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    gscottar asked:

    As I have said before I rarely hear someone comment about a movie star making millions for one movie or a musician making millions for an album yet people complain about athletes making that kind of dough. Why is that?

    My guess is that most people don’t comment because they can see they are apples and oranges – or maybe apples and potatoes. As we have seen with the Cardinals, bad contracts (or any ones that are very expensive) usually end up limiting the team in other ways. Many fans are savvy enough to see the potential pitfalls down the road. Of course, whether or not to take on these big contracts are choices each team makes. The Yankees will pay the luxury tax, but most teams will not.

    Movies and musicians don’t have salary caps.


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    That makes sense if you are looking at it from the team concept but my impression is that the complaints are directed towards “no player deserves that” instead of “that contract is going to hurt the team”.

    My guess is that some people view baseball as just a game instead of as a business and no-one should be paid millions to “just play a game”.

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