2020 Cardinals Spring Training Number Assignments

photo: Jake Woodford (Steve Mitchell/Imagn)

Updates: On February 11, infielder Ramon Urias left the Cardinals after being acquired off waivers by Baltimore. His spot on the 40-man roster was taken by waiver claim pitcher Ricardo Sanchez, with the latter taking the prior’s no. 64.

The next day, free agent infielder Brad Miller was signed by St. Louis and given previously-unassigned no. 15. His addition brought the total count of player in camp up to 73.

With 99 possible numbers to place on uniforms for the St. Louis Cardinals, it is once again time to review who is who as spring training camp 2020 rapidly approaches.

In our annual dive into the spring training number assignments for Cardinals players and coaches, I will provide two views. The first is a straight 1-99 take. The second will be a more detailed breakdown, including changes from spring 2019.

As one will see below, every number from 1 through 99 is currently spoken for, with the exception of just six numbers. Three remain out of commission in unofficial retired status – nos. 5, 57 and 69 – with three others – nos. 3, 15 and 23 – unassigned.

In fact, the crunch is so acute, two different catchers share no. 98 and two other backstops will both wear no. 99.

# Roster Spring 2020 #
1 Ozzie Smith (retired) 51 Willie McGee
2 Red Schoendienst (retired) 52 Alvaro Seijas
3 53 John Gant
4 Yadier Molina 54 Jeff Albert
5 Albert Pujols (since 2011) 55 Max Schrock
6 Stan Musial (retired) 56 Ryan Helsley
7 Andrew Knizner 57 Darryl Kile (since 2002)
8 Mike Shildt 58 Jobel Jimenez
9 Enos Slaughter (retired) 59 Evan Kruczynski
10 Tony La Russa (retired) 60 John Brebbia
11 Paul DeJong 61 Seth Elledge
12 Jordan Hicks 62 Daniel Ponce de Leon
13 Matt Carpenter 63 Edmundo Sosa
14 Ken Boyer (retired) 64 Ricardo Sánchez
15 Brad Miller 65 Giovanny Gallegos
16 Kolten Wong 66 Matthew Liberatore
17 Dizzy Dean (retired) 67 Rob Kaminsky
18 Carlos Martinez 68 Dylan Carlson
19 Tommy Edman 69
20 Lou Brock (retired) 70 Jose Godoy
21 Andrew Miller 71 Julio Rodriguez
22 Jack Flaherty 72 Bryan Eversgerd
23 73 Akeem Bostick
24 Whitey Herzog (retired) 74 Nabil Crismatt
25 Dexter Fowler 75 Ron “Pop” Warner
26 Justin Williams 76 Kleininger Teran
27 Brett Cecil 77 Roel Ramirez
28 Oscar Hernandez 78 Ramon Santos
29 Alex Reyes 79 Luken Baker
30 Tyler Webb 80 Zack Thompson
31 Mike Maddux 81 Nolan Gorman
32 Matt Wieters 82 Stubby Clapp
33 Kwang-Hyun Kim 83 John Nogowski
34 Yairo Muñoz 84 Evan Mendoza
35 Lane Thomas 85 August Busch (retired)
36 Austin Gomber 86 Jesus Cruz
37 Oliver Marmol 87 Johan Oviedo
38 Austin Dean 88 Tommy Parsons
39 Miles Mikolas 89 Angel Rondon
40 Jake Woodford 90 Kodi Whitley
41 Tyler O’Neill 91 Bryan Dobzanski
42 Sutter/Robinson (retired) 92 Genesis Cabrera
43 Dakota Hudson 93 Alex FaGalde
44 Junior Fernandez 94 Jamie Pogue
45 Bob Gibson (retired) 95 Griffin Roberts
46 Paul Goldschmidt 96 Carlos Soto
47 Rangel Ravelo 97 Ivan Herrera
48 Harrison Bader 98 Alexis Wilson
49 Elehuris Montero 98 Aaron Antonini
50 Adam Wainwright 99 Dennis Ortega
99 Pedro Pages

Next is a view by grouping. In every case, I list the individual’s spring number as well as who wore it last spring, as applicable.

On the left are the 32 non-roster invitees. To the right are the 40-man roster players. They are listed alphabetically within position groupings.

Non-Roster Invitees (32) 40-Man Roster (40)
Pitchers (17) Pitchers (21)
# 2019 2020 # 2019 2020
73 Hunter Cervenka Akeem Bostick 60 John Brebbia John Brebbia
74 Ryan Meisinger Nabil Crismatt 92 Seth Elledge Genesis Cabrera
86 Jeremy Martinez Jesus Cruz 27 Brett Cecil Brett Cecil
91 Dylan Carlson Bryan Dobzanski 44 Luke Gregerson Junior Fernandez
61 Genesis Cabrera Seth Elledge 22 Jack Flaherty Jack Flaherty
93 Connor Jones Alex FaGalde 65 Giovanny Gallegos Giovanny Gallegos
67 Justin Williams Rob Kaminsky 53 John Gant John Gant
59 Mike Mayers Evan Kruczynski 36 Austin Gomber Austin Gomber
66 Lane Thomas Matthew Liberatore 56 Ryan Helsley Ryan Helsley
87 Dennis Ortega Johan Oviedo 12 Paul DeJong Jordan Hicks
88 Jose Godoy Tommy Parsons 43 Dakota Hudson Dakota Hudson
77 Mike Hauschild Roel Ramirez 33 Drew Robinson Kwang-Hyun Kim
95 Evan Kruczynski Griffin Roberts 18 Carlos Martinez Carlos Martinez
89 Brian O’Keefe Angel Rondon 39 Miles Mikolas Miles Mikolas
78 Joe Hudson Ramon Santos 21 Andrew Miller Andrew Miller
80 Jake Woodford Zack Thompson 62 Daniel Ponce de Leon Daniel Ponce de Leon
90 Julio Rodriguez Kodi Whitley 29 Alex Reyes Alex Reyes
52 Michael Wacha Alvaro Seijas
50 Adam Wainwright Adam Wainwright
30 Tyler Webb Tyler Webb
40 Chasen Shreve Jake Woodford
64 Ramon Urias Ricardo Sánchez
Catchers (9) Catchers (3)
# 2019 2020 # 2019 2020
98 open Aaron Antonini 7 open Andrew Knizner
70 Chris Beck Jose Godoy 4 Yadier Molina Yadier Molina
28 Adolis Garcia Oscar Hernandez 32 Matt Wieters Matt Wieters
97 open Ivan Herrera
99 open Dennis Ortega
99 open Pedro Pages
71 Williams Perez Julio Rodriguez
96 Andrew Morales Carlos Soto Jr.
98 open Alexis Wilson
Infielders (5) Infielders (10)
# 2019 2020 # 2019 2020
79 Max Schrock Luken Baker 13 Matt Carpenter Matt Carpenter
81 Rangel Ravelo Nolan Gorman 11 Stubby Clapp Paul DeJong
84 Andrew Knizner Evan Mendoza 19 open Tommy Edman
83 Randy Arozarena John Nogowski 46 Paul Goldschmidt Paul Goldschmidt
55 Dominic Leone Max Schrock 49 Jordan Hicks Elehuris Montero
34 Yairo Munoz Yairo Munoz
47 Francisco Pena Rangel Ravelo
63 Edmundo Sosa Edmundo Sosa
15 open Brad Miller
16 Kolten Wong Kolten Wong
Outfielders (1) Outfielders (6)
# 2019 2020 # 2019 2020
68 Tommy Layne Dylan Carlson 48 Harrison Bader Harrison Bader
38 Jose Martinez Austin Dean
25 Dexter Fowler Dexter Fowler
41 Tyler O’Neill Tyler O’Neill
35 open Lane Thomas
26 open Justin Williams

Note the significant change from year to year. Only 26 of the 72 players invited to 2020 spring camp were in the 2019 camp wearing the same number. Of course, some of the others are back, but with different digits assigned.

Following are the coaches, and next to them, the retired numbers of which everyone is familiar from the outfield wall at Busch Stadium.

Going clockwise, next are the numbers that appear to be unofficially out of service to honor former team greats and the three most likely to be re-used next when needed.

Coaches (11) # Retired (12)
# 2019 2020 1 Ozzie Smith
54 Jeff Albert Jeff Albert 2 Red Schoendienst
82 Tommy Edman Stubby Clapp 6 Stan Musial
72 Bryan Eversgerd Bryan Eversgerd 9 Enos Slaughter
58 Mark Budaska Jobel Jimenez 10 Tony La Russa
31 Mike Maddux Mike Maddux 14 Ken Boyer
37 Oliver Marmol Oliver Marmol 17 Dizzy Dean
51 Willie McGee Willie McGee 20 Lou Brock
94 Jamie Pogue Jamie Pogue 24 Whitey Herzog
8 Mike Shildt Mike Shildt 42 Bruce Sutter/Jackie Robinson
76 Kleininger Teran Kleininger Teran 45 Bob Gibson
75 Ron “Pop” Warner Ron “Pop” Warner 85 August Busch
Available (2) # Unofficially out of service (3)
# (last worn/year) 5 Albert Pujols (since 2011)
3 Jedd Gyorko (2019) 57 Darryl Kile (since 2002)
15 Matt Adams (2018) 69
23 Marcell Ozuna (2019)

Notable changes

Of the major leaguers who left the Cardinals, the numbers of Jedd Gyorko (no. 3) and Marcell Ozuna (no. 23) remain open. Paul DeJong returned to his old no. 11, which required first base coach Stubby Clapp to shift – to 82. Jordan Hicks snapped up DeJong’s former no. 12.

Randal Grichuk’s former number 15 most noticeably remains unassigned, as it was last spring. However, when Matt Adams returned mid-season in 2018, he took the no. 15. Despite the fact it has been worn by a number of others since, some Cardinals fans will always think of it as Jim Edmonds’. (Update: 15 was assigned to Brad Miller when the free agent infielder signed on February 12.)

I suspect there is a story behind 40-man roster pitcher Genesis Cabrera moving from no. 61 to no. 92. Oddly, he swapped with reliever Seth Elledge, who wore no. 92 in 2019 camp and now has no. 61.

New 40-man arrivals Kwang-Hyun Kim (no. 33) and Austin Dean (no. 38) take veteran-like lower numbers. Same for minor league free agent catcher Oscar Hernandez (no. 28).

For more

The Roster Matrix and the St. Louis Cardinals roster here at The Cardinal Nation are fully up to date. The former indicates all players invited to Major League spring training camp, 40-man roster players and non-roster invitees, but uniform numbers are not designated on the Matrix.

Our St. Louis roster here at TCN does include uniform numbers, with players listed based on a 25-man roster view. All players remain on their official year-ending 2019 teams until they have a firm assignment to open 2020. All nine minor league affiliates’ rosters are kept up to date, as well. The Matrix and all rosters can always be accessed from the menu on the far left column.

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