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    Ascanio’s initial chances at Triple-A are not ideal, just because of the bodies ahead of him. But things can and do change during the season.

    AvatarBob Reed


    “I don’t understand how one team can have depth in one category and be weak in another.”

    Here’s one for you, muddy. Theo Epstein is closing in on two decades as a GM, and he’s developed one starting pitcher from scratch, Clay Buccholz, who made his pro debut some 14 years ago.

    And yet, Epstein will quite rightly waltz into the Hall Of Fame one day, because he’s discovered & developed position players as well as any GM of his era. Probably better than any others, in fact.


    Over the long-ish haul I don’t think there’s much luck involved in these matters at all. Dozens and dozens of individuals, thousands upon thousands of man hours every year. I think the luck largely if not entirely washes out over any three or four year period. I think the boring truth is that certain organizations are just better at some things than other things — but of course that’s still a somewhat fluid situation, as the scouts and analysts employed by each organization is ever-shifting.

    It’s a darn good thing that Theo’s minions didn’t get better at developing pitchers when they moved from Boston to Chicago with him. That was my big concern, when the Cubs hired him. But his Red Sox record has proved true, and thus he’s in the same boat now that he was near the very end of his Carmines tenure. Numerous bloated contracts, and nary a pitcher in the pipeline. The Fat Lady is warming up.


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    Cardinals Middle-infield draftees in the top 5 rounds:

    2016 – Perez 21yo (low-A PEO) SS – 1st round
    2017 – Robertson 25 (AA SPG) SS – 4th round
    …..- Kirtley 23 2B(AA SPG) – 5th round
    2018 – Gil 19 SS(ROOK) JC – 3rd round
    …..- Dunn 23 2B(adv-A) – 5th round
    2019 – none>>>>>>>>>Redmond 2B was the first Mid-IF taken… in Card’s 28th round.

    Gil is still a work in progress. The others have a lot more to prove to reach STL. It could happen.


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    Overlook Irving Lopez at your own risk!

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    BA has updated their organizational rankings at mid-season, post-draft. The Cardinals did not change as no. 13.

Viewing 5 posts - 126 through 130 (of 130 total)
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