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    wheels definitely fell off tonight. But that happens to every team at one time or another in baseball

    I do agree we are slumping. But we have had worse stretches in years where we have done quite well.

    Tonight just seemed to take all the bad things we could do and wrap them all in one game.

    Maybe they needed to be embarrassed to feel the kick in the butt they need.

    After that misplay by Ozuna everything went downhill. He catches that. CMart gets out of the inning with the lead and low pitch count and some confidence. After that mistake. More mistakes piled up every inning. Carlos especially seemed undone.

    I may be optimistic but I’m not unaware of the things we are all watching and nor do I thinkthey are not cause for concern and worry. I just try to remind myself of the season and not the game.

    Go Cards!



    Matheney post-game convinces me he is clueless on how to fix this team’s problems, and still thinks each loss is a one-off. He actually said things were looking up when they got to within 5 runs…really, Mike?

    When you have to use a position player to close the game because you can’t afford to burn out your bullpen on game 1 of a 4-game series, things are not going well, and indicate your team has some serious problem, not to mention a 4-error game.

    They prop up C-Mart as an elite pitcher, but he is far from that and we all know it. Each game he pitches lowers his trade value. Mo and the GM need to wake up.



    Is that our gold glove LFer? The one who has positive defensive metrics from what I remember?

    Ha! Those metrics are seriously flawed. He’s been one of the worst LF’er I’ve ever seen put on the Cardinal uniform. YEah he gets to some balls some don’t but he’s misplayed more balls than I think I’ve seen out of a LF in STL and we’re not even halfway through the season. I literally had my jaw opened for 10 seconds after I saw that play. Knew right there it wasn’t going to be our night and am thankfully my MLBTV went on the fritz.

    When I saw the 4 errors I assumed 3 were Munoz and 1 was Carlos Martinez because it seems he makes an error every other start. So I was surprised when I saw Jedd had 2 and Munoz none. Maybe Oquendo can start working with the hurlers instead of the position players. BTW out of those league leading error how many are by our pitching staff? Take Munoz and the Pitchers out and where do we stand?

    This is going to get ugly folks. We will be lucky to be .500 at the 81 game mark. Not with the way the starters have come back to earth a bit and this bullpen with the mix of this crap offense.


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    About as bad of a way to start a four game series against the division leader as you can get. Your ace is shelled, you commit four errors, your 2-3-4-5 hitters go 0 for 13 with 5 strikeouts, and despite a 13-man pitching staff you use a position player to pitch.

    That last decision takes the game from bad, to a joke. Yeah, you are down a bunch. But one of the beauties of baseball is it is never over, until it’s over as Yogi said. You are not against a clock, you always have a chance. The entire reason for the ridiculous amount of pitchers on a roster is to never get caught without a guy available in this era of pitching specialization, where guys are used primarily in particular innings or situations. I do not agree with the philosophy used today, but that is a topic for another time.

    The point is, when you go to a non-pitcher you are telling your team “we give up, we cannot win this so lets just get it over with and come back tomorrow”. Not the message you want to send to your ball club. A team with character fights through to the end, as what you do today can be beneficial tomorrow and later in the season. You want a club with the mentality of “we fight through to the last out, and never give up”. This club yesterday is characterized as “When the going is tough and it looks hopeless for us, we just throw in the towel so we will be rested up for tomorrow’s game”.

    And maybe that is what you have to do in a 162 game marathon, but it just seems to run the risk of telling your guys that your faith in them only goes so far.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    I think it is now twice in the last 15 games that a non-pitcher pitched.




    Matheney post-game convinces me he is clueless on how to fix this team’s problems, and still thinks each loss is a one-off. He actually said things were looking up when they got to within 5 runs…really, Mike?

    I don’t know why you listen to him in the post-game. He hates these things so he is obviously going to give the minimum effort possible in answering any questions.

    I’m a die-hard UK fan and both Tubby Smith and Billy Gillespie were the same way during pressers.


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    Pads-a diehard Kentucky fan………………….The evil empire in Lessington.
    I am a diehard Louisville fan.


    LOL, maybe Matheney should take some lessons from John Calicheater.



    PadsFS — MM hates post-game interviews when they lose, he kind of seems to like them when they win… just wish he’d acknowledge reality.

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