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    Got home to watch it recorded. Pallante did great tonight. Offense didn’t do much but relief held strong and we are in first place. This team isn’t quite ready for prime time against the top teams but I don’t consider Milwaukee one of those. This division is ours for the taking in spite of our struggles against top teams. If we can get hot and extend our lead a bit might make the front office have to make a decision. Do we stand pat and hope this team can go on a run in playoffs or do we go big and really try to make us more of a contender against better teams and if so, what move do we make. I know some will say we need more offense, I think we need some better bullpen arms.

    Euro Dandy


    I just caught the last inning. Helsley doesn’t understand the tradition of Cards’ relievers adding spine tingling drama when pitching in a save situation. Fans expect and deserve to ride the thrill of wild blood pressure swings in the 9th inning. He’ll learn.

    Hope cranny had some possum pie to complement that meal of his to savor this victory. I seared some sea bass in the cast iron tonight and wifey sauteed some spinach in olive oil and made cauliflower rice (which I passed on). Enjoyed a wheat ale after dinner as I watched Helsley’s well-intentioned, but entertainment-lacking save. I was careful to adhere to the TCN beer limit that is so rigidly enforced by Pugs and Brian.



    LOL Euro. You’re right Euro – Galleagos tried to set it up for Helsley in the 8th but I guess he didn’t know which inning it was. Maybe even how many outs?
    Pallante did great and our big 3 bull pen guys came through. Hitting was not that great. Nado and O’Niel both with 2 hits was good. Couple guys with single hits and too many 0fers. Saw on Gameday Donovans batting 295! Didn’t know that.
    Go Cardinals!


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    Well, I’m glad we won, but the game is just about as concerning as the losses in TB. We were playing at home vs a team with a .345 win percentage. It should be a comfortable win. Instead, we got one earned run and an unearned in the first and then got blanked the rest of the way. Packy did a nice job and then Ollie deployed the A Team out of the pen and we ended up giving them more free passes than they got hits.

    We have to get more than two there in an inning where we are given a walk, a HBP and two errors. We can’t walk the bases loaded late in a close game. We can’t go nearly the whole game getting shut down by one of the weakest teams in MLB.

    Hopefully we snap out of it today. Maybe the hot weather coming up will help.

    Here’s what the new guys are hitting in June. Yepez .182, Gorman .120, Donovan .314.
    Albert in June .200.
    The catchers in June, Knizner .053, Molina .222.
    The Nootster .174.


    If our offense gets in gear, we can easily sweep the Reds in this series.


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    I was careful to adhere to the TCN beer limit that is so rigidly enforced by Pugs and Brian.

    Thank you…..thank you very much for the reminder to us all, especially to our newer posters, Euro. Even though our Game Thread beer limit rules are boldly highlighted in the Cardinal Nation Rules & Regulations section that we all sign off on before being allowed to post here, it’s still vitally important for us all to revisit this necessary rule occasionally. I’ll refrain from going over all of the stipulations and details, but if we all can just keep in mind that we are NEVER allowed to indulge in more than one 16 oz. beer per inning while posting on our game threads. Shots of hard liquor are permitted, but only one shot per poster after each Cardinal home run. For those who think they can sneak in a little extra alcohol during our game threads without us knowing……you better think again. We won’t reveal how this can be accurately detected, but trust me when I say that if one decides to break this rule, that Brian or myself will without question immediately catch you. We want everyone to enjoy both the ballgame and the game thread, but alcohol needs to be moderately consumed, so things do not get out of hand. We do have many ladies and youngsters following our game threads, gentlemen. Thank you.



    Well, whichever of the Cards or Brewers that get their act together will run away from the pack in this division.

    Pirates, Reds, and Cubs appear to be taking the season off.

    I like the Cards chances to eventually shuffle through their deck of prospects, make 1 impact move at the deadline, and end up with a really good team at the end.

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