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    Is there an update on Hicks? Last I remember he seems likely to return next year.

    Brian Walton

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    That is pretty much it.


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    Hicks has been so mishandled that I am not counting on anything from him. Or perhaps he just has too much velocity for his physical being to accommodate. Maybe some humans are blessed with the ability to throw a baseball 100+ MPH now and then, but are not physically able to sustain it over and over again.

    In fact I would say that is the case for most people. Throwing that hard puts so much stress on the muscles, joints and tendons that you either need to do it sparingly, or you will break down. Once in awhile a guy can sustain it over the long term. Randy Johnson, at 6’10” had so much leverage that his arm did not need to do as much to get the velocity. Aroldis Chapman seems to be put together to sustain velocity.

    And there is the all-timer in this category, Nolan Ryan. He had something to where he could bring it 100 and his structure could handle it. But Hicks just does not seem built that way. He needs to learn some of the Wainwright tricks, and use the power here and there.

    1982 willie

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    Yea I would agree bicyclemike. I’ve heard people say its because of how players are conditioned today or some other stuff similar but pitchers have always had arm problems. There have been a few pitchers like Ryan but they are the exception and you can’t base regular players off of the exceptional. You just have to marvel at someone like Ryan.


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    It seems like most of the 100 mph guys entering pro ball don’t have the control to be effective. And since MLB hitters can all hit 100mph now days, effective secondary pitches or at least the ability to change speeds effectively is going to be needed eventually. Most of the time their arm does not hold up long enough for them to learn how to pitch enough to be effective against MLB hitters. They try to come back with lesser velocity and a patched up arm, but the trouble is they never learned how to pitch because previously they could just get by on velocity alone. At that point, it is unknown if they even have the ability, all that is known is they used to be able to throw 100 MPH, so what do you have? I think we loaded up on these guys over the recent past and ended up with nothing much reaching the upper levels. Hicks is not going to come back as the guy who threw 100MPH. What else have we seen him do effectively? If the answer is not much, then we are looking at another guy who is not going to be effective against upper level hitters.


    Hicks has been so mishandled that I am not counting on anything from him.

    I think that Jordan is on the “CMart list”…. out of sight…. out of mind.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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