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    I would have liked to have heard some good news about Elehuris Montero and Jhon Torres since he’s an outfielder. Tink Hence didn’t get invited to Summer Camp South because they didn’t have room for him. There are several other players that weren’t at Summer Camp South that I hope found a way to make progress: Griffin Roberts, Mateo Gil, Trejyn Fletcher, Patrick Romeri, Francisco Justo, Julio Rodriguez. Pedro Pages to name a few. Don’t yet know what we’ve got in Tony Locey, Jack Ralston, Andre Pallante. Interested to see if we caught a sleeper in Ian Bedell. How good of a hitter is Alec Burleson, really? Who is that middle infielder in the DSL that looks like he could become a big time prospect, and there’s that 100 MPH pitcher down there that they signed over the summer, Edwin Nunez. Who’d I forget? And BTW, is Maycol Justo related to Francisco Justo?

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    Just to clarify, Torres wasn’t among the outfielders there, but Fletcher was. So were catchers Rodriguez and Pages. But your broader point remains. We know no more about most of the players who were in Springfield than the ones not invited.

Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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