What is right with the Cardinals and what can be done to keep it going??

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    Brian Walton

    Pads, Mikolas’ contract was discussed on May 29 on the Affiliate Observations thread. Why there, I don’t know.

    Since the general public does not have direct access to contract information, often times details trickle out later.

    Man, that is quite the bummer. I missed that nugget.



    If Flores is the one who makes the call, he has had some mixed results on his drafts. I suppose that could be a result of feeling his way through what works the best. Or, it could be some poor drafting strategies. Or, it could be some mixed luck. I am hoping that he has been learning. (Although, that doesn’t speak well for his worthiness of being hired in the first place or the front office’s choice of hires.)



    1. The potential of the young arms is exciting.
    2. Molina
    3. Jose Martinez. We might be 12 games out without him.
    4. Norris and Hicks
    5. Carpenter
    6. Maddux
    7. Oquendo
    8. Willie McGhee



    After reading a bit on George Greer and Mark Budaska, and (one of them?) their expertise on body mechanics, I wonder if they could help J Martinez? I know he’s working with Oquendo, but his body is just too tall for standard instruction. But if our new coaches can help his mechanics, I wonder if he could become an average defender? That would be like getting a $15-20m player on the cheap.


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    Appreciative Inquiry of a baseball team on a message board. What has the world come to?

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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