St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix – 2019 Second Half and Short-Season

With the official opening of two of the three St. Louis Cardinals 2019 US-based short-season minor league clubs, it is time for another refresh of the Roster Matrix.

This article and the tables below reflect moves during the second half of the 2019 season. The previous matrix reflects the rosters as they evolved during the first half of the 2019 campaign for the full-season clubs.

If you are new to The Cardinal Nation and not familiar with the Cardinals organization roster matrix, here is quick summary:

As the US-based short-season affiliates began play, the St. Louis Cardinals had 313 players under contract from top to bottom, including a full 40-man roster and 31 of the 40 members of this June’s draft class. The 40-man roster members are called out in bold.

The matrix places each of the 313 at his assigned level in the system and position. The matrix is kept updated daily or as transactions occur.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization plus a decade of history.

(Do not be concerned about the order of the players’ names within position. It has no relative significance.)

Looking ahead and back

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For details behind past rosters and transactions, check out the earlier versions (back to 2009) of the Cardinals organization Roster Matrix, via the following link.

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6/20: New matrix. Organization total: 313 players. 40-man roster full. 31 of 40 draftees signed.

6/21: UT Yairo Munoz off StL RL. 1B/OF Rangel Ravelo from StL to Mem. PB RHS Perry DellaValle to TI list. RHS Luis Ortiz from DSL Blue to GCL. RHS Ludwin Jimenez from DSL Red to GCL. 5 SC Ps to GCL: RH Martin Cordova, Inohan Paniagua, Hector Soto, Francis Ventura and LH Nathanael Heredia. 6 SC college draftee Ps activated: LH Connor Thomas (5th) and RHPs Andre Pallante (4th), Jack Ralston (7th), Connor Lunn (11th), Adrian Mardueno (20th) and Eric Lex (27th).

6/22: OF Lane Thomas off Mem IL. LHS Evan Kruczynski, 1B/C Chris Chinea from Mem to Spr. RHS Angel Rondon from Spr to PB. RHP Allinson Benitez from GCL to DSL Blue.

6/24: OF Tyler O’Neill, IF Drew Robinson off Mem IL. OF Conner Capel, iF Yariel Gonzalez from Mem to Spr.  OF Chase Pinder, SS Michael Perri from Spr to PB. RHS Perry DellaValle off PB TI list. RHS Kyle Leahy from PB to Peo. OF Luis Montano from PB to GCL. OF Jonatan Machado from GCL to SC. OF Adanson Cruz to GCL 60-day IL.

6/25: RHS Alex Reyes to Mem IL. RHPs Daniel Ponce de Leon, Dominic Leone Mem to StL. RHR Jordan Hicks to StL 10-day IL. LHP Genesis Cabrera StL to Mem. RHRs Seth Elledge, Junior Fernandez Spr to Mem.

6/26: UT Drew Robinson, RHS Anthony Shew to Mem 7-day IL. RHS Chris Holba to SC 60-day IL.

6/27: IF Max Schrock off Mem IL. OF Justin Williams off Spr IL. 2B Brendan Donovan to Peo IL. FA 1B/3B Shane Benes signed, assigned to SC. RHP Saniel Santana from JC to GCL. New organization total: 314 players.

6/28: RHR Mitchell Osnowitz from PB to Spr. RHP Hector Soto from GCL to PB. SS Edwin Figuera from SC to Peo.

6/29: OF Marcell Ozuna to StL 10-day IL. StL RHR John Brebbia to Paternity List. OFs Tyler O’Neill, Lane Thomas from Mem to StL. LHS Austin Warner from Spr to Mem. RHS Angel Rondon from PB to Spr. RHPs Cole Aker, Edgar Escobar from Peo to PB. RHP Hector Soto from PB to GCL. OF Bryce Denton to Peo IL. OF Andres Luna, RHP Michael Baird, LHP Eli Kraus from SC to Peo. OF David Vinsky from JC to SC.

6/30: OF Justin Williams from Spr to Mem. RHP Leonardo Taveras from JC to SC.

7/1: FA RHP John Witkowski signed, assigned to JC. New organization total: 315 players.

7/2: 3B Matt Carpenter to StL 10-day IL. RHR John Brebbia off StL Paternity List.

7/2: 20 international signees for 2020, listed separately below.  3 international signees for 2019, RHPs Americo Lugo (DSL Blue), Brayan Ramirez (DSL Red) and Hansel Marcelino (DSL Blue). New organization total 338 players.

7/3: RHR Ronnie Williams from PB to Spr. RHS Alvaro Seijas from Peo to PB. Mem LHR Tommy Layne released. StL RHR Ryan Helsley activated from 10-day IL, optioned to Mem. New organization total: 337 players.

7/4: RHP Zack Thompson from GCL to PB. RHP Tony Locey from GCL to Peo. RHR Rodard Avelino from SC to Peo.

7/5: 1B/OF Rangel Ravelo from Mem to StL. OF Lane Thomas from StL to Mem. OF Justin Williams, IF Max Schrock to Mem IL. 1B/C Chris Chinea, OF Johan Mieses, IF Jose Martinez from Spr to Mem. OFs Scott Hurst, Lars Nootbaar, SS Michael Perri from PB to Spr. OF Conner Capel to Spr IL. IF Juan Yepez, OF Andres Luna from Peo to PB. IF Brendan Donovan off Peo IL.

7/6: OF Dylan Carlson to Spr TI List. OF Chase Pinder from PB to Spr. OF Wadye Ynfante from Peo to PB. 3B Nolan Gorman to PB TI List. C Cole Kreuter from GCL to PB. OF Bryce Denton off Peo IL.

7/7: OF Trejyn Fletcher from GCL to JC.

7/8: Spr OF Dylan Carlson off TI List. PB 3B Nolan Gorman off TI list. Mem RHP Kevin Herget from 7-day to 60-day IL. IF Ramon Urias from Mem IL to PB. C Chad Kreuter from PB to GCL. LHR Tyler Webb from StL to Mem.

7/9: RHR Will Latcham to Spr IL. 13th rounder OF Tommy Jew signed, assigned to SC 60-day IL. 32 of 40 draftees signed. New organization total: 338 players.

7/10: C/1B Chris Chinea from Mem to Spr. OF Andres Luna to PB IL.

7/11: 3B Matt Carpenter off StL 10-day IL. C Yadier Molina onto StL 10-day IL. C Andrew Knizner from Mem to StL. RHR Jordan Hicks from StL 10- to 60-day IL. LHR Chasen Shreve from Mem to StL, onto 40-man roster (full). 1B/OF Rangel Ravelo from StL to Mem. C Jose Godoy from Spr to Mem.

7/12: OF Chase Pinder from Spr to PB.

7/13: IF Ramon Urias from PB to Spr. C Cole Kreuter from GCL to PB.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (effective 7/13/19)

St. Louis (25+6) 40-man (40+3)
Mikolas Cecil (L 60 IL) Y Molina (10 IL) Goldschmidt Wong  DeJong Carpenter M Ozuna (10 IL)
Wainwright A Miller (L) Wieters Munoz Gyorko (10 IL) Fowler
Flaherty  Mayers (60 IL) Knizner Edman  Bader 
D Hudson Ponce de Leon Jose Alb Martinez
Wacha Hicks (60 IL) O’Neill
G Gallegos 
C Martinez 
Shreve (L)
Memphis (25+11)
Gomber (L IL) Cervenka (L) Godoy Nogowski Schrock (IL) Sosa  Robinson (IL) A Garcia 
Woodford  Ellis J Hudson Ravelo I Lopez Jose Alex Martinez E Mendoza (IL) J Williams (IL)
Cabrera (L) Webb (L) Robertson Arozarena
A Reyes Morales (IL) L Thomas
Hauschild C Beck Mieses
Shew (IL) Helsley
Arauz Meisinger (IL)
Au Warner (L) D Gonzalez (60 IL)
Herget (60 IL)
Ju Fernandez
J Cruz
Springfield (24+7)
Oviedo Fasola (IL) O’Keefe Chinea Kirtley Ascanio E Montero (IL) Hurst
W Perez (IL) M Gonzalez (IL) Triunfel Y Gonzalez Capel (IL)
Kruczynski (L) C Jones Perri Toerner
Parsons Patterson (L) Urias Carlson
A Rondon Latcham (IL) Nootbaar
Fagalde R Ramirez
R Williams
Palm Beach (25+5)
DellaValle Escobar D Ortega Baker Dunn I Diaz Gahagan Plummer
Roberts Dayton (L) Ju Rodriguez Yepez Gorman A Luna (IL)
E Gonzalez R Santos Kreuter Ynfante
D Cordero (L) Yokley Pinder
Seijas Prendergast
Tewes (IL) Saylor
Walsh (IL) Aker
Oxnevad (L 60 IL) Thompson (L 1)
Peoria (24+2)
Leahy Locey (3) I Herrera Whalen Donovan Del Perez Cedeno
Brettell N De Jesus (IL) A Wilson Shaw Figuera Riley
Schmid (L) Sisk (L) Benson
Zamora (IL) Tabata Denton
M Baird Pacheco
Casadilla Avelino
St. Clair
Kraus (L)
P Kelly
State College (30+3)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Holba (60 IL) Jr Gonzalez Duce D Gomez L Flores M Castillo Figueroa An Warner
Schlesener (L) Villalobos (L) Knight D Williams Ware (23) Vinsky (15)
Gragg (8) L Taveras C Soto Benes (FA) Woodall (60 IL)
Randolph (26) Solano Pages (6) Espinal
Politz (29) Blanco (L) Machado
Pallante (4) Jew (13 60IL)
C Thomas (L 5)
Ralston (7)
Lunn (11)
Mardueno (20)
Lex (27)
Johnson City (34)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Sommers (10) E Perez (L) Z Jackson Redmond (32) B Baird (34) Sabino Lott (9)
YaSenka (17) Robbins Purcell Gil Nunez Fletcher (2)
Guay (24) A Gallegos Antonini (18) K Vargas R Ozuna Torres
Dulle (30) F Justo Skeels (36) Fuller
Peck (28) J Moreno Del Rio
Roach Pereira V Garcia
Pearce (L 31) Puello Soler
W Rivera
Gulf Coast (31+1)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Hart (16) Gingery (L) Richardson (22) F DeJesus P Gomez F Soto Y Rosario W Jimenez
Statler (14) Ortiz J Garcia Longa R Mendoza A Cruz (60 IL)
Green (33) Coward F Hernandez J De Los Santos
Ventura Trompiz Selmo
Paniagua Madera Romeri (12)
N Heredia (L) R Garcia Montano
Cordova L Jimenez
Santana Drake
H Soto
DSL Blue (33)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
D Rodriguez J Ramirez L Rodriguez F Diaz E Pena E De Jesus B Hernandez L Pena
E Martinez C Zapata (L) J Zapata Arcia Moquete
GJ Rodriguez Miranda Velasquez Del Villar GA Rodriguez
Ozoria (L) Benitez Otamendi
Portillo Pimentel Jo Rodriguez
Prada (L) Richard
Suarez Arias
W Ortega Tena
Marcelino J Peralta
DSL Red (34)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
V Herrera Yedis Orecchia Andujar Inoa Samuel
Rincon Calderon J Sanchez E Thomas Matute C Ramirez
Dominguez Cuenca R Heredia Mora Brazoban
D Guerrero (L) H De Los Santos E Salas
H Cordero (L) L Garcia S Vargas
H Gomez L Soriano Marcos
Jaquez Maiz Burgos
R Fernandez Manzo
B Ramirez O Lopez
DSL signed  2020 (20)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Beltre (L) M Martinez J Guerrero Bolivar R Guzman Carbonara
Cervantes J Salas M Hernandez Encarnacion Cordoba
Cuella Espinoza Ramos
Davila M Justo Reynoso
F Guzman Rivas F Taveras
Draft unsigned (8)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Sharpe (L 19) McFarlane (25) Byrne (38) McKenzie (39) Newell (37)
Owen (L 21) Hofmann (L 35) Rugely (40)

(IL): injured list
(TI): temporarily inactive list
(PL): paternity leave
(RL): restricted list
(L): left-handed pitcher
bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster
(xx): Round selected in 2019 Draft
(FA): recent free agent signee
(#+#): for teams, the number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (IL+TI+PL+RL) players

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