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    watching martinez error again makes me just wonder how long he can remain at 1b…the fsmw commentators tried to give him an “out” by saying the ball caught a lip and died, but there is no excuse for him not to get in front of that ball..i dont even think its laziness as much as just his body had to be tired, hes an excellent batter but just not the athletic type.

    We are still a ground ball team, these are costly runs, you cannot expect this offense to come out an average 7 runs a game to win ballgames…i hate to say it, but he is the PERFECT DH, and hes not getting any younger..i just yearn for the old days of solid infield defense coupled with good pitching

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    For grins, I went back and watched the bottom of the ninth, but this time on the Pirates broadcast. I included a few direct quotes.

    Dickerson: First pitch double lined to right center. (On Holland)

    Cervelli on 1-2 count: RHB took a very good outside pitch to RF for a single. (Not really on Holland.)

    Moran on 2-2 count: Martinez error, one run in: “That had a chance to be a double play. Big break for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the bottom of the ninth. A huge break.”

    On the replay: “He (Martinez) whiffed on it.”

    Lyons and Leone both are shown hurriedly throwing in the pen.

    Mercer on full count: Smokes the ball to dead center. Double, one scores, then runners advance on Pham fielding error, another run scores (Martinez’ runner).

    On the replay: “There is the pitch. It is right out there and over (the plate). Jordy just hits it straight and with a lot of carry. Pham not having the glove anywhere near the possibility of making the catch. And you saw the beginning of the fumble. And on the throw in, there was no one to take it and Kuhl just kept running. There was no cutoff man anywhere near the throw.”

    (I don’t recall FSM commenting on the throw in and I am not sure it if would have mattered given the time elapsed when the ball was booted. Unclear.)


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    Well I think it is strange when our best reliever is 5 for 5 in save opportunities but then is removed as closer because he doesn’t make as much as money as the other guy. Playing time should be based on performance and not on salary. Bud Norris should be the closer.


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    T, I wouldn’t like Ozuna’s lack of arm strength in RF. In the scenario where Fowler plays less, I’d like to see more of Bader and leave Jose at 1B.
    Fowler may stand in the righty batters box but he doesn’t compete well there. More of Bader especially vs LHP’s.

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