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    I don’t want the Cards to trade good young talent, period. I don’t trust what we are getting in trades right now. Id rather develop what we have and keep it as long as we can. I am not concerned about or pitching at all. It has been more than adequate.

    I agree that dumping Carp would be difficult. At some point, we need to acknowledge our mistakes and eat the losses to keep them from destroying the future. There is nothing to keep Carp here. He makes no contribution of any kind. I have seen no evidence that he provides experienced leadership. We have to hope that if we eat a part of the contract someone who sees his team in a pennant race and needs a left-handed bat might take a chance on getting the “end of the year” type greatness that some think that Carp has. I think we eat a part of it, or we eat all of it as he remains here to be a detriment for years. Would Goldy be having his year without the example of Carp. Carp’s inability to perform at all may be an obstacle that keeps everyone on edge, needing to overperform.

    We, as fans, seem to be willing to get too excited about any positive development, and it may limit our surviving players. We leapt on to the Edman bandwagon, despite the fact that he has never established himself as a great hitter. He was a good AAA hitter. He started strong. Now, he seems to be experiencing the effects of pitching that may be learning about him. We may have our hopes too high. We need a superstar to emerge from non-star talent. It might be better to hope for slightly better performance from a lot of people. One more hit per game, but with runners on base, might have put us strongly into first place. One fewer strikeouts per game with a runner on base and nobody out might have given us another run per game. Little things add up We make too many correctable mistakes.


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    For those clamoring about upgrading the offense I would really like to hear who is going to be displaced.

    Carp? No, he is owed too much money.
    Fowler? ditto.
    Goldy? ditto
    Yadi? ditto
    Ozuna? he is the only one producing.
    JMart? Maybe, but he is somewhat producing.
    DeJong: No, he was our lone “all star.”
    Wong? I doubt it since he is owed $10M next year but it is possible
    Bader? maybe

    The Cardinals aren’t known for eating a lot of money. They did with Leake although it wasn’t really a huge portion. They did with Holland but only for half a year. They did with Gregerson but only for 2/3 of a year. I just don’t foresee them eating big portions of the Carp, Fowler, Goldy, Cecil, or Mikolas contracts. Just not their style.

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    You answered your own question, gscottar. Second base, right field and center field are upgrade possibilities. It may be that some major league talent will go with prospects in a trade.

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