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    Blues playing to a 0-0 tie in the 2nd. Lots of action there. Cards should watch from the dugout for inspiration. Just sayin’.


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    Man, Milwaukee has our number. Reminds me some of Pittsburgh a few years ago, when the Brewers beat them all the time. We used to play well in that park, but not now.

    Lots of blame to go around. First and probably foremost, our young pitchers have a lot of maturing to do. They do not locate well, and go to ball 3 counts far too often. They also cannot find that sequence to shut the opponent down when they start to rally.

    Carpenter’s poor defense is starting to show. It hurt big time tonight, and last night was not good either.

    On the upside, Ozuna is quietly off to a nice start. DeJong looks to be the real deal.

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    2017 Brewers Home/Road team batting splits:
    Home: .251/.322/.438
    Road: .248/.322/.419

    2018 Brewers batting splits:
    Home: .247/.322/.431
    Road: .257/.323/.418

    So obviously the Brewers in 2017 and 2018 did not get much of an artificial hitting boost from their home park. Basically none, really. But how about 2019?

    This year, before tonight:
    Home: .300/.377/.584
    Road: .227/.317/.365

    Now I’m not saying that Milwaukee has someone in centerfield with high-powered binoculars, stealing signs and relaying them to Brewer batters. But I’m saying that if they DID, then this is EXACTLY what their home/road hitting splits would look like.

    Maybe it really is just the ballpark, though, somehow. So let’s check Brewer pitchers this year. Well, their pitchers are allowing a batting average just 14 points higher at home this year than on the road (as opposed to 73 points for their hitters), and a slugging percentage 97 points higher, compared to 219 points.

    Yeah, the majors are difficult. I get it. But when Dakota Hudson allows 8 homers in nearly 300 career minor league innings, and zero home runs in 33 MLB innings in all other ballparks…but 5 homers in 8 innings at Miller Park this year, something looks more than a little bit fishy. (Hudson didn’t pitch in Miller last year. But then, there was nothing going on last year anyway, as evidenced by the previously-referenced season splits.)

    Yes, I’m probably paranoid. And a “hater” when it comes to disgraced PED cheat Ryan Braun and his team. But as the saying goes, even paranoid people have enemies. And as a corollary, even the most hyper-suspicious and cynical baseball fan is right some of the time.



    Bob, do you find it odd Molina kept going through a series of signs? He went through several different sets in the beginning of the game even when no one was on base.

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    I don’t know Yadi’s protocols well enough to have an opinion, BHC. Could be he does that in a lot of road games — and even some home games. I can’t put it into a meaningful context. Lot of help I am, huh?

    Now for the rant.

    We’re in an age where the Super Bowl MVP was a PED cheat, thrown passes by the Deflategate cheat, while being coached by the Spygate cheat. Cheaters never prosper? Sure they do. Lately they prosper more than anyone.

    Alex Rodriguez gets to broadcast ESPN games every week, and even interview Hank Aaron. I nearly vomited, seeing them in the booth together the other night. Maybe Lance Armstrong can do a guest spot on ESPN this summer, covering the Tour De France.

    There are no ethics in sports anymore, and maybe there never really were. But the difference is, now there is no shame. Ryan Braun, none. A-Rod, zero. ESPN, nada. If Bonds or Clemens or A-Rod or Big PEDi get into Cooperstown, I won’t be going back. I’m a relic, I guess. I actually thought that the Golden Rule was the foundation of all ethics. Confucius said it first, then Hillel, then Jesus, then finally Kant. It was THE rule to live by, if you forgot all the others. Now it seems just a minor inconvenience, something to be dodged on the pathway to professional athletic success.

    Also, get off my lawn.


    I suppose I should add that many teams no doubt are trying to swipe signs in the “natural” way every game. That is, the players themselves looking for tells. That’s baseball. But once an outsider is introduced into the equation (e.g., Astros, Indians) then it is cheating. In my opinion.

    AvatarCardinal in France


    Amen, Bob Reed. This is the world we live in now. Cheating. No shame.

    And the only thing I can say about that Yelich guy: Wish to hell he was playing for us.



    So glad the Cards manager is still a complete moron!



    Well mama said there would be days like this. I admit to having questions about bringing in a rookie to face Yelich but other than the one he grooved he did a respectable job and has a ball to bring home for his first hit. It is a good thing we had Gallegos and Helsley up as the pen got saved a bit with their presence.

    I am just an old complaining codger but I am still complaining about having to stream Fox Sports Go because the blues brothers made it to a playoff and their 9 fans want the prime channel. Speaking of that, it matters not but McLaughlin and Thompson drove me to the mute button many times again last night. They get on some stupid off game subject and just won’t let it go. Even a bird flying by got their tongues wagging for 5 minutes. Is there some Fox rule that says silence for 5 seconds is prohibited. I won’t even go into the Jackie Robinson multi inning tribute on Monday. I really got spoiled by listening to two Reds announcers on Sunday who knew how to broadcast a baseball game and stick on topic.

    As for the game……meh…………When Flaherty started imploding I knew it was lost. The HPU did not cause the Cards to lose but with gambling now legalized in baseball you could easily see how just a wrong call here and there could put bucks in an HPUs pocket. Time for electronic pitch calling but the umpire union still has the upper hand evidently. That little white outlined box will sooner or later drive MLB to consider the electronic call system.

    I could go on but I know some of you have to work and don’t care to read a book here.


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    My question is where was Miller when Yelich homered? I don’t understand bringing in a rookie to face him. I know it was early, but the likelihood of a strikeout, or even a walk is greater, and less likely of a home run. I have liked Schildt so far, but his willingness to pitch to Yelich boggles the mind. I can see Helsley coming in on that situation, but only if you keep in mind there is an open base, even if that base is third.


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    This is a mediocre team with mediocre hitting (middle of most majors stats), mediocre pitching (below average in most stats… walks… we’ve taken over 1st place… 77 the most. Our 9-8 is mediocre. The Memphis is in high gear… players passing by each other in airports and highways. Ozuna has been keeping us at least respectable lately in offense and Wainwright has kept the rotation from spinning out of control. Pre-season question marks both.

    April has been mediocre and mediocre teams watch college football games at home on Saturdays in October. There is also NFL, NHL, PGA, Nascar, and TMC for their viewing pleasure… some may even watch the MLB championship play-offs. Let’s see if the following months are better… guys may heat-up… so there’s that hope.
    ps. I watch very little of the MLB Oct. rounds unless the Cards are playing. They go out… I go out. I’d like to keep watching right up to Nov. For me baseball = all things Cardinals.


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    Not that Flaherty was pitching that well to begin with, but his meltdown followed that ball that went under Carpenter’s glove which should have been the second out. That’s the second game in a row that a mistake (It wasn’t ruled as an error this time since he didn’t touch the ball.) by Carpenter was followed by a meltdown by the pitcher.


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    Brad Thompson needs to be optioned to Memphis. He’s not ready for the show.

    I agree with this. I am still waiting for him to make his first insightful comment.


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    This is a mediocre team

    I disagree. This is a good team that has a mediocre rotation. They’ve also played a meat grinder of a schedule and apart from playing at Milwaukee (which is garbage scheduling, 7 road games before one home series?!) has performed pretty well (8-4 vs the Pirates, Padres, Reds and Dodgers). The metrics still like the team quite a bit and I’d expect them to get moving soon. Perhaps as soon as tonight.


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    I can listen to the reasoning for bringing in Helsley to face Yelich, but i entirely disagree with doing so.

    The ONLY guy who seems to have gotten Yelich to look dumb and out was Gallegos, and he had really showed himself to be ready and willing last night, first coming in and getting Yelich and then going much longer than normal for him and doing really well. The 2 runs he gave up were via Helsley, and If anyone should haev given up that HR it was gallegos. He EARNED to go after Yelich again, and if you arent going to bring in the big guns to help out, then why bring in Helsley right then?

    It was a bad decision, not just in hindsight, even had it worked out well, why bring in HElsey for one out to end an inning only to then extend him for the rest of the game? Give him a fresh no men on, not facing Yelich to start his career shot. Helsley did well after that, but Gallegos earned either succeeding or failing with that second Yelich AB

    Gallegos was the star for me last night. Hsi stuff plays well to righties and lefties. He has nice sharp bite to his pitches. Will he miss from time to time and give up a gopher ball? Absolutely, but he proved to me he is MLB reliever last night. He showed emotion and determination.

    Helsley after facing Yelich was awesome too. HE just shoudlnt have had to face Yelich at that point.

    I dont think we should baby young pitchers coming up, but this was the TOTAL other side of the pendulum. And not only was it unfair to Helsley, who i am sure takes it in stride, but also it was pretty disrespectful to Gallegos who had already been sent down and yanked back and brought into an unkind game and had succeeded mightily. The only person to give up that HR to Yelich was Gallegos. He earned the 2nd shot at him. period. I dont care that he had put those two guys on, he still earned the right to get out of it or not.

    In general i have understood and been ok with Shildt’s decisions, this was baffling and truly disrespectful to Gallegos AND to Helsley and all the kids who might get brought up and sent down quickly. He didnt help or give either of them opportunities for confidence in how he treated them last night.

    He basically said here are our two fresh arms, we dont value them enough to treat them fairly or respectfully because the game is out of hand. So throw them to the wolves and dont hurt the “good” pitchers he had more faith confidence and respect for that are already on the 25 before that game

    If i was Gallegos I would be fuming. And while Matheny might have coddled some of the yougsters ab it TOO much, he never would have made a kid’s first chance be in a situation like that not only in the game but in their career and in respect to the other kid who he was replacing and the situation he put him in.


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    also, I am not throwing away our chances at bringing the BRewers down

    I want to see them at our place first, as someone else mentioned their success away from home is not that impressive

    I think the schedule makers shouldnt be allowed to do this to the Cardinals Having to face a divisional opponent TWICE at their place to begin a season before seeing them at home is dumb. period.

    If you double up two away series or home series against a divisional rival during the middle of the season, fine. I get it. But to start a season or to end a season they should not be allowed to stack them that way.



    The schedule this year, not only for the Cardinals, is a farce if you study it. Playing the division champion 10 times in the first month of the season is ridiculous. Several two game series against division opponents doesn’t make sense either. The Pirates played the Tigers this series and unless they consider them arch rivals (like us and KC) I wonder why – the NLC is supposed to be playing the ALW this season for interleague games. Twenty games in June without a day off but two days off the next week because of a two game schedule with Oakland. Just a few of many examples of how the scheduling can kill a team. The Red Sox played 10 games on the road before getting a home opener. Weather may have an effect but they sure had a lot of losses in those 10 games. Anybody that believes the MLB schedule is made randomly by a computer may want to check and see if it was a Chinese hacked computer.

    And now back to baseball.

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