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    Voting can now get underway for our Cardinal Nation community top prospect voting.

    I’ll keep the voting tally updated in this post

    #1 – Alex Reyes
    #2 – Jack Flaherty
    #3 – Carson Kelly
    #4 – Tyler O’Neill
    #5 – Harrison Bader
    #6 – Dakota Hudson
    #7 – Magneuris Sierra
    #8 – Sandy Alcantara
    #9 – Zac Gallen
    #10 – Austin Gomber
    #11 – Ryan Helsley
    #12 – Jordan Hicks
    #13 – Randy Arozarena
    #14 – Adolis Garcia
    #15 – Andrew Knizner
    #16 – Junior Fernandez
    #17 – Jake Woodford
    #18 – Dylan Carlson
    #19 – Oscar Mercado
    #20 – Delvin Perez
    #21 – Jonatan Machado
    #22 – Edmundo Sosa
    #23 – Connor Jones
    #24 – Johan Oviedo
    #25 – Alvaro Seijas
    #26 – Tommy Edman
    #27 – Darren Seferina
    #28 – Luke Voit
    #29 – Sam Tewes
    #30 – Kramer Robertson
    #31 – Evan Mendoza
    #32 – Daniel Poncedeleon
    #33 – Mike O’Reilly
    #34 – Wadye Ynfante
    #35 – Chase Pinder
    #36 – Bryce Denton
    #37 – Matt Pearce
    #38 – Scott Hurst
    #39 – Jeremy Martinez
    #40 – Ian Oxnevad
    #41 – Patrick Wisdom
    #42 – Nick Plummer
    #43 – Ryan Sherriff
    #44 – Juan Yepez
    #45 – Breyvic Valera
    #46 – Mike Mayers
    #47 – Elehuris Montero
    #48 – Rowan Wick
    #49 – Josh Lucas
    #50 – Andy Young
    #51 – Anthony Shew
    #52 – Stefan Trosclair
    #53 – Chris Ellis
    #54 – Luis Bandes
    #55 – Julio Rodriguez
    #56 – Evan Kruczynski
    #57 – Andrew Morales
    #58 – Derian Gonzalez
    #59 – Ian McKinney
    #60 – Joshua Lopez
    #61 – Arturo Reyes
    #62 – Daniel Castano
    #63 – Ramon Santos
    #64 – Daniel Ortega
    #65 – Winston Nicacio


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    (Prior years’ lists can be found via “PROSPECT RANKINGS” in the site left menu column.)

    Here is a list from last year:

    Alex Reyes 1
    Luke Weaver 2
    Carson Kelly 3
    Delvin Perez 4
    Jack Flaherty 5
    Dakota Hudson 6
    Harrison Bader 7
    Sandy Alcantara 8
    Austin Gomber 9
    Junior Fernandez 10
    Magnerius Sierra 11
    Jake Woodford 12
    Ryan Helsley 13
    Paul DeJong 14
    Edmundo Sosa 15
    Eliezer Alvarez 16
    Allen Cordoba 17
    Dylan Carlson 18
    Alvaro Seijas 19
    Randy Arozarena 20
    Tim Cooney –
    Marco Gonzales 22
    Nick Plummer 23
    Johan Oviedo 24
    Jordan Hicks 25
    Bryce Denton 26
    Jeremy Martinez 27
    Ronnie WIlliams 28
    Connor Jones 29
    Derian Gonzalez 30
    Jonatan Machado 31
    Mike Mayers 32
    Tommy Edman 33
    Zac Gallen 34
    Breyvic Valera 35
    Ian Oxnevad 36
    John Kilichowski 37
    Sam Tuivailala 38
    Rowan Wick 39
    Matt Pearce 40
    Daniel Poncedeleon 41
    Andrew Knizner 42
    Carlos Soto 43
    Dennis Ortega 44
    Andrew Morales 45
    Darren Seferina 46
    Luke Voit 47
    Matt Fiedler 48
    Jose Martinez 49
    Ian McKinney 50
    Chris Chinea 51
    Trey Neilsen 52
    Wadye Ynfante 53
    Walker Robbins 54
    Corey Littrell 55
    Victor Garcia 56
    Vince Jackson 57
    Franyel Casadilla 58
    Brady Whalen 59
    Caleb Lopes 60
    Sam Tewes 61
    Bryan Dobzanski 62
    Arturo Reyes 63
    Francis Ventura 64
    Oscar Mercado 65
    Brian O’Keefe 66
    Brian Sanchez 67
    Jorge Rodriguez 68
    Julio Rodriguez 69
    Joshua Lopez 70


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    Here are the players’ that are ineligible due to either promotion or no longer being with the organization:

    #2 Luke Weaver
    #14 Paul DeJong
    #16 Eliezer Alvarez
    #17 Allen Cordoba
    #21 Tim Cooney
    #22 Marco Gonzales
    #38 Sam Tuivialala


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    My vote for #1 is Alex Reyes.


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    Does anyone remember where (or if) we slotted Jose Adolis Garcia in at?

    Also, correct my list if you see others’ that are ineligible. Kelly, Flaherty, Bader, Voit, and Alcantara are currently on the ML roster too, while Sierra and Mayers have been during the season.


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    Reyes #1


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    Voit could pass 130 ABs still but it seems unlikely. It would be a shame if he did. Then we wouldnt get to debate with bccran about him being underated.

    Bader could pass 130 only if he started every game the rest of the year which also seems unlikely.


    Alex Reyes.


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    Reyes #1



    1. Carson kelly

    Injury changes a lot. Kelly is at a premium position and no matter reyes’ upside, kelly is IMO a decade long all star without the injury questions.

    Six of one, half dozen of another. Catcher prospects are undervalued. Not by me.


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    Reyes #1


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    Reyes #1


    Flaherty #1. Flaherty is a dominant pitcher and will be a starter in ’18. I could see him at the top of the rotation right behind Martinez during ’18. With Lynn not around, Wainwright uncertain, and Jack just becoming as effective as he was at AAA, he could pass both Weaver and Wacha. Reyes most likely will not enter the rotation, at least early on. Serious injuries and long DL stints are always in the back of my mind because they sometimes have consequences that aren’t always positive. So I have doubts regarding that. There’s is also that suspension that could become a much larger problem down the road.
    At this point in time I see Flaherty as the premier prospect. If Reyes can prove that he still will have the velocity and command that he had developed, I’d be more than happy to return him to #1. He could be a huge factor in ’18. Just show me and prove me wrong.


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    I think Reyes can smoke all the weed he wants now that he’s in the majors!



    #1 Alex Reyes

    I assume everyone else just posting “Reyes” mean Alex Reyes and not Arturo Reyes.

    David Greenwald

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    Flaherty is a good pitching prospect. Kelly is a good catching prospect. Obviously no one knows how Reyes recovers but he’s a potentially transformational prospect. He’s still No.1.



    … If healthy. Pitchers always have that caveat.

    Catching prospects like kelly are a hairs width from being that transformational prospect. Catchers are just that hard to find.

    If kelly puts up the same ops as he put up in aaa for ten years he will average 4-5 WAR offensively. That’s consistent all star and probably hall numbers.

    He is still developing. He could easily put up posey offensive numbers for a few years.

    He has plus defense.

    About the only bad thing you can say as a positional prospect is he isnt as talented as arod… Which is that once in a generation talent.

    I repeat : good catchers are stupidly difficult to find. And by stupidly difficult I mean they are chronically massively underrated because of things like this.

    Reyes? Oh he’s got the arm… IF HEALTHY… he also has between bad and horrible control issues when that isnt an issue.

    Young, right handed randy johnson (i make the comparison because of wildness issues)? I could see that. If he can eventually throw over 110 innings and harness the talent. Haven’t seen it really yet.

    Kelly? Seen it already. Just needs a shot in mlb.

    Readiness, position, and balance of plus offense and defense trumps the arm due to major injury questions, lack of innings shown, and lack of control.

    Obviously nobody shares my opinion but eh… Not the first time.

    P.s. Flaherty has an argument too.


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    Carson Kelly by a hair over Alex Reyes due to Reyes injury.We all hope Reyes can return to what he was looking like before the injury.That said it could take until 2019 to see the pre-injury Reyes.Agrtee with Bnoonan.Carson Kelly gets my vote.


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    But dont forget, Reyes has shown (when healthy) he can perform at the major league level. Kelly hasnt.


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    Calling the vote for #1 for Alex Reyes.

    Voting can now start for #2.


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    Bader or O’Neill in a few picks….I don’t know.

    I like Carson Kelly here at #2.

    It’s too bad Weaver isn’t eligible. He and Kelly would’ve been a close call.


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    1. Reyes
    2. Kelly

    Kelly just barely over Flaherty at this point.


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    Flaherty #2



    Sticking with kelly…

    As for reyes getting mlb players out… Nobody has denied his talent. Small sample sizes and all that.

    Trust me… This is one I’d happily be wrong about (not sure a current ranking opinion can be wrong barring reyes having a cy young year very soon or kelly imploding but regardless).


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    Kelly #2

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