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    Euro Dandy


    Top of the 5th and the 8th inning are prime examples of why this team is going nowhere. You had rancid defense, ineffective pitching, questionable bullpen management, poor base running, bad offense that failed to get a runner in from 3B with one out, low IQ in failing to get a DP by not tagging the runner before stepping on the base, on and on . . .



    Well, at least Mo won’t be starry-eyed believing this team can get in the playoffs this year. Maybe he will use some common sense for once and sell some players at the deadline.



    Honestly, it just doesn’t seem to me that Shildt’s heart is in it. It feels like he got thrown into a situation he doesn’t want to be in, which is understandable.

    And, even though the team has seemed to…be slightly more motivated, I am not seeing that it’s because of him. He doesn’t seem to have that fire in your belly. It doesn’t feel like he is managing for his life out there. Like he is managing for the future of his career.

    It feels like he is going through the motions and just trying to get through the season.



    Well, if you’re told you have to play Fowler every day, for whatever reason, you know you are not putting your best team on the field.

    Hard to convince everybody you are trying to win when you are not putting your best 9 on the field.


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    Nice analysis by EW. Just not sure how much of it is correctable with drills and dedicated practice.



    Which is why we need a complete turnaround in the team philosophy. I want some outside set of eyes rather then the yes men within the Organization. Sorry but Shildt is just a puppet. IMO under the Bowtie clan.


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    Two of three is acceptable against the division leaders at this point. But now you have a pretty good Colorado Rockies team coming in for four, and you have to win three to keep the momentum going.

    This Cardinal crew has not shown any ability to play consistent winning baseball, as they are too fundamentally flawed and the bullpen cannot bring home a game when they are asked to pitch more than 2 innings.

    And the new manager’s decisions are not inspiring me. He seems to be too much of a push-button manager, but agree that the organization needs to give him the remainder of the season before assessing where they go with the field leadership decision.


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    On a side note, I have noticed that Mike Shannon has really struggled the last couple of years recalling names. In listening to the Saturday broadcast, he was talking about the velocity of Jordan Hicks’ pitches and brought up his own experience in facing the young Nolan Ryan. But he called Ryan “that guy that threw all the no-hitters”. It took Mike Claiborne saying “Nolan Ryan?”, to bring out who “that guy” was.

    He seems to struggle with the guys on the field as well. He said a couple of times the Cardinals lead was thanks to a grand-slam “by the left-fielder”.

    Mike is an institution in St. Louis, but like all of us he’s slipping a bit.


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    I don’t understand all the angst about Shildt. I think he is doing a fine job considering the circumstances. He has gone 6-6 but 8 of those 12 games were against a first place team and the other four against a team that has been pretty good since May 1. Were you expecting 10-2?

    I don’t know if the FO has instructed him to play Fowler everyday or not but I will say for the most part Fowler has played a little better since Shildt took over. Besides Fowler, I like his new lineup construction and stability, he has us playing more aggressive, and he is very transparent and descriptive in his post game press conferences. He actually sounds like he knows what he is talking about.


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    Why is everyone talking about the defense tonight as a sign of impending doom?

    we had one error? it was a big one and cost the game it seems, but teams commit errors, it happens…every team commits errors and loses games because of it

    I know we have a lot the most whatever…but the team has been playing better lately even defensively. Munoz is a good defender (as shown on the previous play to the error) and is young, it happens. I wanted ther sweep as much as anyone else, but 2 of 3 is good

    and post break against the Cubs we are 4-4 against them, that doesnt show me they are that much of at all better than us despite all our seeming problems

    The Reds are playing great right now (took 3 of 4 from the Phils) and we still only barely lost that series and had 2 non hitters in that series into the 7th

    the team is playing better, the players are playing better (even Fowler) Pham seems still out of whack but trending up, Ozuna too

    We have to be fair to this team as they are now, not as to how they have perfromned up until now. 1 error that costs the game is no fun, but it also doesnt demand talking about changing everythign in the system as if it is the saprk to prove all arguments.

    We arenta great defensive team, we have basically TWO guys playing in their natural best positions outside of the pitchers.

    -Gyorko is fine enough at 3rd but he is a 2bman IMO
    -Carp really isnt great anywhere, 1b is best as of now, he is just a passable defender anywhere you put him, nto bad…and workable but not great to begin with
    -Pham may have the wheels for CF but his eyes and route running IMO are not CF worthy, LF or RF he’d be better
    -Fowler is a CFer who is playing RF because he cant play CF anymore…not natural to him
    -Ozuna may have a GG but he is far from it with his arm as it is
    -JMartinez is a DH playing 1b or RF
    -DeJOng was a 3bman converted and still learning

    Wong and Yadi are the only true guys slotted where they should be playing and look at them, they are both exceptional

    I think you can deal with growing pains of DeJong wherever he plays, I think you can handle Carp at 1b, but everyone else is really not set up for success. And that is primarily because we haev a lot of utility/platoon players playing full time out of necessity. and we have OFers who all have issues of some kind

    we dont need to scrap the bunch of them, we just need to minimize the potential problems. We dont need a a whole new philosophy, just some retooling. A key player or two could really help. Which means probably moving some good players who have or havent done anythign wrong. They are good players, just we have too many weird square pegs trying to cram into too many circle holes. Move Gyorko, Pham/Fowler, JMart. Not because they are bad, but because they dont fit.

    Personally Id prefer a makeover where defense is most important, but i dont know if we’d win those games with the holes in the lineup their bats might lead to. You still have to score runs to win games. NO pitcher has ever won a game on the mound without runs being scored for him.


    In all fairness to Munoz, that wasn’t just a plain bobble. It was in the hand transition of not really knowing if he should go underhand as that type of play would dictate or go sidearm, (which would mean a different grip) seeing that Heywad was actually running hard and not merely Yadiing it. I think that Gyro learned something there… keep an eye on the runner before having to field the ball, and adjust accordingly.


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    Yes, Munoz may have been partly indecision but looking at the ball would have resolved it no matter what he decided.

    If Gyrko hasn’t learned by now I doubt this will.have taught him anything.

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