The Cardinal Nation Blog’s Top 20 Stories of 2014 Countdown

As year-end approaches, it is once again time for my view of the top 20 stories across the St. Louis Cardinals Nation during this calendar year. As has been the case previously, the countdown begins with story number 20 and will continue until number one.

I will then wrap up the series with my prediction for the top five Cardinals stories of 2015 and audit how well I did in attempting to predict 2014’s biggest news items one year ago.

This placeholder post will carry the links to all 20 stories. A link to it as well as the top stories of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and my start-of-year predictions for 2014 can be found via the Lists > Top Stories of the Year dropdown, located on the red bar near the top center of the page.

The Cardinal Nation blog’s top 20 stories of 2014

20. Ballpark Village Opens
19. Cardinals Hall of Fame Introduced
18. Change in Scouting Director
17. Rosenthal’s Rocky Road
16. Carpenter’s Cardinals Commitment
15. Four National League All-Stars
14. Centerfield Consistency
13. La Russa Enters Cooperstown
12. Losing the Most Valuable Asset
11. Losing 2/5 of the Rotation
10. Right Field Rub
9. Another Cy Miss
8. Wong Perseveres
7. The Lackey Trade
6. Peralta’s Positives
5. Quick Move to Add Heyward
4. Dodgers Dispatched in DS
3. Giants Squash Cardinals
2. Oscar Taveras’ Death Not About Baseball
1. Another Central Division Title

Past Predictions: TCN Blog’s Top Five Cardinals Stories of 2014

Projected Top Five St. Louis Cardinals Stories of 2015

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