The Cardinal Nation Blog featured on again!

For at least the seventh time in the last 14 months, an article from The Cardinal Nation Blog has been highlighted on’s Major League Baseball page, achieved through this site’s association with Yardbarker. What brought the recognition this time was the post, “Cardinals concerned about Albert Pujols’ age?”

If you’re one of the many first-time visitors here and consider yourself a St. Louis Cardinals fan, please look around, register and join the discussion. I think you will enjoy the fresh new articles and daily commentary.

The link to my Pujols article is featured on’s main MLB page about one-third of the way down the left column. But now that you are here, there is no need to go there, since the link will take you right back here to The Cardinal Nation Blog!

Monday morning update

There should be a new flood of first-time visitors today. Welcome to all of you. Don’t forget to look around the site and come back daily if you are interested in the Cardinals.

Yardbarker has a Monday-Friday push email with their top ten stories of the day, called The Daily Bark. I rarely make it because they tend to prefer saucier stories like today’s #1, “ECHL team to hold ‘Charlie Sheen Night’,” but somehow, my Pujols story slipped in at #6 today.

If you want to subscribe to The Daily Bark, click here. They say they don’t share or sell your info…

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