The Cardinal Nation’s Top 10 Stories of 2018 Countdown

photo: Willie McGee, Oliver Marmol, Mike Shildt, Dexter Fowler, Jose Oquendo (Brian Walton/The Cardinal Nation)

As the year-end rapidly approaches, it is once again time for my review of the top stories across the St. Louis Cardinals Nation from this calendar year. The 2018 countdown, The Cardinal Nation’s 11th annual endeavor, begins with story number 10 and will continue daily through number one, to be unveiled on New Year’s Day.

I will then wrap up the series with my prediction for the top five Cardinals stories of 2019 and audit how well I did in attempting to predict 2018’s biggest news items one year ago.

This placeholder post will carry the links to all 10 stories. A link to it as well as the top stories of each year from 2008 through 2017 and my start-of-year predictions for 2018 can always be found via “TOP STORIES OF THE YEAR”, located on the red bar on the left side of the page, in the list directly underneath the site logo.

The Cardinal Nation’s top 10 stories of 2018

  1. Miller Time
  2. Hot Hot Corner Teens
  3. Stubby and Memphis Repeat
  4. Four Deals Gone Wrong
  5. Tommy Talks and is Traded to Tampa
  6. Unexpected Leaders
  7. New Mike at the Mic
  8. Panning for Goldy
  9. Matheny Fired
  10. Wrong Kind of Three-Peat

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