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    Cardinals seem to lean to salary when roster decisions, and that makes sense to a degree. It happens too often. For example, if Norris and Mikolas continue to struggle, which I hope they don’t, should they be given bullpen and starters spots? Granted they have painted themselves in a corner with MIkolas, unless he flourishes in a bullpen role to the point that he likely make the team. I do not think anything could be done with him short of a release, which is not likely. Norris could be more likely to be released, but if he continues with injury issues, he could go on the DL.

    And if you add up the contracts we have given to Motte. Mujica, and others we hope have rebound years, could you not have added 1 quality reliever for that money?

    I really don’t understand this philosophy, unless saving money is the top concern, and winning the second wild card is our high hope.


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    Thought I saw Mujica gets 750k. Not sure about Motte, probably near the same, maybe MLB minimum.

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    Key point here is that Mujica only makes $750K if he makes the MLB roster. Since he is not even in MLB camp, that ain’t happening any time soon.

    The answer to your primary question is “no”. Sadly, it takes a lot of minor league contracts to equal one big league contract for the “quality reliever” you prefer.




    Surely you knew that with Junior and the Juniorettes it has always been and always will be:

    2. Make a wild card if you can but if you can’t then no big deal. Draw 3.4 and count your money.

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