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    Adding this here for folks who are or were considering voting for him. Nick Plummer has signed with the Mets.

    Thus, he becomes ineligible for voting in our prospect countdown. cardsfan64, feel free to add another prospect to your list.



    Due to Plummer inking a MLB contract with the Mets, I have revised my picks as follows:

    #11 – Brendan Donovan
    #12 – Joshua Baez
    #13 – Malcom Nunez
    #14 – Delvin Perez
    #15 – Andre Pallante

    Nigel T

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    11 Baez The ceiling is backed up with scouting reports so positive that I am calling him the anti-Tre Fletcher. I expect a bigger show next spring than that incredible disappearing act put on by our other wonder kind.
    12 Donovan I really do like him, but how exciting is the arrival of the next Daniel Descalso.
    13 Hence-He hasn’t done much, but he has dominated most kids his age for the entirety of his existence on planet Earth.
    14 Rondon-pretty excited about our number twelve starter. He has to have some value, but it would take a disaster for him to contribute meaningfully next year:unfortunately disasters are all too commonplace with MLB rotations.
    15 Redmond- Wait until you see him before passing judgment. He is virtually the same guy as Nolan Gorman. He is slightly larger. but can really swing the bat.


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    #11. Joshua Baez – Second round pick comes with tons of
    hype. Signed for almost a million dollars over slot.

    #12. Brendan Donovan – Give this kid credit for putting up
    impressive stats in 2021.

    #13. Malcolm Nunez – Only 20 years old and competing at AA.

    #14. Andre Pallante – Emerging.

    $15. Markevian ‘Tink’ Hence – Fiery competitor.


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    11. Angel Rondon. This kid is overlooked, and it is to prospect prognosticators’ peril. He just gets the job done. I think the lost 2020 was tough on him but he fared decently in Memphis and should be a stalwart for the rotation next year. He’s ahead of Pallante for me.

    12. Malcom Nunez. He can flat out hit. Like Pads said, normally a 120 wRC+ in A+ and promotion to Springfield at 20 would be cause to dream on him but he’s overshadowed by Walker and Gorman. He actually held his own after a tough start in Springfield, hitting .415/.456/.547 for a 1.003 OPS in 57 September PAs. He will be interesting to watch as a likely 21 year old in Springfield/Memphis next year.

    13. Joshua Baez. He has all the potential in the world…great size, fast, power bat. It remains to be seen whether he taps into it, but you have to rate him highly on that potential alone. Will he start at Palm Beach?

    14. Andre Pallante. His great AFL performance may foreshadow a Memphis start to 2022 and a shot at that potentially very solid backup rotation (Libby, Thompson, Oviedo, Rondon, Woodford, Pallante). His fastball reportedly sat mid 90s in Arizona, which would be a nice development for his future potential.

    15. Tink Hence. We haven’t seen a ton of him yet, but he’s still young and the tools are exciting. He may be the Josh Baez of the minors pitching staff (Edwin Nunez may be the Tre Fletcher). He’s got excellent stuff and some idea where it’s going, which gives him a leg (arm?) up on the other young arms to come. I’m excited to see him in 2022.


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    My bad…just saw the post on Plummer.


    11. Rondon
    12. Donovan
    13. Baker
    14. Baez
    15. Bedell – With TJ behind him I have high expectations for the 22 yo. A high ceiling and should make AA this season and his ETA is 2023. Owns a good repertoire of pitches that he will improve on.


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    Wont be home where my list is until tomorrow night so doing this from memory, which is pretty shoddy.

    11. Baez – Understand those that want to see him play full season prior to voting, but I’m not really concerned. He certainly seems to have the work ethic and certainly the talent to bet on. He’s the kind of guy that most will bet on until proven wrong. My biggest concern is the Cards don’t have a great track record of developing this kind of hitter.
    12. McGreevy – This is the type of prospect the Cardinals do have a track record with. Strike thrower with good 4 pitch mix setup with a good FB/SL combo to start from. I like him as a high floor, some ceiling kind of pitcher in the Michael Wacha mold.
    13. Donovan – I really like him as a baseball guy but as valuable as a utility guy that gives quality at bats is, it’s hard to get excited about on prospect lists. Should probably be higher on my list but…
    14. Pallante – has done nothing but excel in the Cards org. Has gone from an afterthought to a back of the rotation type starter who manages to outpitch his “stuff”.
    15. Malcom Nunez – kind of feels like the odd man out who the Cards eventually turn into a reliever at the trade deadline. Feels like a guy that just hits and hits and when/if the power really shows up will be a good MLBer for a while.


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    Hey grenadier1, just as an FYI… McGreevy was already voted #10. You’ve got until tomorrow to change your list, so no big deal yet. If not I will just record them in order, skipping McGreevy.


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    Thanks STL25. Add Hence at 15 for me then. Out of town so haven’t been keeping up like I should.


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    11 Donovan
    12 Pallante
    13 Nunez
    14 Perez
    15 Baker


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    With about 12 hours to go in the voting, spots are still up for grabs! A couple of regular voters have not checked in yet so we’ll see how things shake out.


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    11 Rondon
    12 Pallante
    13- Baez
    14 Donovan
    15 Willis

    Bob Cobb

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    #11 Angel Rondon

    #12 Joshua Baez

    #13 Brendan Donovan

    #14 Andre Pallante

    #15 Tink Hence


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    Doing the tally a little ahead of time tonight as I will be busy at 8 EST, and I don’t think there’s much chance that the rankings will change.

    11. Brendon Donovan
    12. Joshua Baez
    13. Andre Pallante
    14. Angel Rondon
    15. Malcom Nunez

    Voting for #16-20 is now OPEN. Voting will end at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST on November 29th.


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    List so far:

    1. 2B/3B Nolan Gorman (22)
    2. 3B Jordan Walker (20)
    3. LHP Matthew Liberatore (22)
    4. 1B/OF Juan Yepez (24)
    5. SS/RHP Masyn Winn (20)
    6. C Ivan Herrera (22)
    7. OF Alec Burleson (23)
    8. OF Lars Nootbaar (24)
    9. LHP Zack Thompson (24)
    10. RHP Michael McGreevy (21)
    11. 2B/3B Brendan Donovan (25)
    12. OF Joshua Baez (19)
    13. RHP Andre Pallante (23)
    14. RHP Angel Rondon (24)
    15. 3B Malcom Nunez (21)



    For the next five, my votes are as follows:

    #16 – Delvin Perez – If he isn’t taken during the Rule 5 draft, I think he will continue to improve his hitting to go along with his strong defense and be an asset to the MLB team.
    #17 – Edwin Nunez – Needs to continue to mature and learn to throw more strikes, but has great upside
    #18 – Luken Baker – More seasoning needed but certainly can hit! Needs to learn other positions to increase his chances of catching on in the majors
    #10 – Ryan Holgate – Great potential but needs more at bats.
    #20 – Austin Love – Not a lot of exposure yet, but looked very good with a small sample.



    16. Tink Hence
    17. Ian Bedell
    18. Austin Love
    19. Edwin Nunez
    20. Alec Willis

    Bob Reed


    16. Connor Thomas
    Perhaps the best pitching prospect nobody is talking about. The little lefty was just 22 on Opening Day and posted a 3.10 ERA at Triple-A Memphis across 100+ innings. But better still, he had a dazzling 2.22 ERA over his final dozen starts (65 IP, 61/18 K/BB, and loads of ground balls). If he threw 2-3 MPH harder he’d be a top 70-80 prospect. As is, I have him 8th among Redbirds and 150-200 overall.

    17. Patrick Romeri
    Was 19 at Palm Beach (now Low-A of course) and posted league-average offensive numbers. Not special for a corner outfielder, to be sure. But his overall .718 OPS is misleading in my opinion, due to the Roger Dean Stadium Effect. Romeri’s road OPS was a solid .783 — and moreover, his combined Aug./Sept. OPS topped .800. At 6’3″ and 195, he’s got a good build add power down the line. Real sleeper.

    18. Freddy Pacheco
    This may be a bit of a reach, especially for a relief-only guy, but “the fight doctor” was so effective upon his promotion(s) to AA and AAA, I thought he warranted this type of placement. In his 23 innings versus the upper minors, Freddy fanned 38, walked 9, and permitted just 8 base knocks. Yeah, 8. But then, he’s always been hard to hit. At 6 professional stops, opponents have batted between .100 and .188 against him. Will still be just 23 on opening Day, 2022.

    19. Tink Hence
    Now this guy on the other hand might be a starter someday. Listed at 6’1″ and 175, he’s cut from *roughly* the same cloth as Carlos Martinez or Jordan Hicks, but might in some ways have more polish than those guys at the same age. Fanned 34% in his micro-sample of 2021, while walking a mere 7%. Impressive markers for a professional 18-year-old, regardless of competition level. Was an extreme flyball guy in his handful of innings, and I like extremes.

    20. Gordon Graceffo
    Speaking of extremes, GG has allowed 1 home run in his last 121 innings, across college, low-A, and summer league competition. He’s got the ideal pitcher’s build at 6’4″ and 210, and fanned 37 in just 26 innings for Palm Beach this season, while getting gobs of groundouts as well. If he stays healthy, I see a Gregersonesque career as his median outcome, and that’s dandy by my lights. Absolute best case? He stays a starter and becomes maybe Brandon Webb Lite. Which is to say, Dakota Hudson Redux.


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    Bob Reed I like your pitchers, guys who throw strikes and keep it in the park. I think, and hope, player acquisition and development is moving in that direction and away from 17 year old radar gun types peppering the backstop with triple digits.


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    16. Hence
    17. Baker
    18. D. Perez
    19. Love
    20. Willis


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    16 Alec Willis, was given a large bonus to forego college.
    17 Connor Thomas, pitched very well at Memphis. May end up being a reliever.
    18 Luken Baker swatted 26 homers at Springfield despite missing a month.
    19 Tink Hence should be at Palm Beach in 2022. Scouts liked how advanced he was for a high school hurler with a plus pitch or 2.
    20 Jake Walsh is one I can see as a future closer with upper 90s velocity, and a nice breaking ball. Sort of reassured that he missed most of 2021 with Covid (obviously I don’t wish any illness on anyone) instead of an arm injury, given his history.


    #16 – BAKER

    #17 – BEDELL

    #18 – WILLIS

    #19 – E NUNEZ

    #20 – HOLGATE


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    16- Luken Baker: The big man gets underestimated due to lack of defensive versatility but he can really slug. With the DH most likely becoming universal he will have a place in the bigs, either with St. Louis or someone else. I see him as Luke Voit 2.0.

    17- Jhon Torres: Was once ranked higher but he still has the potential. The clock is ticking though.

    18- Tink Hence: A fine Arkansas lad who has a world of potential. He could be a number 3 starter in the majors at some point.

    19- Tre Fletcher: Another member of the all potential team. It is time for him to assert himself.

    20- Jake Walsh: Hey, he was put on the 40 man for a reason. He could be in the mix for the St. Louis-Memphis shuttle soon.

    Bob Cobb

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    Thoughts on players at this point in the list:

    Delvin Perez—In my mind, he’s still a prospect. But I think Jeremy Rivas has a much higher upside at shortstop.

    Luken Baker—I understand why he was left off the protected list, but it scares me to death. I’m so afraid this guy is gonna be the next Voit for somebody.

    Connor Thomas—2019 5th Round Pick. Left-handed pitcher. Has produced at every level. I agree with Bob Reed, Perhaps the best pitching prospect nobody is talking about.

    Jhon Torres—Will only be 22 when this season starts. It’s time to see some results, but Torres is the kind of guy that can put it together quickly. It needs to happen this year.

    Tink Hence—Very underrated here so far. He’s #11 on BA Mid-season list. He’s got a long way to go but a very long runway.

    Ryan Holgate—Complete college hitter. Lefty with possible power. Not overpowering in A ball. Still some question marks, but he’s a 2nd round pick, so he deserves time. Rated #12 Cardinal prospect in mid-season list by Prospects Live.

    Austin Love—Another 2021 draft pick. Three solid pitches with good spin rate. (Prospects Live) Pitched well in a test drive after draft. Rated #20 by BA in mid-season.

    Alec Willis—$1 Million bonus for 7th round pick. Rated #96 prospect pre-draft by Prospects Live. 6-5, 220. Fastball sits in low to mid 90s, projects for more.

    Zane Mills—Another college arm. Drafted this year in the 4th round. Another big guy. 6-4, 220. We are gonna have a lot of guys to watch and learn about next year.

    Patrick Romeri—Only 20 y.o., he has a chance to move quickly. His stats intrigue me. I agree with Bob Reed, a real sleeper.

    There are more: Ian Bedell, Gordon Graceffo, Levi Prater, Matt Koperniak, etc.

    This is getting very difficult for me. Lol.

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