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    nate, I think we all know what you meant. I was just having a bit of fun while trying to break up the monotony of reading your same point made over and over.

    Different fans react differently. Some are happy with progress. Others use message board discussion as their way to “hold the team accountable,” which makes them feel better, at least. Yet others vote with their wallet/purse. The latter is a growing group, but still a significant minority.


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    Too many knee-jerk reactions all around and yes myself included.Having a tantrum over Wainwright re-signing and whining about the perceived future moves or non-moves is a bit silly right now.Yes Mo has made some FA signings that havent worked out but he has also made some good moves too.As for DeWitt and his business sense I think the man has done okay and t6he Cards have been generally successful during his tenure.Why not wait and see what is happening this next few months before getting the pitchforks and torches ready.Times are different now and the days like the 1950s and early 60s are long gone.There will likely never be teams like the Yankees who won the league pennant7 times in the 50s and 5 WS championships.Too much player turnover and free agency makes it harder to keep teams together.Different world,different economics now.While always wanting more from the Cardinals being able tto stay in contention yearly is not a bad thing.Staying in the race without tanking and being able to contend using the model the team chooses is not a bad thing.Thats my opinion and I have been a fan since early 60`s.


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    I am glad to have Wainwright back as I think he can bring a huge boost the club’s most pressing need, a better bullpen. However, my sense is they will give him a shot at the rotation next year, and only if he fails there will they consider a bullpen role. He will also bring good leadership to the younger guys, of which the club has many.

    My projected rotation, barring any deals is Martinez, Mikolas, Gomber, Flaherty, Wacha. We need the big lefty in there. Then you have Weaver and possibly Reyes if he can ever stay healthy for more than a week or two battling for bullpen spots. Hudson likely starts back in Memphis, hopefully gets his location in check, and will be in St. Louis when the club needs another starter.

    If Weaver can also improve on location, then he, Waino and a healthy Reyes can make the bullpen much better than 2018 without any moves made. Reyes has the potential to be “lights out” closer material, something we have sorely missed since the prime years of Motte and Rosenthal.

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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