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    In preparation for our annual ranking of Cardinal prospects I am looking at it by position.

    In what order would you rank our leading catcher prospects. Or who would you add to the following list.

    Memphis – Carson Kelly
    Springfield – Andrew Knizner, Jeremy Martinez
    Palm Beach – Jose Godoy, Brian O’Keefe
    Peoria – Dennis Ortega, Julio Rodriguez
    State College – Cameron Knight, Matt Duce
    Johnson City – Joe Gomez, Benito Santiago
    GCL Cardinals – Ivan Herrera, Carlos Soto


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    Probably want to add Zach Jackson at JC.

    Soto has had a strange year. Started fast at JC appeared to be one of there top bats, then slumped and before you knew it was back at GCL. With a small sample size he is struggling at GCL with avg below .200

    As far as ranking:

    I still have Kelly above Kinzer both in the top 10. Will be interesting when rosters expand and Memphis also in the AAA playoff hunt. Could see Kelly come to StL as 3rd catcher and Kinzer get the AAA playoff experience.

    Ortega has always had a rep as good defensive catcher. He has hit well this year. I will start to vote for him in that 20 to 30 range.

    Next 4 will put in order Soto, Herrera, Rodriguez, Jackson and start voting for them in 40 and up range.

    AvatarDerek Shore

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    I can’t speak for others, but here are my catching prospect rankings by position as of now:

    1. Knizner
    2. Kelly
    3. Herrera
    4. Ortega
    5. Rodriguez
    6. Soto
    7. Jackson

    The rest is organizational depth.


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    Chinea still gets starts at catcher at Soringfield so I think the team must think he still has a chance. I am pretty sure they still have hope for his bat.

    My list is very similar to Derek’s except I would plug Martinez ahead of Jackson at #7. I think I would add Godoy as #9 before I got to organizational filler. Martinez’s problem is he too close to Kelly and Kinzer.


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    I have seen zuggested on other boards that the Cards should protect Ortega in the Rule 5 draft and that they will lose him if they dont. I dont see Ortega with the upside that makes him worth stashing on a roster for a year. It also would not hurt the organization tremendously if we lost him do to other options. For that reason I would be willing to not protect him and protecting someone we would miss more so if lost.


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    TCN has them in order:
    1.Kelly #5
    2.Knizner #6
    3.Ortega #41
    4.JuRodriguez #42
    5.IHerrera #43

    Mine are
    1.Knizner #4
    2.Kelly #5
    3.Ortega #27
    4 IHerrera #29
    5.JuRodriguez #30

    To those I would add JeMartinez.

    Jackson and Soto are going to have to show a lot more production to get on the list.


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    It is clear there are many legit prospects. The only problem with this is playing/developemnt time.

    My list would be:

    1) Knizner
    2) Kelly
    3) Rodriguez
    4) Ortega
    5) Soto
    6) Hererra

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