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    My guess is Hicks is out tomorrow and the off day is Thursday.

    I didn’t like using him either but he threw his slider a lot more then I ever saw him throw it and it was hinted this was a perfect game for him to do so and may have been by design. How much I believe that is well…..up for debate.



    There isn’t an off day on Thursday, they play the Pirates in a 4 game series.


    Glad the Birds had their stopper going yesterday. Wacha allows just two hits. So happy he was not traded last year.


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    I was a little bothered by using Hicks tonight but the comments on giving him a stress free way to work more on the slider makes it make a lot more sense…i just wanted as many top end bullets to help out Reyes if need be

    Also…when will someone write about Pham’s defensive struggles? Last night was especially poor…but isnt he something like -3+ in DR allowed?

    He has made bad jumps, poor routes and questionable throws into the infield (many of which dont show up in the box score) more than i was expecting this season

    yes we tend to remember the bad more than the good and he has made some fine plays too…and YES if FOwler and Ozuna are starting then he seems the best of those three…but in a lineup where BAder is playing wouldnt Bader be a better option for defense?

    Pham is definitely struggling at the plate, when he was fine at the plate i overlooked the defensive lapses but now with no offense it is hard to not question him in CF IMO


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    Jags – I commented on Pham’s struggles in this thread, saying that he looks like his confidence is shaken a bit. He seems a little more tentative at the plate, taking pitches that he should be able to put good wood to. And he seems to be missing pitches he normally drills. Plus he’s a little unsteady in the outfield.

    Maybe he is having some vision troubles, and it is making him hesitant at times. But hopefully it is just one of those things where a guy struggles and eventually snaps out of it.

    I would not be surprised to see him given a day off today, with Bader in center and O’Neill in right.


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    mike…i guess iwasnt clear enough! thanks for calling me out

    I meant in the media in general not on the forums so much

    I agree with your assessment…but i have noticed with myself watching the games this year that i have been forgiving Pham’s defense A LOT…yet I remember Grichuk and Fowler getting little to none of that leeway the last couple years

    i do get that the offense can make it subside…but we are in a low point for Pham offensively and people still arent talking about his defense…Fowler wasnt great out there last year…but Grichuk the year before actually graded out pretty well but people refused to care and focused on specific plays…

    we have a lot of specific plays with Pham right now..i have watched his poor defense (and Ozuna’s which gets way more negative talk) cost us runs…and watched his play even last night cost us runs at the plate 2 GIDPs one with a man on 3rd and 1 out

    I think he is too good of a player offensively to not break out of his offensive slump…but we handed him CF and when are we going to stop defending his glove by using his offense…

    we handed our CF position to a late 20’s guy with little MLB experience, little MLB sustained success and a known highly debilitating eye condition… he doesnt have to be the best but not recognizing that he may not be the best option for CF on a nightly basis (with the rotations we seemingly have in place) is just not good

    I like Pham, I like his story, i like his work ethic, i like what he has potential to do and what he has shown in his limited experience both offensively and defensively… .but was he really our best defensive CFer option last night with who was in the lineup?


    Fowler is back…ugh. Pham sits.

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