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    Great attitude 14Nyquis. Of course we got this. Sure we could have clinched a tie for the division with a sweep of the DBacks and won it out right today with a reds win but that’s not us. We are the team that takes a 4 run lead into the 9th, and eventually puts the winning run on base, but we find a way to win in the end we are the Cardiac Cards. And yes the Cubs have a chance to do all what I mentioned above but what I didn’t mention is what we have a chance to do and that’s capture our first division title in 5 years against our hated rivals and celebrate it at home with the best fans in baseball. I’m sure it was their plan all along, but it would nice if they told us first.


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    (Not a criticism) but I am curious what people think of last night’s infield alignment (Edman 3rd, Munoz SS, Sosa 2b) I would have had Munoz 3B, Sosa SS, Edman 2B. Any others have opinions on this?

    I thought that was curious too. My guess is that Sosa won’t be on the postseason roster and Muñoz will probably be the backup SS so they wanted to get him some reps there in case of need.


    STL25….. we’ll go with that.


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    I saw on another board some arguing for Edman @ SS and Munoz @ 3B.



    Genesis has some potential. Fernandez should either go back to Single-A or become a bat boy.

    And Shildt for Brains played him until Arizona batted around with a division title on the line.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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