Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix: 2017 Draft and Short Season

NOTE: As of 11/1/17, this version of the roster matrix is no longer current. It reflects the changes during the second half of the 2017 regular season. It should now be considered a historical reference document. For the active roster matrix for the 2017-2018 off-season, click here.

With the official opening of the short-season phase of the minor league schedule, it is time for another refresh of the Roster Matrix.

This reflects moves during the second half of the regular season in 2017. The previous matrix reflects the rosters as they evolved from the end of 2017 spring training until mid-June.

If you are new to the blog and not familiar with the Cardinals organization roster matrix, here is a quick summary:

As 2017 short-season season play opened, the St. Louis Cardinals had 244 players under contract from top to bottom, including 39 players on the 40-man roster. The 40-man members are called out in bold.

The matrix places each of the 244 at his assigned level in the system as well as by position. The matrix is kept updated daily or as transactions occur.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization plus multiple years of history.

Do not be concerned about the order of the players’ names within position. It has no relative significance.


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For details behind past rosters and transactions, check out the earlier versions (back to 2009) of the Cardinals organization Roster Matrix, via the following link.

Link to previous matrices



6/19: New matrix. Organization total: 244 players.

6/19: 14 draftees signed. To SC: RHPs Paul Balestrieri (26), Will Latcham (17), 3B Evan Mendoza (11). OF Brandon Benson (20). To JC: RHPs Evan Guillory (23), Thomas St. Clair (24), Jake Walsh (16), LHPs Jacob Patterson (13), Brett Seeburger (10), IFs Irving Lopez (19), Wood Myers (29). Unassingned: LHPs Evan Kruczynski (9), Patrick Dayton (25), SS Michael Brdar (36). New organization total: 258 players.

6/20: Mem LHP Sean Gilmartin to seven-day DL. 6 draftees signed plus 1 free agent, C Joe Gomez. 2B Zach Kirtley (5), RHPs Kevin Hamann (22), Kodi Whitley (27), CJ Saylor (28), Chris Hunt (39) and C Cameron Knight (32). New organization total: 265 players (20 draftees signed/18 unsigned).

6/21: C Gabriel Lino off Spr DL. LHR Corey Littrell on Spr DL. FA RHP Gabriel Gentner signed. New organization total: 266 players.

6/21: 3B Danny Hudzina, OF Matt Fiedler from SC to Peo. 2B Zach Kirtley (5) assigned to SC. C Cameron Knight (32) assigned to JC. LHP Jake Dahlberg (21) signed., assigned to JC. New organization total: 267 players (21/17).

6/22: Five draftees, one free agent signed, C Robbie Coman. OF Chase Pinder (7), LHP Andrew Summerville (12), OF Terry Fuller (15), RHP Alex FaGalde (30), RHP Cory Malcom (34). New organization total: 273 (26/12 draft signed/unsigned).

6/23: LHS Ian Oxnevad off Peo TI list. LHR Brady Bowen from Peo to PB. RHR Andrew Morales from PB to Spr. SS Tommy Edman from PB to Spr. 3B Leobaldo Pina from Spr to PB. LHS Evan Kruczynski (9) assigned to Peo.

6/24: Ps Angel Rondon, Junior Gonzalez, Enrique Perez from JC to GCL. GCL RHP Ronald Medrano released. LHP Austin Warner acquired from indy team, assigned to GCL. Total remains 273.

6/25: LHR Kevin Siegrist, OF Dexter Fowler to StL 10-day DL. OF/1B Chad Huffman StL to Mem. RHP Mike Mayers, OF Randal Grichuk, 1B Luke Voit from Mem to StL. Voit added to 40-man, which is now full.

6/26: OF Adolis Garcia, RHS Zac Gallen from Spr to Mem. 1B John Nogowski acquired from indy team, assigned to Spr. Draftees 2B Taylor Bryant (33rd), RHP Alex Gallegos signed (35th), assigned to GCL. Gallegos to 60-day DL. New organization total 276 players (28/10 draft signed/unsigned).

6/28: OF Scott Hurst (3rd round) signed, assigned to SC, along with previously signed LHP Andrew Summerville (12). New organization total 277 players (29/9 draft signed/unsigned).

6/28: RHP Oneiver Diaz returned to org, assigned to DSL on 6/16. RHP Hector Mendoza signed 6/7, assigned to DSL. New organization total: 279 players.

6/28: SS Aledmys Diaz from StL to Mem. SS Alex Mejia from Mem to StL, onto 40-man roster. RHS Alex Reyes from 10-day DL to 60-day DL.

6/29: C Zach Jackson (6th), RHP Jim Voyles (38th) signed. Both to GCL. New organization total: 281 players (31/7 draft signed/unsigned).

6/29: RHR Tyler Bray from Spr to Mem. LHR Corey Littrell off Spr DL. RHR Dailyn Martinez from PB to SPR. RHR Hector Mendoza from DSL to PB. PB DL RHR Steven De La Cruz released. Peo RHS Austin Sexton to 7-day DL. New organization total: 280 players.

6/30: OF Oscar Mercado to Spr DL. OF Randy Arozarena from PB to Spr. OF Shane Billings from Peo to PB. OF Mick Fennell, RHR Keaton Siomkin from SC to Peo.

7/2: RHS Juan Alvarez from GCL to JC. 3 draft signees: RHP Wilberto Rivera (8th-GCL), 3B Donivan Williams (14th-GCL), SS Kramer Robertson (4th-TBA). New organization total: 283 players (34/4 draft signed/unsigned).

7/2: 10 international players signed. RHP Jesus Cruz (2017). Rest to 2018 contracts. OFs Adanson Cruz, Joerlin De Los Santos, Leudy Pena, Gustavo Rodriguez; SS Darlyn Del Villar, Sander Mora; Cs Jesus Orecchia, Luis Rodriguez, Jose Zapata. New organization total: 293 players.

7/2: RHS Luke Weaver from Mem to StL. RHS Mike Mayers from StL to Mem. RHS Junior Fernandez to PB DL. SC 1B Hunter Newman, 2B Danny Martin released. JC RHR Champ Rowland released. New organization total: 290 players.

7/4: SS Imeldo Diaz, 3B Stanley Espinal acquired from Boston, assigned to SC. OF Lane Thomas acquired from Toronto, assigned to PB. PB OF Austin Wilson released. New organization total: 292 players.

7/5: LHR Austin Warner from GCL to PB.

7/6: OF Dexter Fowler off StL DL. OF Jose Alberto Martinez from StL to Mem. SS Kramer Robertson (4) assigned to Peo. SS Jose Alexander Martinez from Peo to PB. 2B Darren Seferina from PB to Spr. Spr 2B Dickie Joe Thon released. 3B Francisco Hernandez signed, assigned to DSL. Organization total remains 292 players.

7/7: LHP Austin Warner from PB to GCL. RHP Winston Nicacio from GCL to PB.

7/9: RHS Junior Fernandez to PB DL. RHS Derian Gonzalez, OF Lane Thomas onto PB DL.

7/10: 2B Kolten Wong off StL DL, RHP Luke Weaver, IF Alex Mejia from StL to Mem. Mem OF Todd Cunningham to Dodgers. RHR Mark Montgomery to Mem TI list. RHS Zac Gallen, RHR Tyler Bray from Mem to Spr. RHR Rowan Wick from Mem DL to Spr. Spr RHR Blake McKnight released. IF Andrew Brodbeck released off PB DL. SC C Erik Garcia released. C Joe Gomez from GCL to SC. SS Delvin Perez from JC to GCL. New organization total: 288 players.

7/11: LHR Ian McKinney, IF Casey Turgeon from Spr to PB. OF Oscar Mercado off Spr DL. Spr RHR Corey Baker released. RHP Juan Nicacio from PB to GCL. New organization total: 287 players.

7/12: RHS Jordan Hicks from Peo to PB. RHS Anthony Shew from SC to Peo. RHR Robert Calvano from JC to SC. PB LHR Chandler Hawkins released. New organization total: 286 players.

7/13: LHR Kevin Siegrist off StL DL. RHR Mark Montgomery off Mem TI list. RHS Juan Perez onto Peo 7-day DL.

7/14: OF Randal Grichuk to StL DL. OF Jose Martinez from Mem to StL.

7/15: OF Stephen Piscotty to StL DL. OF Magneuris Sierra from Spr to StL. RHS Jake Woodford, OF Thomas Spitz to PB DL.

7/16: OF Lane Thomas off PB DL.

7/17: RHS Matt Pearce from Spr to Mem. LHR Jacob Evans from PB to Spr. RHR Noel De Jesus from GCL to PB.

7/18: SS Imeldo Diaz from SC to JC.

7/19: RHP Arturo Reyes from Mem DL to PB. RHS Mike O’Reilly from Peo to PB. RHR Noel De Jesus from PB to GCL. 2B Wood Myers from JC to SC.

7/20: LHS Austin Warner from GCL to Peo. LHR Colton Thomson from SC to Peo.

7/21: OF Randal Grichuk off StL 7-day DL. LHR Zach Duke off StL 60-day DL. C Carson Kelly from Mem to StL. StL C Eric Fryer designated for assignment. OF Magneuris Sierra from StL to Spr. RHR Sam Tuivailala from StL to Mem.  3B Stanley Espinal from SC to JC. Mem LHS Marco Gonzales traded to SEA for OF Tyler O’Neill. C Gabriel Lino from Spr to Mem. RHR Trey Nielsen from Mem to Spr. RHS Arturo Reyes from PB to Mem. RHS Jake Woodford, OF Thomas Spitz off PB DL. OF Lane Thomas to PB DL. RHR Keaton Siomkin to Peo DL. OF Chad Huffman from Mem to SC. New organization total: 285 players. 40-man roster at 39.

7/25: OF Dexter Fowler to StL DL. OF Harrison Bader to 40-man, Mem to StL. OF Chad Huffman released. RHS Adam Wainwright to StL DL. RHR Brennan Leitao to PB DL. RHR Dailyn Martinez from Spr to PB. New organization total: 284 players. 40-man roster at 39.

7/26: RHR Mike Mayers from Mem to StL. IF Bruce Caldwell from Spr to Mem. IF Danny Diekroeger from PB to Spr. RHS Johan Oviedo from JC to SC. RHS Zach Prendergast acquired, assigned to JC. New organization total: 285 players.

7/27: RHS Luke Weaver from Mem to StL. RHR Mike Mayers from StL to Mem. RHR Pedro Echemendia from Spr to Mem. SS Delvin Perez from GCL to JC.

7/28: RHR Pedro Echemendia from Mem to Spr. RHS Dakota Hudson from Spr to Mem. RHS Junior Fernandez to PB DL. RHR Eric Carter from Peo to PB. RHR Leland Tilley from SC to Peo.

7/29: RHS Sam Tewes from SC to Peo.

7/31: OF Harrison Bader from StL to Mem. RHS Ryan Helsley from PB to Spr. 2B Eliezer Alvarez off Spr DL.

8/1: OF Stephen Piscotty off StL 10-day DL. Contract of RHP Jason Zgardowski acquired from River City of the Frontier League. New organization total: 286 players.

8/2: IF Bruce Caldwell from Mem to Spr. Spr IF Danny Diekroeger released. RHP Alex Fagalde from GCL to SC. New organization total: 285 players.

8/4: RHS Luke Weaver from StL to Mem. RHR Sam Tuivailala from Mem to StL.  RHS Sam Tewes from Peo to PB. RHS Austin Sexton off Peo DL. C Cameron Knight from JC to GCL.

8/6: RHS Adam Wainwright off StL 10-day DL. LHR Kevin Siegrist onto StL 10-day-DL.  IF Casey Grayson off Spr DL to PB.

8/7: OF Dexter Fowler off StL DL. OF Stephen Piscotty from StL to Mem.

8/10: OF Adolis Garcia from Mem to Spr. RHR Trey Nielsen to Sgf TI list. OF Vince Jackson from Peo to PB. PB IF Casey Turgeon released. 3B Evan Mendoza from SC to Peo. New organization total: 284 players.

8/14: RHR Estarlin Arias to PB DL.

8/17: RHR Trevor Rosenthal to StL 10-day DL. RHS Luke Weaver from Mem to StL.

8/18: RHS Adam Wainwright to StL 10-day DL. RHR Mike Mayers from Mem to StL. LHP Sean Gilmartin off Mem DL. SC C/1B Tyler Lancaster suspended 76 games.

8/19: RHR Mike Mayers from StL to Mem. RHR Josh Lucas to 40-man (full), from Mem to StL.

8/20: OF Stephen Piscotty from Mem to StL (26th man). RHRs Oneiver Diaz, Jesus Cruz from DSL to GCL.

8/21: 1B Luke Voit from StL to Mem.

8/23: RHR Josh Lucas from StL to Mem. LHR Ryan Sherriff to 40-man (full), from Mem to StL. StL RHR Trevor Rosenthal from 10-day to 60-day DL.

8/25: C Alberto Rosario to Mem DL. C Jesse Jenner from Spr to Mem. C Jeremy Martinez from PB to Spr. C Brian O’Keefe from Peo to PB. C Dennis Ortega from SC to Peo. RHP Jordan Hicks from PB  to Spr. SS Edmundo Sosa from Spr DL to PB. RHS Derian Gonzalez off PB DL. 2B Luke Dykstra to PB DL (retro 8/23).

8/26: RHR Andrew Morales from Spr to Mem. RHR Jesus Cruz from GCL to SC.

8/27: 3B Jedd Gyorko to StL 10-day DL. 1B Luke Voit from Mem to StL.

8/28: RHP Jordan Hicks to Spr 7-day DL.

8/29: OF Jordan Schafer off Mem 7-day DL. C Jesse Jenner onto Mem 7-day DL.

8/30: StL RHS Mike Leake traded to Seattle. 40-man at 39. SS Rayder Ascanio acquired from SEA, assigned to PB. RHR Eric Carter from PB to Spr. RHR Estarlin Arias and 2B Luke Dykstra off PB DL.

8/31: RHS Jack Flaherty to 40-man (full), from Mem to StL. RHP John Gant from Mem to StL. LHR Kevin Siegrist designated for assignment (40-man at 39).

9/2: LHR Kevin Siegrist claimed off waivers by Phillies. New organization total: 283 players.

8/31:  RHS Ryan Helsley from Spr to Mem. RHR Miguel Socolovich to Mem DL retroactive to 8/29. C Alberto Rosario off Mem DL. RHS ConnorJones from PB to Spr.

9/1: Mem LHP Sean Gilmartin outrighted (off 40-man). RHP Sandy Alcantara to 40-man, Spr to StL. C Alberto Rosario to 40-man, Mem to StL. (40 man full). 3B Bruce Caldwell, OF Adolis Garcia, C Jeremy Martinez, RHR Rowan Wick Spr to Mem. OF Harrison Bader, SS Alex Mejia Mem to StL. RHR Brady Bowen, 2B Andy Young, C Brian O’Keefe PB to Spr. RHPs Kevin Hamann, Kodi Whitley from GCL to PB. 3B Danny Hudzina to Peo TI. SS Imeldo Diaz, 2B Irving Lopez JC to SC.

9/2: RHP Dailyn Martinez PB to Spr. RHPs Kevin Hamann, Kodi Whitley from PB to JC. RHP Evan Guillory, C Julio Rodriguez JC to PB. RHP Winston Nicacio GCL to PB.

9/3: RHS Zac Gallen Spr to Mem. C AlexisWilson JC to SC.

9/4: RHS Sam Tewes to PB DL.

9/5: 2B Breyvic Valera Mem to StL. C Brian O’Keefe Spr to Peo. RHP Dailyn Martinez,  RHP Brady Bowen, RHS Connor Jones, RHR Eric Carter Spr to PB. C Julio Rodriguez, RHP WinstonNicacio PB to JC.  RHR Andrew Morales, OF Jordan Schafer Mem to Spr. SS Tommy Edman, OF Magneuris Sierra Spr to Mem.

9/6: RHR Juan Nicasio acquired from Philadephia. 2B Eliezer Alvarez traded from Spr to Phi. RHR Miguel Socolovich off Mem DL.

9/7: Mem 1B Rangel Ravelo to 7-day DL. IF Jacob Wilson from Spr to Mem.

9/12: 2B Breyvic Valera from StL to Mem. OF Magneuris Sierra from Mem to StL.

9/13: 3B Jedd Gyorko off StL 10-day DL.

9/19: RHP Adam Wainwright off StL DL.

9/20: IF Aledmys Diaz, RHR Josh Lucas from Mem to StL.

9/21: 2B Breyvic Valera from Mem to StL.

9/29: 5 international players signed effective 9/1: RHPs Gabriel Contreras, Miguel Yelis, Ronald Suarez, UT Luis Andujar, OF Diowill Burgos. New organization total: 288 players.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (effective 9/29/17)

St. Louis (37+2) 40-man (40+2)
C Martinez  Rosenthal (60 DL)
Molina  Carpenter Wong
Cecil (L) C Kelly
Voit G Garcia Mejia Jose Alb Martinez
Lynn  Gant A Rosario Valera A Diaz Fowler
Lyons (L) Pham
Wacha Duke (L)   Piscotty
Al Reyes (60 DL) Oh  Bader
Flaherty Bowman Sierra
Sherriff (L)
J Lucas
Memphis (22+3)
Socolovich Je Martinez
Ravelo (DL) J Wilson Tovar Wisdom O’Neill
Pearce Ar Reyes Lino Edman Caldwell Ad Garcia
Hudson Gilmartin (L) Jenner (DL) Martini
Gallen Wick
Poncedeleon (DL) Zeid
Springfield (16+3)
Ellis Littrell (L) Knizner Nogowski Seferina
Gomber (L) Nielsen (TI) An Garcia
Echemendia McElroy (DL)
Hicks (DL) Mercado
Morales Arozarena
Evans (L)
Palm Beach (25+4)
Ju Fernandez (DL) Bowen (L) Godoy Chinea Dykstra Jose Alex Martinez Young Spitz
D Gonzalez Vance (L) Grayson Sosa Pina Drake
O’Reilly D Martinez Ascanio Billings
Woodford Leitao (DL) Thomas (DL)
C Jones R Santos V Jackson
Tewes (DL) McKinney (L)
H Mendoza
Guillory (23)
Peoria (25+4)
Shew R Williams D Ortega McCarvel JR Davis Robertson (4) Yepez Plummer
Warner (L) Almonte O’Keefe Trosclair Hudzina (TI) Fiedler
Oxnevad (L) Thomson (L) E Mendoza (11) Fennell
Kilichowski (L DL) Tilley Carlson
Sexton Dew Perez (L)
J Perez (DL) Dobzanski
Kruczynski (L 9) Y  Medina
Parra Siomkin (DL)
State College (32+3)
Oviedo DeLorenzo (L 60DL) J Lopez Kirtley (5) Figuera Y Gonzalez Hurst (3)
Castano (L) Ciavarella (L) J Gomez (FA) M Davis I Diaz Denton
Mulford Gordon Lancaster (RL) Lopes Crowe
Summerville (L 12) Trayner A Wilson Myers (29) R Bautista
Balestrieri (26) Calvano I Lopez (19) Benson (20)
N Gonzalez
J Rodriguez (UNK) MaVorhis
Latcham (17)
Fagalde (30)
J Cruz
Johnson City (31+2)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Oca (L) Yokley (ML) Ju Rodriguez Bandes Murders Whalen Balbuena J Rivera
Schlesener (L) Bohannan (60 DL) C Rodriguez Espinal Robbins
Prendergast Blanco (L) Del Perez Talavera
Casadilla Dahlberg (L 21) Ynfante
Seijas St. Clair (24) Pinder (7)
Ramirez Salazar
Seeburger (L 10) Changarotty
J Alvarez Patterson (L 13)
 Nicacio Walsh (16)
Hamann (22)
Whitley (27)
GCL (31+1)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Pirela Gentner (FA) Zavala D Gomez L Flores M Castillo E Montero Rosendo
De Jesus E Perez (L) C Soto Cedeno Bryant (33) Brdar (36) D Williams (14) B Sanchez
Gallegos (35 60 DL) Z Jackson (6) A Luna
Jr Gonzalez Coman (FA) Machado
Rondon Voyles (38) Knight (32) Fuller (15)
W Rivera (8) Malcom (34)
Dayton (L 25)
Saylor (28)
Hunt (39)
O Diaz
DSL (33)
Pereira Trompiz I Herrera F DeJesus Ozuna F Hernandez Jimenez
Cordero (L) Geronimo Joyser Garcia F Soto V Garcia
Ventura Madera Longa Y Rosario Soler
Benitez Solano E Pena Del Rio
Avelino P Gomez Montano
R Garcia Samuel
Zapata (L)
Prada (L)
H Soto
DSL signed 2018 (14)
P  P C  1B 2B SS  3B  OF
Contreras Orecchia Andujar Mora A Cruz
Suarez L Rodriguez Del Villar De Los Santos
Yedis Zapata L Pena
G Rodriguez
Draft signed,
unassigned (0)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Draft tentative (0)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Draft unsigned (4)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
McCarthy (18) Pollock (L 40) Garza (31)
Kerner (37)

(number): round player taken in 2017 Draft
(FA): non-drafted free agent signee
(DL): injured – on the disabled list
(TI): temporarily inactive list
(PL): paternity leave
(RL): restricted list
(L): left-handed pitcher
bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster
(#+#): for teams, the number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (DL+TI+PL+RL) players