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    <BM wrote: Does anyone feel different about Shildt after that? Is the use of language here any more justifiable than Tommy Pham’s rant of a year or so ago?>

    Put on your big boy pants and smell the roses. From time to time there is cursing in locker rooms. To compare it to Tommy Pham is like comparing apples to oranges. Shildt is the manager. He is entitled to being jubilant sometimes. Do I feel different – you betcha. I like him even more now that I know we both put our pants on the same way and curse like sailors in times of joy and defeat. BTW. Shildts rant was not meant to get out of the locker room. Pham has to have a media audience before he spouts off.


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    “Hows come you guys get to make your comments about Pham and nothing happens???

    I make what was a “JOKE” about Pham and a Mod tells me to knock it off. My comment might have been in bad taste but it was a JOKE!”

    Rat – to answer your question, the difference is that the comment about Pham’s IQ was in reference to what he said not being wise. We all know Pham’s IQ is just fine.

    The comment you made was in reference to a disability. That is crossing a line. If Pham truly had a learning disability, the IQ reference would have been cruel and uncalled for.

Viewing 2 posts - 201 through 202 (of 202 total)
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