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    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    His criteria is no MLB time. He includes player writeups from Baseball America.

    1 Carlson
    2 Gorman
    3 Thompson
    4 Herrera
    5 Liberatore
    6 Whitley
    7 Oviedo

    Rondon, Montero, Torres, Nunez among those passed over.


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    Bird Land 7 has a simple cutoff: A player must not have a moment in the majors. Not a moment.

    (So no Knizner-Cabrera-Williams-Sosa etc.)

    When you get down to the elite top 7 competition for those spots is under a strong microscope. The is varied criteria used by every rater so naturally the lists are different. Gould has some time on his hands so he likely dug deeper at this point. I like his optimism for Oviedo and Whitley who he includes as his highly valued prospects.

    1. Carlson- TCN= #1
    2. Gorman- TCN= #2
    3. Thompson- TCN= #6
    4. IHerrera- TCN= #5
    5. Liberatore- TCN= added as #3
    6. Whitley- TCN= #20
    7. Oviedo- TCN= #14

    I also like Thompson ahead of Liberatore.


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    I am glad to see Oviedo receiving a strong mention. In my opinion he has been undervalued a bit on this board. Some have consistently ranked Rondon ahead of him but not I.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    BA ranks Liberatore no. 2 in the system and Thompson no. 7. They have Oviedo 12th, after Montero.

    BAs list using Goold’s criteria:

    1 Carlson
    2 Liberatore
    3 Gorman
    4 Herrera
    5 Thompson
    (6 Kim)
    7 Montero
    8 Oviedo
    9 Woodford
    10 Torres
    11 Rondon
    12 Nunez
    13 Whitley

    Seems like Goold’s list is more focused on those closest to MLB. Clearly he sees the prospects differently than BA, FWIW.


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    Seems like Goold’s list is more focused on those closest to MLB.

    It sure does seem that way…. hence the Whitley and Oviedo optimism.


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    Has anyone compared 22 year old Angel Rondon to 22 year old Johan Oviedo? Some say that Oviedo
    has a higher ceiling because of his velocity. But their results at Springfield this past season were a bit different.

    Rondon –
    IP – 115
    ERA – 3.21
    WHIP – 1.23
    H – 99
    K – 112
    W – 42

    Oviedo –
    IP – 113
    ERA – 5.65
    WHIP – 1.63
    H – 120
    K – 128
    W – 64

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    Rondon had a better year at Springfield than Oviedo no doubt but the Texas league can be hard on pitchers. Both pitchers were very dominant at pitcher friendly Palm Beach, with Oviedo’s numbers a little better. Oviedo’s numbers this spring were a little better also but neither had enough innings to make much of it.

    I still think Oviedo’s ceiling is a bit higher due to his raw stuff and his physical stature, but I could see both in St. Louis before the end of 2021 unless too much of this season is wiped out.

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    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    Unless I am misunderstanding, Derrick seems to have confused Dennis Ortega and Ivan Herrera. In his weekly chat, he was asked about Ortega and talked about him as one of his top seven prospects.

    Chat Q&A (seems to be no easy way to get to screen #15, sorry):

    Prospect list:


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    On the Oviedo vs Rondon debate, the reason Oviedo gets a bit more attention from some comes down to two starts:

    7-27-19: 7 IP, 6H, 1 BB, 1 ER, 11Ks
    8-28-19: 7.1 IP, 5H, 0 BB, 0 R, 10Ks

    He certainly has great potential if he can control the ball. Rondon also has mid rotation potential, but maybe not quite the ceiling that Oviedo does.

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