2017 MLB Game #109: Cards at Reds Fri Aug 4

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    They better take a close look at management too. Matheny is delusional right now, just listen to his post-loss interview last night where he does a bizarre psychological transference of the team he wants to the team he actually has. He actually said his players are putting together “great at bats” and that when one guy gets a hit, the others feed off that; they’re “grinding through” tough spots and putting themselves in good situations. Sorry, Mike, but That wasn’t the game or team I saw last night, unless of course, leaving ten men on base in a 3-2 loss is putting yourself in a good situation. This team is not playing well at any level, except starting pitching, and you need to admit that publically. Tommy Pham even commented on the stagnant offense last night. Time to get real.

Viewing 26 post (of 26 total)
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