (7 IL)
T Baker Heinecke (L) McKeithan Fletcher (7 IL)
Hence N Contreras (L) Torres
Gerard (L) Guarate Cabell (7 IL)
Marrero A Cruz
Cornwell (L) Moquete
GJ Rodriguez Chamberlain
J Moreno Holgate (7 IL)
EST/Complex (42)
P P (from DSL) C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Willis Arias R Heredia Orecchia Grant S De La Rosa R Cabrera
Richard Rincon E Rodriguez F Diaz Bolivar  R Guzman Otamendi
Giulianelli Clemente J Zapata F Reynoso Espinoza J Ramos
B Ramirez Bernal Pino
Davila Y Dominguez Velasquez F Taveras
Holba D Guerrero (L) Linarez Cho
O Sanchez (L) Calderon Cordoba
E Nunez W Ortega
Villanueva Lugo
Ruiz (L) Cervantes
L Jimenez
2021 FCL Unknown (1)
DSL (27+2)
P (2020/prior) P (1st year 2021) C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
H Gomez Beltre (L) Loaiza M Perez Suarez
Miranda Cuello (60 IL) J Guerrero A Encarnacion Rombley
O Lopez F Guzman M Hernandez Y Guerrero M Vargas
W Reyes (60 IL) M Martinez E Reynoso Carmona
B Lopez J Salas
E Contreras
Int’l sign 2022 (11+1)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Y Herrera (L) Sequera L Rodriguez Batista Y Ramos
Chirinos Suriel (60 IL) Mejia Y Pena
D Dominguez Ynfante


(IL): injured list
(TI): temporarily inactive list
(BL): bereavement list
(PL): paternity leave
(RL): restricted list
(L): left-handed pitcher
bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster
(#+#): for teams, the number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (IL+TI+PL+RL) players

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