The Cardinals organization roster matrix: Short-season update

Following is the most current St. Louis Cardinals system roster matrix, including the initial 2009 rosters of the Batavia Muckdogs of the New York-Penn League, Johnson City Cardinals of the Appalachian League and the Gulf Coast League Cardinals.

I apologize for the delay in posting, but I needed to get an accurate GCL roster. There are still unassigned players noted below. When I get a read on their status, this matrix will be updated and the changes listed.

Hopefully, you have been here to the site previously and know what the Cardinals organization roster matrix is all about. If not, here is quick summary:

At the time of this posting, the St. Louis Cardinals have 318 players under contract – 280 previous players augmented by 38 signed members of the 2009 draft class. The matrix places each one at his current assigned level in the system as well as by position. It is kept updated throughout the season. Nowhere else will you find this comprehensive information in one place.

You will also note that I separated the pitchers on the short-season rosters between 2009 draftees and returning pitchers. At this point, starting and relieving roles are unclear and fluid.

This should be the version of the roster matrix I will be updating the rest of the summer, so remember how to find this page. Type “Roster Matrix” in the dark blue search box at the upper right or use the dropdown menu at the top of the page “Players/Staff” > “Depth Charts/Roster Matrix”.

For details behind the format used in the matrix as well as 2009 transactions to date, check out the earlier versions of the Cardinals organization roster matrix as follows:

Link to previous matrices: Jan–March 2009, April 2009, May 2009, June 2009


June 23 updates: Mem 1B Javier Brito released. RHP Oneli Perez assigned to Mem. Mem LHR Kat Maekawa onto temporary inactive list.

June 24 updates: 2B Jaime Landin to Bat restricted list. P Edouard Estalis from EST to DSL. Ps Jose Arredondo and Matt North plus OF Joey Hage on JC DL.

June 25 updates: IF Jason Stidham (8th rd) to QC. IF Alex Castellanos to QC DL. New total 319.

June 26 updates: C Brandon Yarbrough off Mem DL. IF Allen Craig (retro to 6/25) and C Bryan Anderson onto Mem DL.

June 27 updates: 1B Mark Hamilton from Spr DL to Mem. RHR Chris Perez traded from StL to Cle for IF/OF Mark DeRosa. LHP Jonny Bravo from QC DL to GCL (rehab only).

June 29 updates: RHP Clayton Mortensen onto 40-man, from Mem to StL. IF Khalil Greene onto StL DL. LHR Kat Maekawa to Mem active roster from temp inactive list.

Earlier moves missed: OF Edwin Gomez Bat to GCL on 6/23. IF Hector Alvarez Bat to JC on 6/25. RHS David Kopp to Spr DL on 6/10.

June 30 updates: IF Alex Castellanos act from QC DL. IF Guillermo Toribio from QC to Bat.

July 1 updates: IF Brett Lilley and OF Paul Cruz released (QC). RHR Andres Rosales QC to Bat. 3B Matt Carpenter Bat to QC. OF Kyle Conley (7th rd) and RHP Nick McCully (9th rd) to QC. RHP Clayton Mortensen StL to Mem and 2B Jarrett Hoffpauir from Mem to StL. RHP Joe Kelly (3rd rd) to Bat.

July 2 update: OF Wagner Mateo signed (Dominican). New total 320.

July 3 updates: OF Daryl Jones to Spr DL, IF Daniel Descalso from Spr to Mem. OF Shane Peterson and IF Colt Sedbrook from PB to Spr. OF Andres Beras off susp (DSL). RHP Scott Bittle (4th rd) signed. New total 321.

July 4 updates: 1B/OF Andrew Brown off Spr DL, assigned to PB. LHR Ian Ostlund onto Mem DL.

July 6 updates: IF Tyler Greene from StL to Mem. IF Brian Barden from Mem to StL. C Juan Castillo back on restricted list (GCL).

July 7 updates: IF Mark DeRosa to StL DL. OF Nick Stavinoha from Mem to StL. C Paul Vazquez to PB DL. C Charles Cutler from QC to PB. C Jack Cawley from Bat to QC. OF Joey Hage from JC DL to GCL. IF Allen Craig act from Mem DL.

July 8 update: 1B Matt Arburr from Spr to PB.

July 9 updates: LHP Brad Furnish from Spr to PB. RHS Scott Gorgen from PB to Spr. RHR Fernando Salas from Mem DL to Spr. 1B/OF Andrew Brown from PB to Spr. RHP Trevor Rosenthal (21st rd) signed and assigned to GCL. RHP John Folino NOT signed, removed from Bat roster.

July 10 updates: OF Daryl Jones activated off Spr DL. RHR Eddie Degerman onto Spr DL.

July 11 updates: RHP P.J. Walters from Mem to StL. IF Brian Barden StL to Mem. RHP David Kopp activated from Spr DL.

July 12 updates: RHS Kyle Lohse activated from StL DL. RHP Blake Hawksworth StL to Mem.

July 13 updates: OF Daryl Jones returned to Spr DL. RHP Kenny Maiques from Spr susp list to Spr DL.

July 15 updates: RHP Jared Bradford from QC to GCL. C Jesus Montero from DSL to VSL. LHP Jonny Bravo from QC DL (via GCL rehab) to Bat. RHP Jorge Rondon PB to QC. RHS Brett Zawacki to QC DL. RHP Jose Arredondo from JC to GCL. 1B Mark Hamilton to Mem DL.

July 16 update: C Juan Castillo from GCL suspended list to DSL.

July 17 updates: IF Wilfred Vivas off VSL suspended list. RHP Eddie Degerman off Spr DL. RHP Brian Broderick from Spr to PB. LHP Kristhiam Linares off PB DL (GCL rehab).

July 18 updates: IF Mark DeRosa activated from StL DL. 2B Jarrett Hoffpauir from StL to Mem.

July 19 update: RHP Fermin Montanez signed, assigned to VSL. New total 322.

July 20 updates: IF Donovan Solano from Mem to Spr. RHP David Kopp from Spr to PB. RHP Cale Johnson from GCL to JC.

July 21 update: OF Chris Duncan from StL to Mem. IF Brian Barden from Mem to StL.

July 22 update: OF Chris Duncan traded to BOS for SS Julio Lugo.

July 23 updates: RHP P.J. Walters from StL to Mem. RHP Jose Pasen from DSL to GCL. P Scott Bittle from unassigned to PB DL.

July 24 updates: IF Brian Barden from StL to Mem. OF Matt Holliday from Oak for Brett Wallace (Mem), Clayton Mortensen (Mem), Shane Peterson (Spr). LHP Ian Ostlund off Mem DL. New total 320.

July 25 update: 3B David Freese from Mem DL to Spr (via 4G GCL rehab).

July 26 updates: RHP Josh Kinney from StL to Mem. RHP Blake Hawksworth from Mem to StL. RHP Jess Todd from Mem to CLE to complete Mark DeRosa trade. 1B Mark Hamilton off Mem DL. New total 319.

July 28 updates: RHP Trey Hearne from Spr to Mem. LHP Nick Additon from PB to Spr. RHR Eddie Degerman released (Spr). LHR Kat Maekawa to Mem DL.

July 30 updates: RHP Chuckie Fick from PB to Spr. LHS Hector Cardenas onto QC DL.

July 31 updates: 3B David Freese from Spr to Mem. LHP Samuel Freeman onto Spr DL. RHP Kenny Maiques released (Spr DL). LHP Justin Fiske from Spr DL to GCL. RHP Jared Bradford from GCL to PB. RHS Mitchell Boggs from Mem to StL. OF Nick Stavinoha from StL to Mem. RHP Yonathan Gonzalez from PB to QC. New total 317.

August 1 updates: LHP Justin Fiske from GCL rehab to Spr. RHS Mitchell Boggs from StL to Mem. IF Khalil Greene activated off StL DL. UT Casey Rowlett released from Mem. New total 316.

August 2 update: C Kevin Moscatel from GCL to PB.

August 3 updates: RHR Casey Mulligan from PB to Spr. 1B Osvaldo Morales, 3B Matt Carpenter, IF Jose Garcia, RHP Arquimedes Nieto from QC to PB. 3B Jermaine Curtis, IF Domnit Bolivar from PB to QC. 1B Xavier Scruggs, OF Ryde Rodriguez, OF D’Marcus Ingram, OF Kyle Conley from QC to Bat. RHP Justin Smith, 1B Matt Adams, OF Michael Swinson, RHP Jesse Simpson from JC to Bat. 3B Rich Racobaldo from JC to QC. RHP Daniel Richardson, OF Jairo Martinez released from Bat. New total 314.

August 4 updates: 2B Aaron Luna from PB to Spr. LHP Jaime Garcia from GCL to PB (rehab). From GCL to JC: RHPs Angel De Jesus and Zach Russell, 1B Jonathan Rodriguez, 3B Kleininger Teran, OF Joey Hage. OF Mark Shorey to Mem DL. RHP Fernando Salas from Spr to Mem. LHP Kat Maekawa off Mem DL and released. New total 313.

August 5 update: LHR Ian Ostlund onto Mem DL.

August 7 updates: IF Alex Castellanos from QC to PB. IF Guillermo Toribio from Bat to QC. IF Brian Barden outrighted off 40-man roster. LHP Pat Daugherty from GCL to JC. C Blake Murphy onto PB DL (retro 8/5).

August 9 update: RHP Javier Avendano from VSL to GCL.

August 10 updates: RHPs Jose Arredondo and Omar Javier released from GCL. 1B Matt Arburr onto PB DL. New total 311.

August 11 update: RHS Scott Schneider from Bat to QC. RHR Joel Pichardo to QC DL. RHP Mitchell Boggs from Mem to StL. RHP Todd Wellemeyer to StL DL.

August 12 update: LHR Ian Ostlund activated from Mem DL.

August 16 updates: C Blake Murphy off PB DL. C Kevin Moscatel from PB to GCL.

August 17 updates: IF Juan Cabrera from DSL to GCL. RHP Joel Pichardo off QC DL. RHP Miguel Tapia onto QC DL. 1st rd pick RHP Shelby Miller signed. New total 312.

August 18 updates: RHP Gary Daley from QC to Spr. RHP Mark Diapoules from PB DL to QC. LHR Tyler Norrick from Spr to Mem. OF Antone DeJesus onto Spr DL.

August 19 update: RHP John Smoltz signed. RHP Mitchell Boggs from StL to Mem. LHR Ian Ostlund onto Mem DL (retro 8/17). New total 312.

August 20 update: LHS Jaime Garcia off StL DL and optioned to Mem.

August 21 updates: RHS Trey Hearne from Mem to Spr. LHR Charlie Manning onto Mem DL. 1B Matt Arburr off PB DL.

August 22 updates: RHS Kyle Lohse onto StL DL. RHS Mitchell Boggs from Mem to StL. OF Mark Shorey off Mem DL. LHR Justin Fiske onto Spr DL.

August 24 updates: OF Daryl Jones off Spr DL. C Nick Derba onto Spr DL. OF Beau Riportella released (Bat). OF Edwin Gomez from GCL to Bat. New total 311.

August 25 updates: OF Mark Shorey onto Mem DL. LHR Ian Ostlund off Mem DL.

August 27 updates: RHP Keith Butler from GCL to JC. RHP Mark Diapoules from QC to PB. RHR Francisco Samuel to Spr DL. RHR Blake King from PB to Spr. OF Nick Stavinoha onto Mem DL. LHR Charlie Manning off Mem DL.

August 28 updates: RHR Elvis Hernandez off PB DL. RHP Pablo Ortiz from JC to GCL.

August 30 update: C Robert Stock from JC to QC.

September 1 updates: RHP David Kopp onto PB DL sometime after 8/22. 3B Troy Glaus activated off StL DL. OF Mark Shorey activated off Mem DL. 2B Daniel Descalso to inactive list for Team USA.

September 2 updates: RHPs Andrew Moss and Aaron Terry from JC to Bat.

September 3 updates: RHR Todd Wellemeyer off StL DL. RHP Shelby Miller activated by QC. C Roberto Espinoza onto QC DL. LHP Ryan Kulik onto Spr DL. LHP Justin Fiske off Spr DL

September 4 updates: LHS Jaime Garcia onto Mem temp inactive list. RHS Lance Lynn from Spr to Mem. RHP Scott McGregor onto QC DL. RHP Miguel Tapia off QC DL. C Paul Vazquez off PB DL. LHP George Brown onto PB DL.

September 5 updates: RHP Lance Lynn from Mem to Spr. 1B Curt Smith onto PB temp inactive list. 1B Matt Arburr onto PB DL.

September 6 update: RHP Kyle Lohse activated from StL DL.

September 8 updates: LHR Ian Ostlund onto Mem DL (retro 9/7), IF Donovan Solano from Spr to Mem. LHS Jaime Garcia off Mem temp inactive list. IF Jose Garcia from PB to Spr.

September 9 updates: LHP Ryan Kulik off Spr DL. RHR Blake King onto Spr DL.

September 22 update: Contract of July 2 signee OF Wagner Mateo is voided. New total 310.

September 23 updates: IFs Tyler Greene and David Freese, RHR Josh Kinney and C Matt Pagnozzi from Mem to StL. Pagnozzi added to 40-man roster.

October 6 update: IF Alan Ahmady (Bat) suspended 50 games, starting 2010 season.

October update: IF Brian Barden and LHR Royce Ring (both Mem) elected free agency. New total 308

October 17 update: RHP Elvis Hernandez (PB), C Jack Cawley (QC), 2b Guillermo Toribio (QC), RHP Tyler Leach (Bat), 1B Matt Rigoli (JC) released. New total 303.

October 19 update: RHR Fabian Marquez, IF Moises Marquez. OF Jose Cortez, SS Carlos Yeguez, RHR Gregorio Ramos. LHR Ruben Alvarado (all VSL) released. 2B Michael Avila (DSL) released. New total 296.

October 21 update: Signed RHP Kevin Cueto, 3B Ronnierd Garcia, RHP Jhonatan Escudero (VSL). New total 299.

October 29 update: Signed RHP Pedro Rodriguez. Released LHP Jonny Bravo.

November 3 updates: 2B Jarrett Hoffpauir claimed by Toronto. RHP Brad Thompson released. RHR Matt Scherer and IF Joe Thurston outrighted to minors. New total 297.

November 11 updates: RHP Angel Cruz and SS Juan Mosquera (GCL) released. New total 295. C/3B Wilmer Alvarado reinstated from inactive list and released.

November updates: Nine major leaguers declare free agency: John Smoltz, Todd Wellemeyer, Joel Pineiro, Jason LaRue, Mark DeRosa, Rick Ankiel, Troy Glaus, Khalil Greene, Matt Holliday. Seven minor leaguers declare: Kristhiam Linares, Julio Castellano, Brandon Yarbrough, Oneli Perez, Evan MacLane, Ian Ostlund, Charlie Manning. New total 279.

November 18 updates: Eight added to 40-man roster: Allen Craig, Daryl Jones, Jon Jay, Bryan Anderson, Adam Ottavino, Mark Hamilton, Francisco Samuel, Tyler Norrick.

November 20 updates: 2B Joe Thurston declared free agency. RHR Omar Diaz released. New total 277.

November 30 updates: C Jason LaRue re-signs. IF Ruben Gotay signed to minor league deal with spring invite. New total 279.

December 4 update: DSL RHP Jefferson Segundo suspended 50 games.

December 8 update: Free agent RHS Brad Penny signs. New total 280.

December 10 updates: RHP Mike Parisi to ChC, LHP Ben Jukich to StL and LHP Matt Meyer to Mem in Rule 5. New total 281

December 11 update: RHP Mark McCormick released. New total 280.

December 21 update: GCL OF Tyler Bighames suspended 50 games.

January 5 update: Free agent OF Matt Holliday re-signs. New total 281.

January 14 updates: GCL RHP Geney Rios and IF Juan Cabrera released. Mem RHS Charlie Zink signed. New total 28.

January 20 updates: RHP Oneli Perez and LHP Evan MacLane re-signed (Mem). RHP Pablo Ortiz (GCL) to restricted list. New total 282.

January 26 updates: 17 non-roster invitees in italics. LHP Rich Hill signed to minor league deal with MLB camp invite. Minor league pitchers Rich Rundles, Yoffri Martinez and Houston Summers and IF Kevin Howard signed. New total 287.

February 22 updates: RHP Shelby Miller and LHP Samuel Freeman added to major league camp.

The St. Louis Cardinals Roster Matrix (effective 2/22/10)

St. Louis (25) 40-man (38)
C Carpenter Franklin LaRue

Pujols Schumaker Holliday



Penny McClellan Pagnozzi


Wainwright Motte
T Greene




T Miller (L)

Reyes (L)
Jukich (L)


Memphis (25) 9 NRI
O Perez Parise Anderson
Hamilton Descalso Craig
MacLane Rundles (L) Gotay Howard


Zink Scherer Solano Shorey
Ja Garcia (L) Salas Stavinoha
R Hill
Meyer (L)
Norrick (L)
Springfield (34) 7 NRI
Gorgen M Gonzalez S Hill
A Brown Luna Kozma Folli Jones
Additon (L) Fick T Cruz
Jo Garcia Jo Martinez Rapoport
Dickson Freeman (L) Derba Sedbrook Ant. DeJesus
Lynn Samuel
Kulik (L) Y Martinez Mather
Hearne Dew
Daley, Jr.
Fiske (L)
Palm Beach (25+1) 1 NRI
G Brown (L) Buursma P Vazquez Rivera Marmol M Carpenter Chambers
R Castillo  Eager Murphy C Smith Pham
Kopp Cutler Arburr A Castellanos Swauger
Furnish (L) Reifer Morales
Nieto Bradford
Diapoules Garceau
Quad Cities (27+1) 2 NRI
D Carpenter Scruggs Stidham Curtis Parejo
Fornataro Delgado Espinoza Bolivar Racobaldo R Rodriguez
Schneider Pichardo Stock Ingram
McCully Bogany
Cardenas (L) M Tapia
Thomas Frevert
Zawacki McGregor
S Miller Veres
J Wilson (restr) Y Gonzalez
Batavia (29+2)
2009 draft P Other P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Calhoun (L) Blazek L DeLaCruz Adams Landin (restr) Jackson N Vasquez
Corrigan Castro Ahmady (susp) Goodwin Mitchell
Ju Edwards (L) Hooker Gomez
Kelly Jo Edwards
Lavigne Maertz Conley
Simpson Mayes Swinson
J Smith Siegrist (L) Shepherd
Moss Rosales
Terry P Rodriguez
Johnson City (31)
2009 draft P Other P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Durham (L) A Ferrara (L) Tartamella J Rodriguez L Mateo Y Castillo Teran Beatty
Heim (L) R Gonzalez A Perez Obregon R Smith
Kington Notti R Ruiz Lara
Lawler Alvarez R Rosario
Rada Hage
Novak Santos
Daugherty (L) Ang. DeJesus
C Johnson North
M Thompson
GCL (20+2)
2009 draft P Other P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Calero Je Polanco D Medina Mambell R DeLaCruz Babrick
Rosenthal A Garcia Washington Valera Bighames (susp)
M DeLaCruz (L) A Castillo Moscatel V Hill
H Hernandez (L) Avendano
Ortiz (restr)
July 2 signings (0)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
DSL (32+2)
A Tapia T4 Concepcion Alcala Pimentel G Hernandez Beras
Santana T2 L Mata L Perez V Ferreira J Lopez Encanacion
Jimenez T3 Rudecindo J Castillo W Perez J Pena
Urena R Reyes
Pinard T1 D Rodriguez (L) Hiraldo (restr) Sandoval
Herrera (L) T1 Mercedes (L) Taveras
S Lopez T4 P Pena (L)
Uribe (L) T3 Paulino
Segundo (susp)
B Martinez
VSL (32+1)
Cedeno Rivas R Perez O Medina H Garcia Argenal
Bier Cueto Viloria Vargas R Garcia
Corpas Guzman Velazco Vivas H Martina Fonseca
Nieves Jh Polanco Montero Inojoza
Oraa Ulacio A Castellano
Colorado (L) Escudero Martines
Weffer (L)
De Aguas (L)
Echeverria (L)
Villanueva (susp L)


(#): My Cardinals prospect ranking from over the winter at

(i): injured – on the disabled list

(t): temporary inactive list

(susp): suspended list

(L) left-handed pitcher

Bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster

(#+#) number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive (i+t+susp) players

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