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    Reyes will be the #3 starter in 2019, regardless of what the media or other fans say.


    There are two kinds of Cards fans in 2019: 1. fans that understand Alex Reyes has far greater potential than Jack Flaherty.

    2. fans that are delusional and clinging to the notion that “Flaherty is a future ace” and blah blah blah.

    Stop embarrassing yourselves. Flaherty is Mike Leake without the sinker or pinpoint control. A textbook #4 in reality.

    I wouldn’t even start Flaherty in a postseason game (just like Leake)

    “A few games over 500” is my official projection for Flaherty. So far Jack is 8-11.

    Alex Reyes is my future ace, esp from 2020-2022

    In 2019, 150 innings as the #3 is a good bet.

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    Why do fans in St Louis act like they never heard of the concept of “playing through injury”?

    Fowler was obviously injured in 2018 and couldn’t run full speed. That’s why he “looked slow”. That’s why his batting average was under .250 for the first time in his career

    From 2014 – 2017, Dex had 15.0 oWAR total. For comparison,Christian Yelich had 16.6 oWAR.

    Cardinal Nation is delusional when it comes to Dexter Fowler.

    2014: 3.9 oWAR
    2015: 3.7
    2016: 4.0
    2017: 3.4

    Dex has the same career oWAR as Matt Carpenter (27) and has far more value defensively.

    Market value for veteran outfielders in 2019 is no less than $15 million per year.

    At age 30, “5 years x $17 million” was perfectly reasonable for a veteran centerfielder coming off 4.0 oWAR.

    If anything, Dex and his 81 career triples, 227 doubles, 140 steals are grossly underrated.

    You’ve got to be clueless to think 5 years / $85 mill is a bad contract.

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