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    I think Martinez can improve with continued practice. I know that the guy is trying.

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    Not you, Ny, but others have questioned Martinez’ commitment and seem to enjoy calling him names. He is not a robot, as some seem to want, but I’ve seen him put in the work to try to get better and all I have heard is that he is a good teammate.

    Having said that, he is clearly a liability in the field so I get why he is on the trading block. But as others have said, if they move him, it should be for something that addresses another need. Not trading him for prospects just to get rid of him.


    I like what Jose brings to the team.


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    JMart SHOULD be able to bring us back something we need, like a good lefty…BUT the market is the market

    his defense in RF i felt better about than his defense at 1b so i dont mind him as a 4th/5th OFer, but that still provides and issue with ONeill and Fowler in the way…not to mention Munoz’s capability…

    I don’t see how he can stay with playing poor defense at 1b, as long as ONeill and Fowler are on the team

    at least Adams being able to play good defense at 1b was something of some need for bench

    right now the bench is:
    Gyorko, FA Catcher, JMart, ONeill/Fowler

    no Munoz or Robinson

    I don’t want Gyorko as the backup SS ever again…

    So to me someone has to go this offseason…Gyorko, Fowler, Oneill, or JMart….maybe even TWO have to go to get that lefty bat they want

    JMart and Gyorko and Poncedeleon
    Rogers and Astudillo and maybe get a halfway decent lower level prospect

    That’s a pretty big haul for a lefty reliever and backup catcher…maybe TOO much


    we save a little money and clear a roster spot, while solving TWO problem areas we need to address

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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