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    I’m all for 75 and then a run off to 100 like BHC says. (Also plan to add 25 to watch)



    Earth to Pads. Where are you brother Pads???



    Hey sorry. Gimme a sec.



    I forgot my picks as well.

    #66 – Carlos Soto
    #67 – Kramer Robertson
    #68 – John Nogowski
    #69 – Bryce Denton
    #70 – Austin Warner



    Final #66-70 tally:

    #66 – Carlos Soto, CA
    #67 – Krmaer Roberston, SS
    #68 – Anythony Shew, RHP
    #69 – John Nogowski, 1B
    #70 – Bryce Denton, RF


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    If we are still going on…
    71.Jacob Patterson LP
    72.Wood Myers 2B
    73.Stefan Trosclair 1B
    74.Kevin Woodall 1B
    75.Austin Warner Lp



    Voting is open for our last round – #71-75~!

    My picks:

    #71 – Austin Warner, LHP
    #72 – Ramon Mendoza, 2B/3B
    #73 – Wadye Ynfante, OF
    #74 – Bryan Dobzanski, RHP
    #75 – Roel Ramirez, RHP


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    71. Ad. Cruz
    72. Myers
    73.Ra. Mendoza
    74. O’Reilly
    75. Plummer


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    71. Dobzanski
    Warner Brothers
    72. Austin
    73. Andrew
    74 Ynfante
    75. DellaValle


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    71 J Cruz
    72 Ro Ramirez
    73 Dobzanski
    74 R Mendoza
    75 Rondon


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    71. Jean Selmo – Doesn’t seem to have caught on with the voters here. He compares very well with Carlos Soler, Joerlin De Los Santos, and Adanson Cruz in my opinion. Could get interesting as he is Rule 5 eligible.

    72. Wadye Ynfante – Another Rule 5 eligible guy who has talent, but hasn’t even conquered full season ball yet. Down year for the former top prospect, but can restore some of that value with a hot start.

    73. Brady Whalen – Big guy with big talent that I think will start to put it together this year. Low average and SLG, but good OBP. 14% walk rate and 20% strikeout in State College speaks to good approach at the plate. Turns 21 this year with a lot of room to grow. I think power and average will come sooner rather than later and we could see him as a breakout guy as early as this year.

    74. Jacob Patterson – Lefty reliever with good strike out to walk numbers and a pretty good FIP for PB this year. Thought to be a quick to the majors reliever, who should be in the upper minors this year. Might get a shot as early as this year if his stuff plays and injuries necessitate.

    75. Mike O’Reilly – Had remarkable numbers over the past two years prior to a rough year in 2018. Doesn’t have overpowering stuff, so it’ll be interesting to see if he is still able to get outs consistently above A ball. All in all, could be a useful piece down the road.

    Bob CobbBob Cobb

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    #71 – Austin Warner, lhp

    #72 – Zach Prendergast, rhp
    Misses bats. Age is a concern.

    #73 – Stefan Trosclair, 1b-2b
    Multi-position player with power and some speed. He bears watching.

    #74 – Ian Oxnevad lhp
    A lefthanded starter who’s still only 22 yo and ready for Springfield next year deserves to be in the top 75, possibly higher. At the least, he is a future candidate for a major league bullpen job.

    #75 – Bryan Dobzanski, rhp
    Effective reliever in A ball. Ready for Springfield.

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    71. Jesus Cruz
    72. Zach Prendergast
    73. Andrew Morales – He’ll make his major league debut in 2019, so he must be a prospect.
    74. Irving Lopez – I had at least 7 infielders ahead of Nick Dunn, starting with Irving, which shows how varied our opinions are. CC named 3 more. Was Lopez or Edwin Figuera at 69 and I really and truly believe Edwin doesn’t get the love he deserves.
    75. Wadye Ynfante – How did he go from top prospect to a nobody from one bad season when Delvin Perez seems to get a free pass for being a steroid user and bust? Can Wadye not hit a breaking pitch or something. Someone please enlighten me on why we’ve all given up on him??? I’m as guilty as anyone.

    AvatarBob Reed


    Speaking just for myself, Wiley, my opinion of Wadye’s potential plummeted this year due in large part to the 35% strikeout rate. It’s just prohibitive for a guy who (1)isn’t even in full season ball yet, (2)isn’t young for his league, and (3)doesn’t hit for much power.

    71) Ramon Mendoza

    72) Adanson Cruz

    73) Bryan Dobzanski

    74) Austin Warner

    75) Elvin DeJesus
    Was just 16 in the DSL and posted the 7th-best wRC+ for his age, at 121. Neither small nor large for a second baseman at 5′ 11″, DeJesus fanned too much but did draw plenty of walks, and also displayed at least a little gap power in his 120 trips to the plate. He’s someone to watch going forward. Or he’s a kid in the Dominican Summer League and nobody should give a darn, and I just like him because his birthday is the anniversary of Lou Brock breaking the stolen base record. And my sister’s birthday. I don’t know.



    Zero changes in my vote

    71. Zach Pendergast
    72. Stanley Espinal
    73. Austin Warner
    74. Jose Godoy
    75. Diego Cordero


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    71) Jesus Cruz
    72) Andrew Warner
    73) Jacob Schlesener
    74) GCL closer Escobar
    75) Espinal


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    71. Ad Cruz DSL
    72. Cordero
    73. Fuller
    74. Ynfante
    75. Whalen


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    71. An Warner
    72. Dobzanski
    73. J. Cruz
    74. Prendergast
    75. Espinal


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    71. Austin Warner
    72. Andrew Warner
    73. Wadye Ynfante
    74. Brady Whalen. I actually forgot about him. Despite a low .209 batting average, he put up a 111 wRC+ at State College. He came in as a SS/3B prospect but only played 1st this year. That lowers his value somewhat. If he can make more contact, he could take a jump forward.
    75. Connor Coward. Maybe a case of an advanced college arm dominating the GCL but I’ve gotta give him props for having a 0.88 ERA in 41 innings this year. What he does next year will tell the story more.


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    Kirtley was a key guy for Peoria.


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    Are there a few posts missing out of here now? If so, can we get a recap of 71-75 PADS?

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    Yeah! We’re back!!! Thank you Brian!

    Just to recap (I’ll save Pads the time), 71-75 vote went like this

    71. Austin Warner
    72. Brian Dobzanski
    73. Zach Prendergast
    74. Wadye Ynfante
    75. Ramon Mendoza



    Rounding out the top 100 vote, here’s mine.

    76. Jesus Cruz
    77. Andrew Morales
    78. Irving Lopez
    79. Hector Mendoza
    80. Freddy De Jesus
    81. Perry DellaValle
    82. Connor Coward
    83. Jose Moreno
    84. Edwin Figuera
    85. Kevin Woodall
    86. Hector Soto
    87. Adanson Cruz
    88. Shane Billings
    89. Christian Longa
    90. Freddy Pacheco
    91. Franklin Soto
    92. Matt Pearce
    93. Rangel Ravelo
    94. Mike O’Reilly
    95. Jose Godoy
    96. Brandon Riley
    97. Wood Myers
    98. Diego Cordero
    99. Ian Oxnevad
    100. Terry Fuller



    Nyquist17 – Rethinking the concept of our previous discussion. Voting for top pitcher, player and so on is redundant to what Brian is doing, so maybe let’s stick with what he doesn’t cover.

    1. Top Surprise player; which player unexpectedly progressed up the system
    2. Largest Development player; which player honed his skills the most
    3. Breakout player; which player do you think will breakout in 2019
    4. Top prospect acquisition; trades + Rule 5 draft + free agent signings for the 2018 season
    5. Most under-rated prospect; who should get more love. (Bw52 Award for being the only one to give Lane Thomas any love last year.)

    List top 5 in each

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by AvatarWiley.


    Welp this completely sucks (no fault of Brian’s of course) as I didn’t bother to save my 76-100 list anywhere. I’ll try to get it posted tomorrow if time allows.

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