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    Great team win, with Bader the notable exception, at least on offense. Wish Miller was the lights out pitcher of a few years ago. But other guys are available.

    Now let’s keep the pressure on. I liked the aggressiveness early, jumping on pitches early in the count. Showed confidence and set the tone.



    27, nice call on the platinum sombrero. Glad to see Young Master Bader make that nice catch at the end. Maybe that’ll get his dobber up for tomorrow.

    Pugs, I’m going to choose to believe you were right about the night of Tatis,Jr.’s conception. It’s a perfect story, and we are allowed in 2020 to create our own facts, right?

    Rats, enjoy your tuna sandwich and the Brewers game. I too will be pulling for the Brew Crew(can’t believe I uttered those words).

    Great win today. Bull Shildt pushed all the right buttons again. Let’s hope Waino can go deep tomorrow so that the Bull can maybe give his button finger a day off:)

    Think I’ll sleep in tomorrow, wake up and have some coffee, then fix an early Pugs type din-din around the time of our 4 pm start. Yum poached eggs, bacon, pancakes with a little melted butter and maple syrup.

    Go Cards.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    I echo Tinky’s sentiments in reference to Cardinal27’s platinum sombrero revealing….though Harrison Bader probably wouldn’t get a kick out of it.

    Yeah I really thought we were on to something with the real possibility of Tatis Jr. being conceived on the night of his father’s 2 grand slams in one inning feat. It’s no wonder Tatis Jr. seems to “rise” to the occasion with the sacks full so often.

    Yeah, some of Rat’s best meals are rustled up at that Amish restaurant that he so often frequents. I’m surprised that one of those Amish waitresses haven’t made an honest man out of Rat yet? Could you picture a bearded RatsBuddy turning in his cigar, booze
    and “Mannix” selection for a life of riding in horse drawn buggy’s, no electricity and no sweets?


    Great win by the Cardinals yesterday. Hope Uncle Charley is breaking well today. And well placed, along with his fastball.


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    Very glad to see us get the win although it is fair to say it was in spite of Kim instead of because of him. Nice job by the offense and the bullpen.

    The Cardinals are now 27-3 this year when they score 4 runs or more.


    Reyes may have passed Martinez, Ponce and Gomber on the rotation depth chart for next season with his work out of the bullpen this season. Mikolas might be iffy coming off his injury.

    The Pads bats are tough to keep down… I hope they wait until spring training ’21 to come alive. If Wainwright can keep it a close game for 5 innings I have a lot of confidence in our bullpen to close this thing out today.

    Bader will have to sit today out and think about his O-ring. It would be cruel to let him end his season with that performance. But we won game 1 and it ain’t right to dwell on the one negative. If you want to get picky, Edman dropped a perfect throw on the stolen base… Yadi didn’t look to happy about that.



    Congrats to the good guys on a nice win. Let’s hold a parade when we score 7 runs.



    Reyes didn’t pass Gomber.


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    That seems backwards to me Ny.

Viewing 10 posts - 301 through 310 (of 310 total)
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