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    22 Flaherty (10/15)
    23 Hudson (9/15)
    23 Reyes (8/29)
    24 Gomber (11/23)
    24 Weaver (8/21)
    26 Gant (8/6)
    26 Poncedeleon (1/16)
    26 Martinez (9/21
    27 Wacha (7/1)
    29 Mikolas (9/23)

    From what I have seen, I don’t want to trade any of these. We have the most valuable thing in baseball, a young and good pitching staff. The only one that I have any reservations about is Weaver, and he has pitched well in his two most recent starts, despite losing due to run support. Mikolas is the most dependable.

    If I were to trade any of these, it would require a young star who can hit, play defense, and doesn’t strike out once per game. If not a career 290 hitter, I don’t want to consider a trade.

    We have the makings of a staff that could be here ten years if not for free agency, and we would be contenders for each of those ten years.



    RD, my only concerns are:

    1) Will we be able to sign Wacha past next season or will we lose him to free agency?
    2) Will Martinez show he can be a top of the rotation pitcher for the entire season?
    3) Can Reyes stay healthy?
    4) Can we keep Mikolas after next season?

    Right now, Wacha, Martinez, and Reyes have the abilities to be star pitchers. Flaherty and Hudson are showing signs that they could be, too. Mikolas is pitching great but, IMO, he is a notch below the abilities of the other 5.

    I would be willing to part with either Martinez or Wacha to acquire a young, stud position player.


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    If I had to guess, one of Wacha or Mikolas will not be here next season. Depending on who they might think they can sign long term, the price to sign, and who they could get back in trade return will determine who stays and who goes. All other things even, I think it is Wacha who wont be here next year. If we could get a top level position player back in return (even at the prospect level) I would be thrilled.


    I would see what we could get for Martinez, especially if he does well as a reliever thus adding to his resume and value.

    #1 Flaherty
    #2 Wacha (if healthy)
    #3 Reyes (if a lot of issues)
    #4 Mikolas (if he shows signs of another ’18)
    #5 Gomber

    #6 Hudson
    #7 Weaver
    #8 Gant
    #9 Poncedeleon

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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