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    np mspaid, as for high pitch counts you have to remember that if those pitchers had an average to good defense behind them they wouldn’t need to throw so many pitches because they would have been able to get out of the inning earlier than they did…

    If our O was better then our pitchers wouldn’t have to feel like it was all on them to keep the game close…

    I fear that Piscotty, Pham, and Grichuk are playing as well as they can right now so then we should trade them before they get any worse…

    Mo’s problem is that everybody knows his plans in terms of trades and such though he still seems to think that it’s a big secret…

    Our season is now down to the last 34 games, right now we’re like 5 games behind the Cubs for the division lead and for the wildcard we’re like 5 or 6 games behind the Rockies and Diamondbacks, with the Brewers like 2 games ahead of us and we’re about even with the Marlins…



    Half a game behind Marlins now in the wild card.

    Brian WaltonBrian Walton

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    Five games out of the wild card and 4.5 back in the division. Three teams to pass to reach former, two ahead in the latter.


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    Head to head against the Cubs will probably be the decider.

    But you can’t say we’re out of it at least in the division until those games are played

    7 left against the Cubs

    5 for the Brewers

    Wild card we have little say with no head to heads.

    We end the season with 4 against the Cubs and 3 against the Brewers

    If we can hold for now and maybe ge to 3.5. The get one more hit streak to end th season we’d be riding some pretty impressive momentum

    With call ups we might just have the edge late in the season.

    Good bench bats. Switch hitter like Valera. Power. Speed. Throw in some young stud arms and more quality lefties to go matchup very early.

    If we treat september and especially the last week like a playoff series utilizing all our 40 man we could really be scary.

    Last 7 games

    CMart 6-7 Lyons Oh
    Lynn 6-7 Brebbia Siegrest
    Weaver 6 Sherriff bowman oh Lyons
    Wacha 4-5 Gant Montgomery tuivalala Alcantara
    Leake 4-5 Flaherty Siegrest bowman oh
    Cmart 6 Brebbia Sherriff Alcantara
    Lynn 5-6 everyone

    Just thinking out loud. We might put everyone as available for that Cubs series.

    But we don’t need compete games. We have quality enough with our callops and the amount. To shorten poor starts almost immediately

    We gear up for those head to heads we could be pretty nasty to put away



    jager understand we don’t need complete games but we can’t have Leake and Wacha not getting at least to the 6th


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    With our potential depth at pitcher and with lefties we could start matching up in the 4th of need be.

    We go to 15 pitchers in September
    5 lefties
    5 starters
    5 righties

    If every starter goes 5 ON AVERAGE the we need 3-4 innings. So 3-4 per day. We could easily do that and still have room for matchups without taxing anyone.

    It’d be a deep pen and lots to manage but we have quality in our depth.

    Perhaps what we lack in superstardom in the pen could be made up for by not forcing anyone to be gone too dependently



    With as bad as the bullpen is if you want them to go four innings every night we are going to lose a lot more games


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    Did you not read anything I posted?

    It is an out loud remarking on going very deep with our pen utilizing the strength in matchups when rosters expand. Lessening stress on NeEDiNG the starters to go deep and being for free to pull them early if need be as well as being able to go to matchups early without not being able to do so later.

    Our pen hasn’t been used in such a way as to not depend on individuals as much.

    The pen isn’t that bad we just don’t have any superstars and no slam the door closer now. Though Lyons is starting to flex.

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