2018 Reg Seas Game #10 – vs. Brewers – Mon 4/9

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    I can’t even be critical of Matheny when I want to be because of the noxious atmosphere surrounding every decision he makes. I don’t always defend him. I just choose to not say anything at all when he screws things up so as not to pile on.

    Most of my criticism is based on who’s playing each day. Matheny takes a very short-term approach to the lineup rather than what’s best for the players long-term. He also does a lot of lineup construction based on “who’s hot” and how they’ve done against this pitcher in an insanely small sample. I also don’t like how he leaves starters in too long or how he plays to the ‘saves’ in the bullpen.

    The fact is Holland has 10 years of experience and should’ve known what his stuff would be like. He’s going to be put in similar situations all year and I’m hopeful that this was just a blip on the radar.

Viewing 101 post (of 101 total)
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