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    31. Luis Pino – Kind of a bet on the Cardinals scouting department as he grabbed an 800K signing bonus. Excelled as a member of the the Cuban Jr National Team. 30% K rate in the DSL won’t play, but still managed a 122 wRC+ as a 17 year old in his first taste of pro ball. I’ll be interested to see if he starts off in the FCL this year. If so, he could struggle again as the age and experience in the FCL has increased with the loss of the Appy and NY-PENN Leagues. Overall, Cuban outfielders developed by the Cardinals have done well, albeit with other teams (still too soon?).

    32. Jeremy Rivas – This spot is actually three names and I’ll just retroactively edit and take credit for whichever super young international SS ends up succeeding between Rivas, Adari Grant, and Jonathan Mejia(when/if he signs). Seriously though, thanks to COVID never took a pitch in the DSL and started in the FCL with a respectable .271, which worked out to a wRC+ 87, as an 18 year old while playing a solid SS. Hit for 0 power so that will need to improve for him to rise in the prospect rankings, but a good young prospect to have in the system.

    33. Dionys Rodriguez – Tough assignment to go from DSL in 2019 to full season ball in 2021 due to the COVID year. Earned a rotation spot by mid season and looked pretty promising. 3.36 ERA with a 3.37/3.81 FIP/xFIP. He’s 20 years old and throws mid-90’s, touching 97 in some starts. He also has a good SL and an above average cutter to mix in. I think he has a CU but he doesn’t throw it much. Very good value to have in the 30’s in your organization and could break out in Peoria this year. I’m excited to keep an eye on this kid this year. He needs to develop his CU to remain a starter, but he’s fun to watch and I hope he remains a starter this next year, hopefully in AA.

    34. Jack Ralston – I like Ralston as a prospect, more so than #34 but this is where he fell out. I’ve read that a lot of people think he’s a reliever long term, but pitched well in the rotation for Peoria. Walks at 4.84/9 were a little elevated, but a 13.57 K/9 looks good. 3.49/3.19/3.60 ERA/FIP/xFIP are all very good numbers in a down year for Cardinals pitching. A really funky delivery (somehow the ball goes from his knee to a straight over the top delivery, like a windmill) makes his low 90’s FB play up. Has a very good CB

    35. Jose Davila – Good season in the Complex league. 3.77 ERA with FIP and xFIP of 4.26 & 4.80. Promoted to High A for the end of the year so somebody seemed to like what they saw. Throws mid-90s with good spin for a young guy and has a solid CB. If he continues to develop then a breakout for 2022 looks promising.


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    33. Jack Ralston. I admit that he’s a little old for his league but he did strike out 101 in 67 IP.

    STLCard25. If it makes you feel better he was exactly league average for age in Peoria. (-0.3 years off average to be exact.)



    #31 – Dionys Rodriguez – (see mudville note)
    #32 – Tre Fletcher – Waffled on this pick but he has great potential. Needs to have a good year!
    #33 – Julio E. Rodriguez – Injured for more than 2 months and didn’t perform well when he came back
    #34 – Luis Pino – Promising young OF
    #35 – Jeremy Rivas – Look for him to move up this season


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    31 – Dionys Rodriguez, RHP
    32 – Jack Ralston, RHP
    33 – Tre Fletcher, CF
    34 – Andre Granillo, RHP
    35 – Jeremy Rivas, SS


    #31. Redmond
    #32. Ralston
    #33. Capel
    #34. Rivas
    #35. DRodriguez

    Nigel T

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    Chandler Redmond -plays five positions, hits with power and now finds himself in position to size third base at Memphis with Nunez likely to repeat AA.
    Julio Rodriguez-battles the weight a little, but injuries slowed him down last year. He could put up Herrera-type numbers repeating AA.
    Conner Capel-has a solid approach and looks the part, but the power will have to develop to become a viable starter.
    Carlos Soto. Slick behind the plate and always plays above his level in the winter. If the bat develops, he will be MLB bound.
    Brady Whalen If he could just put on the Delvin Perez mythological 25 pounds of muscle, he would skyrocket. Switch hitter drafted as a 6’4″ shortstop his hit tool really started to develop before Covid and injuries derailed him.


    31.) Leonard V. Jones – great all around athlete. Was hurt much of the time at Long Beach State. Just starting to come into his own and display his high ceiling.

    32.) Jack Ralston – In 2019 he was 11-1 for UCLA with an ERA of 2.66 and a WHIP of 1.10. At Peoria, In 2021 he pitched 67 innings and only gave up 41 hits. Struck out 101 (wow). Putting this tall (6′ 6″) right hander in the prospect #31-35 category seems low.

    33.) Wilfredo Pereira – Had a very good year when pitching wasn’t our strength in the minors this season. Only gave up 76 hit in 97 innings pitched at Peoria. Struck out 115. Very nice.

    34. Jeremy Rivas – already covered by other posters.

    35.) Dionys Rodriguez – already covered by other posters.


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    31 – Jack Ralston
    32 – Chandler Redmond
    33 – Conner Capel
    34 – Tre Fletcher
    35 – Mike Antico


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    Nigel T

    Carlos Soto. Slick behind the plate and always plays above his level in the winter. If the bat develops, he will be MLB bound.

    I had kind of forgot about Soto. He had a 109 wRC+ at A-ball this year and is still only 22. Great eye too.

    Bob Cobb

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    31 – Capel
    32 – Redmond
    33 – Ralston
    34 – Soto
    35 – Prater


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    With a few hours left in the voting, we have a few voters yet to trickle in. Still, the breadth of choice is pretty cool…22 different players have gotten a vote in this round. Interestingly, two guys who got votes in #26-30 did not get votes in this round. One was passed over by a last round voter. We still have til 8 PM EST, so get your votes in! Your choices can still make a difference.


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    No one else stopped by, so we are closing out the vote for this round. Here are the results for #31-35:

    31. RHP Jack Ralston
    32. 1B/OF Chandler Redmond
    33. OF Conner Capel
    34. RHP Dionys Rodriguez
    35. SS Jeremy Rivas

    Voting for #36-40 is now OPEN. Voting will end at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST on December 11th.


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    Here’s a summary of the top 35 (age in 2022):

    1. 2B/3B Nolan Gorman (22)
    2. 3B Jordan Walker (20)
    3. LHP Matthew Liberatore (22)
    4. 1B/OF Juan Yepez (24)
    5. SS/RHP Masyn Winn (20)
    6. C Ivan Herrera (22)
    7. OF Alec Burleson (23)
    8. OF Lars Nootbaar (24)
    9. LHP Zack Thompson (24)
    10. RHP Michael McGreevy (21)
    11. 2B/3B Brendan Donovan (25)
    12. OF Joshua Baez (19)
    13. RHP Andre Pallante (23)
    14. RHP Angel Rondon (24)
    15. 3B Malcom Nunez (21)
    16. RHP Tink Hence (19)
    17. 1B/DH Luken Baker (25)
    18. LHP Connor Thomas (24)
    19. SS Delvin Perez (23)
    20. RHP Alec Willis (19)
    21. RHP Jake Walsh (26)
    22. RHP Austin Love (23)
    23. RHP Freddy Pacheco (24)
    24. RHP Gordon Graceffo (22)
    25. OF Ryan Holgate (22)
    26. OF Jhon Torres (22)
    27. OF Matt Koperniak (24)
    28. RHP Ian Bedell (22)
    29. OF Patrick Romeri (21)
    30. RHP Edwin Nunez (20)
    31. RHP Jack Ralston (24)
    32. 1B/OF Chandler Redmond (25)
    33. OF Conner Capel (25)
    34. RHP Dionys Rodriguez (21)
    35. SS Jeremy Rivas (19)


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    36. Levi Prater “I know I’m biased,” Johnson said. “I think he’s better than a lot of the guys who went ahead of him. I think the St. Louis Cardinals stole a guy. He’s that good. I really believe that. If I had to win a game on my career, I would want him to pitch in it. I know he’s going to give you everything he’s got. He ain’t going to hold back. He ain’t going to be afraid to throw it in there.”

    37. Benjamin Arias Just turned 19 years old on November 5..
    2021 DSL ERA 1.94 and SO/9 10.7. Much improved over
    his 20219 season.

    38. LJ Jones IV 2021 was his first year of professional
    ball. Got better as the season went along.

    39. Logan Gragg

    40. Zane Mills Looks like he was held to 1 inning pitched
    per game in 2021. Now that the draft has been moved
    into July, the weeks following the draft are about
    conditioning rather than competition.


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    36 Antico, can’t wait to see him play in Peoria.
    37 Sanchez, who likely would be most MLB teams backup catcher, or be a cheap starting option.
    38 Taveras, who put up very numbers for the DSL Red team.
    39 Gragg, who improved at the end his Peoria season, and I like his size, which give him a chance to increase velocity. Fairly lightly pitched in college.
    40 Davila, who struggled at Palm Beach, but pitched well after that in the Complex league. Signed in 2019, but 2021 was his first professional action. 3 potential plus pitches, including a mid 90s fastball. Just turned 19 years old.


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    36. Julio Rodriguez
    37. Granillo
    38. Fletcher
    39. Mills
    40. Jr Fernandez
    If he is still eligible,
    If he isn’t, Levi Prater
    @ 40.


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    Junior Fernandez…not eligible. He’s over 1 year of service time.



    36. Soto
    37. Prater
    38. Robertson
    39. Antico
    40. Warner


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    #36 ~ Jacob Buchberger – At Palm Beach, he hit .308 with an OPS of .810 and a wRC+ of 126 before the call up to Peoria. It looked to me that he was pressing a little bit to show he belonged and struggled. He is listed as a 3B, but I think he will stick at 2B. He played 16 games in the four weeks at Peoria committing no errors. Very athletic player with power potential.

    #37 ~ Wilfredo Pereira – 3.33 ERA in 97.1 IP and 29 games at High A Peoria.

    #38 ~ Connor Lunn – 3.96 ERA in 120.1 IP and 24 games at High A Peoria.

    #39 ~ Ali Sanchez – Hit .275 with an OPS of .685 for Triple A Memphis

    #40 ~ Pedro Pages – Hit .249 and an OPS of .723 at High A Peoria.


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    36. Tre Fletcher
    37. Brady Whalen
    38. Julio Rodriguez
    39. Todd Lott
    40. Ali Sanchez


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    #36 – Carlos Soto, CA
    #37 – Tre Fletcher, CF
    #38 – Andre Granillo, RHP
    #39 – Logan Gragg, RHP
    #40 – Jose Davila, RHP



    #36 – Tre Fletcher
    #37 – Julio E. Rodriguez
    #38 – Luis Pino
    #39 – Edgar Escobar
    #40 – Pedro Pages


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    #36 – Tre Fletcher
    #37 – Mike Antico
    #38 – Levi Prater
    #39 – Zane Mills
    #40 – Kramer Robertson


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    My votes:

    36. Logan Gragg. His stuff works, should be a candidate for Springfield next year.

    37. Zane Mills. Our 4th rounder has slipped quite a bit here but I think his low 90s fastball, control and off speed stuff should present him an opportunity to move quickly through the system. You could see him being a Zac Gallen type in a few years.

    38. Mike Antico. He’s in the Justin Toerner mold of scrappy CFer you want to root for. He had a pretty solid debut but we will see when the Cards challenge him in 2022.

    39. Levi Prater. Last year’s third rounder…he was a strikeout machine at times, but walked way too many. Still, a guy with a 31.2% K rate has a shot to keep getting chances.

    40. Pedro Pages. I waffled on him vs Ali Sanchez and although Ali is already at the big league level, I think his absolute ceiling is backup C. Pages has a shot, albeit not a great one, to be better. So he gets the slight edge. An above average hitter at both stops so far, he can hit decently.

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