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    Brian Walton

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    Wainwright post-game

    Did not see Gomber warming up in second inning but heard him. It is so quiet.

    Got overheated. Started in the 1st. Started seeing spots in 2nd. Also made adjustment with hands. Went into clubhouse, took off clothes and laid on floor with ammonia towels to cool down. Body temp got away from him. Find ways, tricks to remain in game. Hottest he had been in a while in StL. No air out there. Sometimes have to perform in not ideal situation.

    Glad not running bases today – hate to say it. Told Edman if he would have had an AB, he would have tried to hit it 700 feet or take his three pitches. Would not have run bases today.

    Saw a change in the offense with a week left in camp. After struggling early in camp, they put great ABs on all of us (pitchers). It was great practice to make adjustments against their adjustments.

    DeJong is very confident in his approach. When Goldy has protection, it will make his life a lot easier.

    On tying Bob Forsch for 3rd in team history with 163 wins: Tremendous honor to be in same sentence with Forsch. Willie talks about what a competitor he was.

    Goldy has how many Gold Gloves, 3? Tremendous fielder. Not many can throw it as well as him. Ability to turn (3-6-3) DP is huge for a pitcher. Capability to win GG every year. Scoops, footwork, charging the ball – does it all instinctively well. Makes a great difference, like a great SS up the middle. Even moves defenders sometimes. Smart baseball player.

    Overall defense is very solid, went from opposite a couple of years ago. For a pitchers’ psyche, this is a big difference. Tyler and Lane are great additions in OF. 2-3 burners out there at any time.

    Key point in game was 3-1 curve to Heredia. Probably expecting again on 3-2, but located fastball to get K. Crucial. Followed old Roy Halladay hack when he listened to his postgames while in minors. ‘Just execute pitches’ was his answer to every question. (and trust your defense)

    On Wainwright loading bases with no out and getting out with one run was key. The 2nd was a longer inning. Had Gomber ready for LHB, but Wainwright steadied himself. He had shorter rope in 6th, but went 1-2-3. Had Gant ready.

    Offense continual improvement. Was getting better at end of last season – one of best 3 in league. Always looking to be hungry. Likes sharing of info.

    Would not answer if Kim was available today – competitive advantage.

    Had good things to say about Goldy and Paul as you would expect…

    Brian Walton

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    Our Cardinals have scored in half the innings they’ve batted. I know the Bucs pitching staff is below average but it’s nice to see we’re producing as we should against this level of competition.


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    Some minor moves from Shildt that show he may be maturing as a manager. Taking Dex out for late inning defense both nights and getting Molina out with the big lead. Not sure he would have done those moves last year.


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    Good to see the offense show up today and that Waino held it together early and pitched well later. Now let’s hope for the sweep tomorrow!



    Another good game to watch and Brian I really like those post-game interviews being put on TCN. Along with the win my best news of the day was that they took that stinkin BLM sign off the mound and the patch off the uni. Now maybe we can get back to baseball. Waino’s interview was interesting in that he talked of the heat, something that none of the others mentioned. It has really been a scorcher in Missouri for the past couple of weeks and even if there was no Covid I wouldn’t be going out much anyway. I am finally getting back into baseball after that initial scare that they were going radical on me. With no NFL, NBA and NOOSECAR now history I need at least one sport to watch. I know we are playing the lowest ranked team but I do think these boys of summer can go places this short season.

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