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    Donut hole in the minors in the outfield. Good high level prospects and low level prospects. Not much in the middle.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    I might call it more of a hula hoop! 😉

    Being specific, once Carlson is up, the outfield depth in the pool for this season is Williams and Dean. That is it. The only other OF in Springfield is Fletcher, who has never played above Johnson City.


    Unless guys like Scott Hurst can come around. 🙂

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    “If Dean makes the team, I would guess it may be bad news for Sosa (taking Miller’s spot)”

    I think Sosa is safe. (This won’t be the actual lineup, but my “preferred”, knowing they are going to play Fowler.)

    1. Wong 2B
    2. Carpenter DH
    3. Goldschmidt 1B
    4. DeJong SS
    5. Edman 3B
    6. O’Neill LF
    7. Molina C
    8. Fowler RF
    9. Bader CF

    1. Sosa IF (Taxi squad when cut to 26)
    2. Ravelo 1B/LF
    3. Thomas OF
    4. Dean OF (Demote when Miller back)
    5. Wieters C
    6. Knizner C (Taxi squad when cut to 28)

    Flaherty, Wainwright, Hudson, Mikolas, Martinez

    1. Whitley/Oviedo (demote when to 28)
    2. Fernandez (demote when to 26, taxi squad??)
    3. Gomber (L)
    4. Poncedeleon
    5. Webb (L)
    6. Gant
    7. Gallegos (is he ready???)
    8. Miller (L)
    9. Helsley
    10. Kim (L)

    ??? – Reyes, Cabrera(L)
    IL/RL – Hicks, Brebbia

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    Cards667, good analysis. What you imply, but not state directly, is that the Cardinals would go with 15 pitchers and 15 position players. Before all the pitchers being delayed, they said they wanted 17 and 13. However, in the last few days, Shildt said that was no longer likely. My guess has been that they would still go with 16/14 because of the expected pressure on the pitching early.

    However, if they go all the way to 15/15, your roster could be it. I do think pitcher number 16 not on your list is probably Jake Woodford, though. That would suggest Sosa is bumped, if Dean is on the team, which is my thought shared earlier.

    P.S. Another spot that has come into question in recent days is Fernandez.

    Tomorrow will give us the answers.


    Excellent projection by 667 and excellent follow up comments by BW.

Viewing 6 posts - 301 through 306 (of 306 total)
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