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    The tiebreaker is strength of vote. So there were two tied, and both got one vote at #52. Davila had a vote at #53 as well, and the other guy didn’t. Hence he got the edge.



    #56 – Darlin Moquete
    #57 – Thomas Francisco
    #58 – Justin Toerner
    #59 – Austin Warner
    #60 – Evan Mendoza
    #61 – Oswaldo Towalin
    #62 – Alfredo Ruiz
    #63 – Noah Mendlinger
    #64 – Nathanael Heredia
    #65 – Samil De La Rosa


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    56- Austin Warner
    57- Darlin Moquete
    58- Evan Mendoza
    59- Ramon Santos
    60- Angel Cuenca
    61- Johan Quezada
    62- Leando Cedeno
    63- Joerlin De Los Santos
    64- Jesus Cruz
    65- Nick Trogrlic-Iverson


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    56 F Taveras
    57 L Taveras
    58 Francisco
    59 Quezada
    60 Boskiovic
    61 Solano
    62 Heredia
    63 Ruiz
    64 Omar Sanchez
    65 Diorys Guerrero




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    #56 ~ Dunn
    #57 ~ Mendoza
    #58 ~ Cuenca
    #59 ~ Francisco
    #60 ~ Trogrlic-Iverson
    #61 ~ Toerner
    #62 ~ Quezada
    #63 ~ Santos
    #64 ~ Warner
    #65 ~ Heredia


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    A reminder that voting ends tonight! So get yours in while you can.

    My picks:

    56. Osvaldo Tovalin
    57. Alfredo Ruiz
    58. Yordy Richard
    59. Jake Burns
    60. Austin Warner
    61. Thomas Francisco
    62. Darlin Moquete
    63. LJ Jones IV
    64. Justin Toerner
    65. Ludwin “The Magnificent” Jimenez


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    Ok, this took me quite a bit longer to tabulate tonight. Here is the rest of your list, which ends up as a TOP 92. Tiebreakers were the usual strength of vote until we got down to the tiny numbers where people only got one vote, in which case the tiebreaker was whomever was voted for first. I put in everyone who had received any votes at any time at the end of the list, in the order in which they appeared, despite folks who voted for them not sticking around for later votes.

    56. Thomas Francisco
    57. Evan Medoza
    58. Osvaldo Tovalin
    59. Darlin Moquete
    60. Justin Toerner
    61. Austin Warner
    62. Alfredo Ruiz
    63. Angel Cuenca
    64. Johan Quezada
    65. Nick Dunn
    66. LJ Jones IV
    67. Yordy Richard
    68. Nick Trogrlic-Iverson
    69. Noah Mendlinger
    70. Jake Burns
    71. Felix Taveras
    72. Ramon Santos
    73. Elijah Cabell
    74. Leonardo Taveras
    75. Trent Baker
    76. Nathanael Heredia
    77. Jacob Boskiovic
    78. Emmanuel Solano
    79. Adanson Cruz
    80. Leandro Cedeno
    81. Joerlin De Los Santos
    82. Roblin Heredia
    83. Jesus Cruz
    84. Omar Sanchez
    85. John Beller
    86. Samil De La Rosa
    87. Diorys Guerrero
    88. Ludwin Jiimenez
    89. Jose Suarez
    90. Maycol Justo
    91. Benjamin Arias
    92. Seth Elledge


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    Thanks very much to everyone who participated! You made it a lot of fun, and it took some focus off the doom and gloom of the off season and the lockout.

    Your TCN Top 92 Prospects for 2022 (Age in 2022 for the top 50):

    1. 2B/3B Nolan Gorman (22)
    2. 3B Jordan Walker (20)
    3. LHP Matthew Liberatore (22)
    4. 1B/OF Juan Yepez (24)
    5. SS/RHP Masyn Winn (20)
    6. C Ivan Herrera (22)
    7. OF Alec Burleson (23)
    8. OF Lars Nootbaar (24)
    9. LHP Zack Thompson (24)
    10. RHP Michael McGreevy (21)
    11. 2B/3B Brendan Donovan (25)
    12. OF Joshua Baez (19)
    13. RHP Andre Pallante (23)
    14. RHP Angel Rondon (24)
    15. 3B Malcom Nunez (21)
    16. RHP Tink Hence (19)
    17. 1B/DH Luken Baker (25)
    18. LHP Connor Thomas (24)
    19. SS Delvin Perez (23)
    20. RHP Alec Willis (19)
    21. RHP Jake Walsh (26)
    22. RHP Austin Love (23)
    23. RHP Freddy Pacheco (24)
    24. RHP Gordon Graceffo (22)
    25. OF Ryan Holgate (22)
    26. OF Jhon Torres (22)
    27. OF Matt Koperniak (24)
    28. RHP Ian Bedell (22)
    29. OF Patrick Romeri (21)
    30. RHP Edwin Nunez (20)
    31. RHP Jack Ralston (24)
    32. 1B/OF Chandler Redmond (25)
    33. OF Conner Capel (25)
    34. RHP Dionys Rodriguez (21)
    35. SS Jeremy Rivas (19)
    36. LHP Levi Prater (23)
    37. OF Trejyn Fletcher (21)
    38. RHP Zane Mills (21)
    39. RHP Logan Gragg (23)
    40. OF Mike Antico (24)
    41. C Pedro Pages (23)
    42. C Julio Rodriguez (25)
    43. RHP Connor Lunn (23)
    44. C Ali Sanchez (25)
    45. RHP Andre Granillo (22)
    46. C Carlos Soto (23)
    47. OF Luis Piño (18)
    48. 1B/OF Todd Lott (24)
    49. 3B Jacob Buchberger (24)
    50. 2B/SS/3B Kramer Robertson (27)
    51. RHP Inohan Paniagua
    52. RHP Wilfredo Pereira
    53. RHP Edgar Escobar
    54. 1B/OF Brady Whalen
    55. RHP Jose Davila
    56. 1B Thomas Francisco
    57. 3B/SS Evan Medoza
    58. 3B Osvaldo Tovalin
    59. OF Darlin Moquete
    60. OF Justin Toerner
    61. LHP Austin Warner
    62. LHP Alfredo Ruiz
    63. RHP Angel Cuenca
    64. RHP Johan Quezada
    65. 2B Nick Dunn
    66. OF LJ Jones IV
    67. RHP Yordy Richard
    68. RHP Nick Trogrlic-Iverson
    69. 3B Noah Mendlinger
    70. C Jake Burns
    71. OF Felix Taveras
    72. RHP Ramon Santos
    73. OF Elijah Cabell
    74. RHP Leonardo Taveras
    75. RHP Trent Baker
    76. LHP Nathanael Heredia
    77. C Jacob Boskiovic
    78. RHP Emmanuel Solano
    79. OF Adanson Cruz
    80. 1B/OF Leandro Cedeno
    81. OF Joerlin De Los Santos
    82. C Roblin Heredia
    83. RHP Jesus Cruz
    84. LHP Omar Sanchez
    85. LHP John Beller
    86. 3B Samil De La Rosa
    87. LHP Diorys Guerrero
    88. RHP Ludwin Jiimenez
    89. OF Jose Suarez
    90. SS Maycol Justo
    91. RHP Benjamin Arias
    92. RHP Seth Elledge


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    Thanx Stlcard25, Great job running the community Top 50 Prospect list,(Rather the Top 92 list). I didn’t realize that prospect # 92 Elledge was still eligible, or I would have had him somewhere in the 40’s on my list.



    Thanks for setting this up and maintaining the list, 25! Helped keep our minds on something other than the lockout! Can’t wait for this to be over and baseball returns!


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    I concur. stl25 is very good at organizing this and keeping the trains running on time. We appreciate it.


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    It would be interesting to meld the TCN list with our community list whenever both lists are complete.


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    After reading Brian’s article on Graceffo, it appears both a velocity increase, and the fact he accomplished very good numbers at Palm Beach suggest that I `should have ranked him higher. And his beginning 2022, he should start at Peoria, with a possibility of reaching Springfield. If he takes to pitching multiple times to a lineup, he could jump up in the prospect rankings.


    Brian needs to add just #1-#4. And we know who they are, with Herrera most likely #4. The question left who will top his list. The Community and Brian’s top-15 lists have been similar. If Burleson and Rondon were switched… the lists would be very close. I think that the Community did a great job this season.



    Here is both the Community List and Brian’s list side by side.

    TCN Community List 2022 TCN 2022 Top Prospects
    1 Nolan Gorman Nolan Gorman
    2 Jordan Walker Jordan Walker
    3 Matthew Liberatore Matthew Liberatore
    4 Juan Yepez Ivan Herrera
    5 Masyn Winn Masyn Winn
    6 Ivan Herrera Juan Yepez
    7 Alec Burleson Zack Thompson
    8 Lars Nootbaar Michael McGreevy
    9 Zack Thompson Angel Rondon
    10 Michael McGreevy Lars Nootbaar
    11 Brendan Donovan Brendan Donovan
    12 Joshua Baez Joshua Baez
    13 Andre Pallante Andre Pallante
    14 Angel Rondon Alec Burleson
    15 Malcom Nunez Malcom Nunez
    16 Tink Hence Luken Baker
    17 Luken Baker Gordon Graceffo
    18 Connor Thomas Jhon Torres
    19 Delvin Perez Tink Hence
    20 Alec Willis Ryan Holgate
    21 Jake Walsh Ian Bedell
    22 Austin Love Austin Love
    23 Freddy Pacheco Ali Sanchez
    24 Gordon Graceffo Connor Thomas
    25 Ryan Holgate Chandler Redmond
    26 Jhon Torres Kramer Robertson
    27 Matt Koperniak Jake Walsh
    28 Ian Bedell Patrick Romeri
    29 Patrick Romeri Levi Prater
    30 Edwin Nunez Delvin Perez
    31 Jack Ralston Luis Pino
    32 Chandler Redmond Tre Fletcher
    33 Connor Capel Julio E. Rodriguez
    34 Dionys Rodriguez Alec Willis
    35 Jeremy Rivas Matt Koperniak
    36 Levi Prater Pedro Pages
    37 Tre Fletcher Dionys Rodriguez
    38 Zane Mills Connor Capel
    39 Logan Gragg Logan Gragg
    40 Mike Antico Zane Mills
    41 Pedro Pages Jack Ralston
    42 Julio E. Rodriguez Connor Lunn
    43 Connor Lunn Wilfredo Pereira
    44 Ali Sanchez Edwin Nunez
    45 Andre Granillo Todd Lott
    46 Carlos Soto Jeremy Rivas
    47 Luis Piño  Freddy Pacheco
    48 Todd Lott Inohan Paniagua
    49 Jacob Buchberger Yordy Richard
    50 Kramer Robertson Thomas Francisco


    Those lists would be changed as of opening day. Some have already progressed and others some regression.


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    It’s nice to see most top 50 prospects have exceeded expectations so far. Perhaps Liberatore and Herrera have struggled more we’d like, but it is way early. Others not making much impact like Fletcher and Hence, are concerning considering they were drafted years ago. IMO, players who have several years since they were drafted, barring injury, should have advanced to a high A league.

    Brian Walton

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    Coincidentally, my new monthly Top 50 update will run in the morning.


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    And I’m impressed on how well the Cards drafted pitching in 2021. They looked for quality strike throwers, and seem to have found them. If that continues, St Louis move back into the top 10 team rankings.

    I also hope the Class of 2019 can continue to help our pitching depth. Pallante already is, Thomas is on the doorstep of the bigs, Ralston, Gragg, and Lunn are intriguing prospects as well.


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    I’m curious where a hot prospect like GOmez will be placed. Also, several 2021 draftees should see their stock increase.


    I usually like to see three series into the season before adjusting my top-40. This year pitchers should have four starts by then.

    Brian Walton

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    Many years, I wait until May for the first update, but this year is different with the international signing period starting on January 15 instead of July 2nd. Also, there is a lot to be said in terms of which players came over from the DSL when and which made full season teams. Also former starters being moved to relief is noteworthy. Most of the new Top 50 is similar, but there was enough change to make that I decided to go ahead now.


    Just a few players are producing significantly above expectations to warrant a move up. Even fewer on the negative side. Like you said its really their new placements for ’22 that is noteworthy.


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    With a large number number of prospects at AAA, I’d be curious to guess how many will graduate. With Pujols and Dickerson as backups, I don’t see many barring injury. I think Gorman will only get called up if he can play every day, but that may depend on how long a leash Dejong has. Liberatore will need an opening in the rotation, but seems to need at least another month or 2 at AAA. A trade would provide openings as well.

Viewing 25 posts - 426 through 450 (of 452 total)
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