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    I love the smell of a dumpster fire in the morning.



    And the Reds and Padres failed us. The Brewers beat the Reds 5-1 and the Cubs beat the Padres 7-1. We are now 3.5 games back and falling fast. Need to right the ship – AND RIGHT NOW!

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    Just imagine if this crap season keeps happening and the free fall gets worse, then it will be worse Next year when Nolan Arenado decides to opt out and go look for a team with a front office with brain cells!


    Girsch must be having restless nights these days. Thank heavens that Mozeliak can sleep soundly because he has time left on his contract and you can point to others that have stayed around because of big money contracts. It seems that BDW and the FO want to squeeze every last dollar of the bad contracts out of those they owe $$ to. How is that going for the team?

    Wainwright needs to be the “stopper” tonight. That term was used in the past to denote the pitcher you could count on to “stop” a losing streak. Two years ago Card fans wanted him to retire. Kudos to the FO for sticking with him. He’s now the best guy in a Card’s uniform that walks up on the mound.



    As long as they don’t get more than 6-7 games out there will be a chance to catch up over a month or so.

    Too many injuries and no depth is killing the team for now.

    Relying on Mikolas was dumb but the other staff injuries are just bad luck.

    There is still plenty of season left but they must stay in touch with first place team so that a late season surge can salvage the season.

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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